Meet V!

iVy Taroc aka V~

There you are Beacons!!

The IlluminatiAm calls me Princess.
I am a ‘verified’ part of The Illuminati’s living history~


Unfortunately this needs to be stated right off the bat, so no one thinks I am speaking on behalf of the Illuminati when I am sharing my points of view.

I speak solely for myself. 

I do NOT speak FOR the Illuminati, I speak ABOUT them.

Everything I bring forward in my role as an Evangelight/Shepherdess, is based in my own unique perspective and understanding at any given time. I am a work in progress, no less than my followers. My viewpoint is based on my experiences and the knowledge I have collected during the length of my lifespan. I make no claims of expertise. I merely share my understandings, in hopes these things will serve to shine the Light of inspiration, on those who are seeking their own~


      IT’S HERE!!


Buy Initiate of the Illuminati Here

This manuscript describes my 1st hand experience as an Initiate of the Illuminatiam~

A heart felt THANK YOU to all of you who support my work!


I ‘m the Chief Operating Lioness



iM🔺RK Radio

 We are a vocal outreach featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati.
We help folks find The Illuminati and follow The Light.

“Mark’s” MISSION:

As Chief Operating Lioness of iMRK, it’s my role to protect the integrity of the Illuminatami Materials on station, while facilitating opportunities for the artistic Initiates in this #IAMFAM, to be heard by a larger audience.

We are a living demonstration of Unity. We collectively function under the desire to live by the Illuminati’s ideals, tenets & directives. One of which is  to help all people, in all places, gain access to IAMs life changing messages of Light. This is separate & apart from my unique role in the Universal Design as an EvangeLight. It is imperative that everyone understands,  this important distinction.

Thank you!!



 Inquiries can be sent HERE

Please note: This account is reserved for bookings and book inquiries only. Questions about any other topic, will not be replied to. 


*In times of dreadful uncertainty, you got people!

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70 thoughts on “Meet V!

      1. Can you give me some pointerz on starting a blog??? What typez of topicz do you think are acceptable???

          1. I want to g d see where it takez me, I want to letz say discover my voice and learn to open up as an individual on different topicz. I feel in a rut with my other expressions (music, and other thingz)

          2. I understand now, thanks for the clarification.
            I call it practicing my cadence. Yes, finding your voice, aka your linguistic style.

            In your case, it would be beneficial for you to develop your English. Writers value words like no others. We especially do not like to see words that are spelled incorrectly, when this program (and others) actually points them out for correction. And grammar, grammar is important to us too, which I still struggle with.

            For example… it is NOT topicz…it’s TOPICS.
            In order to reach the largest possible audience, English is your avenue. When you do not respect it, you will look illiterate and no one will take anything you say seriously. Especially online. They can be brutal about such things.

            Practice by yourself if your are truly serious. Do not invite others to see your work, until you have perfected your budding craft. You get one shot to impress folks enough for them to come back to your blog again. Take that very seriously, or you will be sorry.

            HaPpy Trails!

          3. Thank you, I know I spell thingz wrong but thatz done purposely. Either short hand or just slang. Though I am wondering where you get your graphicz??? Also if I do set up a blog would it be wrong to link IAM to my page??? Just wondering. Also what topicz are accepted or would be helpful, even though I will be doing my own blog.

    1. It’s wonderful to meet you. My name is Damian Mortan from California. I want to catch the interest of the Illuminati, and help find ways to reach an audience that I can help. I have many skills and abilities that could be of use. Please, If you may, make acquaintance with my campaign so that I may find an avenue to help serve humanity through the work of the Illuminati. I do not wish to overlook your accomplishment with the organization, but I do want to express a strong desire to begin a working exchange of ideals and see if I can find a role in bringing others to the light.

  1. Hi V, was there anything you did spacial to have been on this level bcs I’ve also joined since 3 years ago but iam still on Initiate level. Thanks

  2. Hi iVy. My name is Steven. I am a member on the Illuminatiam page. I was offered to become a ranking member by David Wilson @DavidWi69730710 on Twitter. I was wondering if you could tell me if he’s for real or not. I filled out the form that was emailed to me to fill out. I then got a response saying I needed to get some items. I am copying and pasting a part of the letter here: (1) Illuminati garment, (2) a skull of human (3) eagle egg (4) a lion Heart (5) five Indian female candle (6) a white vulture (7) five liter of natural stream water

    This are all the items Required That there shall be no bloodshed in your family including yourself. Your first initiation money is ten million dollars …..congratulations….. you have been elected among those to be initiated, get ready for your initiation rituals and go and buy All you initiation items listed above today and get back to us now .

    Warning! Warning! No going back your soul and application has been accepted by the Lucifer.

    You were the only person I could think to ask. I really want to join but I don’t want to be scammed either.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hi Ivy
    Following you on the Illuminati portal and have myself connected with many anciant mystery schools over the years. Keep up the good work and guidance.

  4. Hey Ivy, in our members portal I’ve noticed it’s taking a while to become verified. I constantly login only to find that after passing prerequisites 1&2 my current responses are still being reviewed.
    Are you able to help me with this process?

    Best regards
    -Shawn Loren Kaferly

  5. Hi, I also want to follow the path to the light. What I don’t know is how to proceed from level to level. I feel that I need real guidance and from what I am reading, I am knocking at the right door. Please help me.

  6. Thanks Mum V @Our able Princess for this eludifying explanations about the light ,it did help me a lot and also many more others I stumbled on.Keep doing good work of the light Ma,know it’s shinning deep within u

    1. Hello Sis. V, How are you today, see I am one of your most loving fans and we both started this race almost the same time. I have been a member since August 2014 and till now I have not been verified. My good friend V. Tell me what do I need to do to get verified and I really desire a membership in Illuminati.

      Waiting for your almost truth advise my mentor and my leader V.

      Thank you.

  7. Thank you my good friend and my mentor Sis. V. As I said I am always by your side no matter what other initiate are saying concerning you. See I believe one day we shall both meet face to face. Through our great organization ( Illuminati) We shall both hold this world by Strom and we shall all shine. Although I am from Africa and you are in United State. We shall see. Thanks so much my good friend Sis. V. Bye.

  8. I am a member. So you can hear all the voices too? The Spirit of the Illuminati has many ways it can be heard. Initiate Illuminatiam.

  9. dear ivy. The ETERNALOATH order was shipped in USPS cargo. However, when I paid $ 3.29 for Dodys, USPS wanted me to pay $ 54 again for the cargo. I said wait for news, but they sent the eternal oath back to America. Please, why do I need an extra $ 54 when I pay the 3.29 freight charge. could you please take care of the princess. I look forward to hearing your regards, princess. WISE OWL (Fuat konuk)

  10. I want to do politics in Turkey and I want to be a mayor in a political party. V22 help me. You help to contact in Turkey. You can connect with the politics of illuminati in Turkey. because now I want to work to make illuminati more active in TURKISH politics. please help me ivy V22 I am waiting for your message on twitter too.

  11. I have been making a lot of major life changes,that have led me to becoming an initiate, and throughout the past 5 years of my life, every time something good was about to happen, I would always see the number 22 everywhere. Now I know the number was a guiding light to help me choose the right path, and that path brought me to this page, and the first thing I see is v22, and I was just blown away. Every word you speak, is spoken with so much love, and enlightenment. Thank you for everything that you do!

  12. Sister v…hey am kevin an initiate in the members portal but didnt umderstand eberything about council 22 ..who are they please…

  13. So, I checked that link out. Immediately my heart felt open, and full. You truly are a beacon that lights the way! Thanks for your help! We will talk soon. Peace and love be with you always sister!

  14. How does my number of followers continue to increase when portal is shut down? Never got an answer when I asked this a few weeks ago.

  15. Hi I’m finding the same problem, in our members portal it’s taking a while to become verified. I constantly login only to find that after passing prerequisites 1&2 my current responses are still being reviewed.
    Are you able to help me with this process?

    1. This is the only help I or anyone else can provide. This process is an individual one and no one can help you, but you.
      That being said…Verification is a Badge and there is no guarantee you will earn one. Additionally, I am currently the only one who has leveled up to 1.1 so far. I waited almost 3 years to do so.
      This is a very long haul. A lifestyle, not a quick race to some finish line. Patience is required like you wouldn’t believe, Lol. So settle in!
      HaPpy Trails~

      1. Hi
        Alright, thank you for your fast reply. Have a lovely day. 🙂
        Let wait and follow the light 🙂

  16. bueno de ante mano un saludos fraterno a todos los iniciados que hacemos la hermandad illuminati y aquellos que a un no logran estar en una direccion correcta y lograr estar en el portal pero no quiere decir que eres uno de ellos pero estamos entre los mejores tambiem un saludo en especial para victoria que de una u otra manera y otros compañeros an sabido inducirno

  17. bueno de ante mano un saludo faterno alos iniciados illuminati y aquellos que estan por entrar en el portal de los iniciados de una manera correcta y oportuna de estar con los mejores y pensar de la mejor manera y diferente y eso marca la pauta . de la misma manera y en sus forma esplenderosa un saludo a ud victoria que a sabido inducir sistematicamente de una manera correcta apesar de sltos y vajos su sapiencia y empuje hase que el ciudadano comun tome fuerza y combiccion dice un adagio dame un hombre dependiente y te entregare un hombre comun peto dame un hombre comun y te dare un hombre que hara histiria y le digo este huespec entro y esta sentado y entro para quedarse gracias a todos y todas tengan un lindo amanecer naciendo la luz para todos

    1. Me encanto el dicho: “give me a dependent man and you I will deliver a common man, give me a common man and I will give you a man who will make history” !! Gracias~

    1. That is not me. I actually own a cell phone. Lol. Scammers use my name/image all the time. Do not be fooled. No one, and I do mean absolutely no one, can buy their way into this organization. End of story. Please do not believe anyone that tells you otherwise, Tomas~

  18. Thank you so much for your better leadership, it’s good to have a unique leader like you, you deserve long time life for better leadership, please don’t turn back for your work it fits you perfectly. Help as much as you can for those who are in durkness to see light thank you.

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