Everyday Trust~

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I have learned…


If you don’t trust anyone, it is because you are untrustworthy.

If you trust too much, you are guileless’.



When someone says they do not trust anyone. Believe them! Because that statement includes them as well.

If you are like me (guileless) and have a tendency to trust right out of the gate, that is problematic also.

Strive to avoid the all or nothing. Find the sweet spot that resides in the middle.

Trust is something that takes time to develop.

There are different levels and degrees of trust. 

Allow yourself the luxury of taking your time, when placing your trust in someone. It will save you a lot of heart ache later on.

Watch and wait.

Look to see if their actions match their words, especially when choosing a partner of any kind.

Strive to be trustworthy, and those that share the same values, will find you.

Like attracts like, (((Light attracts Light))) Trust attracts trust.

Unless of course, you are in a position of influence…but that is not “Everyday Trust”…

So I will have to tell you about that one, later~

Inauguration Day~

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This is from my archives.

Remember, this blog is primarily for my descendants~



I did not vote for President-Elect Donald Trump. But I was absolutely shocked and unbelievably relieved, that Hillary Clinton was defeated.  It took me days to come to grips, with the “political upset”. I mean, WOW.

We dodged a bullet, at least half of America did not know had been shot.

I followed the Wikileaks through the later half of the campaign cycle, all the way to “Pizzagate”. Like others who were waiting on Julian Assange to drop the disgusting details, I was left completely disturbed by the outright collusion with media, treasonous “pay to play” and suspicious pedophile codes, I saw with my own eyes.

I suspect, in time, the rest of America will be forced to look at our shadow side, as well. Without an 11th hour pardon by current President Barrack Obama, the newly appointed Trump Administration, will be free to pursue justice on the behalf of the American people.

However, Trump is linked to convicted serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein, so there’s that.   It could be nothing more than a legitimate business association, or a covert operation by an unsuspecting operative. It could be something much darker. Time again will tell.

She always does.

I will support our new incoming President, as I have done with the others I did not vote for in my lifetime. UNLESS it is proven, he is no different than the rest of the criminal element, that has infected the US Government for at least the better part of a century.

Today I am hopeful, that the “hidden hand” has come out on top.

And a new day is dawning, not just here at home, but worldwide as well.

We can and must do better as a people, if we are to survive ourselves as a species. The oppression of the masses, to serve only a select a few, has no place in humanity’s future. Perhaps today, true liberation begins?  If not make no mistake, liberty WILL come.

I prefer it comes in peace, but will support the process, no matter what shape it takes~

Jan 20th, 2016


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Symbiosis: a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups who hold opposing point of view or beliefs.


This is another excellent example of the symbiotic relationship between the Light and the dark.

Did you know, the Poinsettia’s folks love so much during the winter, only turn color by being exposed to the dark? Otherwise, they would remain commonly green. This gorgeous and symbolic plant, needs both the Light and the dark, to be uncommonly colorful. They literally have to be kept in total darkness for an extended period of time, in order to turn a magnificent red.

Google says: From October 1 to December 1, (or for at least 40 days) a poinsettia will need a strict light / dark regimen to produce color. Provide 13 to 16 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness daily.

Anything TRULY beautiful, has been exposed to the dark, in order to become so.

Let that sink in, and water your roots Beacons!


Note to Self~

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Note to self:

I will continue to allow the Light to shine upon my inner shadows, regardless of how painful. I will continue to remain open, to the burning rays that refine.






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I am releasing my archives. Cleaning out my Drafts. Some of what I have written has been directed specifically to my descendants and address things that were going on at the time I started processing it on ‘paper’. This particular piece was born out of a convo the Boomers in my family were having about our Millennial kids. As Boomers, we were raised by parents who rarely expressed emotion, compared with our children, who tend to express them exclusively. I worked on this one several times since I started it awhile back. It starts out as an emotional rant and gives way to something more rational. I cleaned it up a tad, but have let it stand raw and as is, because it is a live demonstration of my “process”.



Grrrr, Hisssssssss~

I love to resent them!

And in many cases, I might actually hate them.

They are such a fucking drag at times!! I hate the way they get in my way!!

I really REALLY do not like “feelings”.

If I could avoid them all together, I would. 

I probably would anyway.

Well…I might!!

Well, not really. Feelings can be cool!

But DAMN!!

From sorrow to surprise and falling in love, we can be completely held captive by these bizarre human sensory experiences that we have zero control over, as a lot of them stem from chemical reactions. We only have control over how we choose to express or contain them.

I know it is human to feel stuff. I get it. But as a WOMEN, this is magnified for me. We feel emotional things more. As a ‘hormonal women’, I  feel everything exponentially, right now. I am an adult teenager and I freaking totally hate it!!

Oh. My. God

(Grits Teeth)

What a curse it can be, to be the polar opposite of Spock!  Hormone driven emotional outburst are problematic for all gals, and it isn’t just a generalization I mean, isn’t that why some MAN named them, Whore-Moans??


I literally have to wade through my feelings, to get reach rationality. It pisses me off that I have to go through all of that. Plus, it gets super challenging once every forking month. Given I have been challenged with a hormone based illness, it has been magnified to epic levels, of the worst kind. To the point where I can’t even stand myself, so I can see why others might have a problem with hormone driven, crazy too!


But I am not here today to talk about my feelings.

Screw that!!

I am here today to talk about YOURS!

So let’s talk about your feeling, or more precisely I want to speak to the generation that feels they should not only express them every chance they get, they make vital decisions based on them!! A recent search online says demonstrates humanity is leaning towards feelings being more important than FACTS?!



While new scientific research suggests that emotions contribute to rational decision making, and indeed plays a role in epistemic reasoning, it does not mean we should solely rely on our feelings when making critical life changing choices.  From the pulpit to the mall, da man has been triggering our emotions to sell us stuff since the moment they realized how to pull at our heart strings. And we fall for it every time. Given this method has been used against us in every conceivable way, why wouldn’t the practice make it’s way into our educational halls.  Now we have the science to prove it logic sits dangerously close to emotion at the table of choices.


But what does that mean exactly. Does is automatically mean our emotional feelings should govern our life, and trump the thinking of the rationally minded? We know that in the absence of human emotions, we have pure logic, as Governor. But that is the mindset of a psychopath. So do we want the purely logical calling the shots?


That doesn’t ‘feel’ right!

We are more than capable of using both to navigate our lives! So we absolutely should. Feelings, senses, logic based on experience, all have their place. REGARDLESS if we live in a manipulative culture than seeks to celebrate one over the other. We MUST think this one out for ourselves.

So this is how I do it. This is what works for me and I am not alone. All the true grownups in the room, do this too:

I wade through the uncomfortable and sometimes extreme emotions BEFORE I make any decision, and drive…that is straight up dangerous. And if at all possible, I do so privately or in the presence of a trusted friend/family member. It is what well seasoned, people of maturity do. Basically, because we have learned the hard way, this is a better way of doing business.

Only a child mixes the two and shoots from the hip. I know this is preferable and far less stressful, because I was actually a kid at one point, who allowed my feelings to rule my kingdom. My life has become far less chaotic, since I have chosen to honor both feeling and thinking, for the valuable human resources they are. I am hoping my “grands” will be far more rational than their parents. 

Thank heavens, the pendulum continues to rock back and forth. It will eventually swing us all to something resembling stasis, as we evolve through each generation, as a species. As long as the “feeling” generation, doesn’t feel like blowing us all up, before then, that is!



(Revisit for edits and updates. Orig 2018)

Wheels w/in wheels?

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From my archives. This one dates back a ways.



A bunch of us were talking about our “signs” recently, which led me to re-visit the zodiac signs that have were assigned to me, based upon the time and place of my birth.

The thing I find so interesting about it is, there are 2 types of common Astrology, Tropical (Western) and Sidereal (Eastern). So depending on what sign I read, (Aries/Pisces respectively) I can see myself in both accounting’s. Begging the question, which is more accurate? Which one is the REAL version?

To be perfectly honest, long before I knew anything about our Universe, I’ve have personally believed that we are here to break out of cycles. Not celebrate them. In my view, 2D circles are nothing more than a dead end, regardless of how we dress it up. Seriously… shouldn’t we spiral at the very least? Turns out I am not alone in my thinking. The Circle of Existence verses The Spiral of Evolution is actually a thing. And I am intuitively in the Fibonacci Sequence Camp.

Regardless of type. For me, identifying solely with a astrological proclivity is counterproductive, given we are here to reach our maximum potential. That’s how I’m thinking we get out of the “grand cycle” itself. We have to do something different than, groundhogs day.


While I can easily except that there is a mathematical/astrological set up at birth. I think the point of this entire planet, is to try to bust out of the cycles and chart a new course, one that leads out of here, or no?! I feel very strongly in reincarnation albeit, not in a traditional sense. I do not see recycling necessarily as a good thing. It seems like it would be going backwards, if Karma is to be believed. If we indeed level up each time, then there must be an end game. A point where everything that can possible be realized from this one planet, will have exhausted itself.

Regardless of WHY we recycle, not one ‘sign’ could ever define us, as we have made our way through the zodiacal wheel over time, being the eternal Monadic souls Gottfried Leibniz proposes that we are.

These various charts and graphs, are simply not big enough to describe the vast array of what I am. Nor is it, you. And we should reject such a limited point of view. Shouldn’t we? Or is this how it is forever? As in forever & ever; amen?

As humans we like to categorize things, it seems to be a natural inclination. We love to label. We’re always seeking to contextualize our experience. Often in highly limiting, irrational and/or unrealistic, subjective ways. But…shouldn’t we be thinking about moving on from Earth, or reincarnating on Saturn or even in a galaxy far, far away? Are we ALWAYS human? Or have we been Martians too? Are the “Gray” US from the future, warning us about the perils of celebrating androgyny?


These are the things I think about.

I mean, I know there are seasons and cycles to everything, but are we really destined to repeat the same ones, for all of eternity?  “They” say it is a sign of insanity, to keep repeating the same thing over & over again.

Just sayin’!

What say you?

MOOOOOoooooooooo 🐮

Pythagorean Illuminati~

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I am looking to speak with someone from the Pythagorean Illuminati organization, other than their “Herald”, Morgue.

If anyone can help me with that, PLEASE reach out to me in the comments below ASAP.

(Comments are are moderated & not automatically added. So your privacy is ensured)

THX Beacons!!!

Talking Shit~

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Anyone can talk shit. But can they deliver?


I see a lot of people running around flaunting the notion, they are in possession of more knowledge, than the rest of us. But what does that really mean? Most folks have no idea that information that is not rooted in FACT, is not considered knowledge at all. A major point of difference, to the discerning.

Knowledge aka factual data/information in and of itself, is of no use to anyone, if not applied. Applied knowledge is wisdom. Active application of knowledge determines whether a man remains on Earth, or can travel to the Moon. There is a HUGE differential between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

I am never moved by those who claim to ‘know it all’. In fact, I am personally repulsed by those that do. I am only motivated by those that demonstrate an understanding of the things they have learned, in the way that conduct themselves. Everyone should learn to make this critical distinction. Behavior always speaks louder than words. Always.

It would save us all a lot of grief, if we will simply wait and watch for the actions that will back up a wise man/woman’s words, before engaging with well read, fools.

Just sayin’~



Worth her weight~

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For every women who has suffered abuse of any kind:

This is for you, dear Goddess…


The measure of this women is not only found in her public victories, those always speak for themselves. But rather in the battles she keeps hidden, that have been painfully fought and won, in private.

It is she who must find the courage to value herself~

Her true power does not lie in what is seen from the stage, but in the things she is able to relinquish or resolve in solitude. Unseen by others, is the steely will, in which she rules her life.

She must recognize her own power, to become royalty~

The measure of this women once scorned, violated, and broken, is incalculable to those who have never walked her path, or watched her heal from wounds that would have killed, a lessor man.

Her immeasurable worth is fully known, only by her~

Her humanity and compassion is measurable, precisely because she has walked the road of many, and the path known only to a few, wearing armor she fought years, to forge.

Finally, her head held high enough, to seat a crown~








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I have kept it all in, as long as I could.

I harbored the burden alone.

But the weight of all has kept me,

from wearing a crown of my own.


I’m spilling my pain all over these pages.

So much in my life, has taken a toll.

I’m an endless well of pent up tears.

The cup, of a sensitive soul.


I vow to lighten it up, a load

To let go of what no longer serves.

And enter into my birthright

With the victory I so richly deserve.




Addicted to IAM?

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For those of you following the Illuminati it’s a topic worth exploring further, because you could be addicted….to them.

Those who feel they have an addictive nature, listen up!

There seems to be a percentage of people who are following the Illuminati for whom it has become an obsession. We literally cannot get enough of them, this outreach, or the knowledge that surrounds them. While some are activated by the incredible changes they have experienced as a result of reading Illuminatiam: The First Testament of The Illuminati, or even their archived messages on their websites. Admittedly, I am one of those.

Then there are others, who are activated into a full on addiction, by the very first “like” or “retweet” they receive, from one of their social media accounts. The distinction between obsession and addiction, can be seen by what happens as a result.

As someone who has eliminated many vices of my own over the years, it is easy for me to tell the difference between an addictive obsession and passionate loyalty.  Those who have a passionate loyalty, look for ways to not only share their messages with others, they tend to create groups, forums and even attache their symbols and links to their businesses and brands. They are all inclusive about it. They want the world to know what they have found, and they tag and share the information in every possible way.

Then there are the ones who The Illuminati has “liked”, retweeted or even spoken to, who lose their perspective entirely, once they have. I have seen it several times over the years and it undermines the authenticity of their actions, from there on out.  Those things become a ‘drug’, and it stimulates them to behave in ways that are obvious to those of us who have been around awhile, or those of us who understand addictive natures. Everything they do, is primarily aimed at getting more attention from them.  The crafty of which understand that sharing their message de jour or their Ads for their offerings, increase the likelihood of a ‘like’ or retweet.

I have seen one Citizen Member build a whole brand of crazy, off of one comment the Illuminati made, in the early days of this outreach. He used it to elevate himself and lord it over others, as if he was more valuable to the organization, because of it. He set up his groups and organization in a way to fool others new to this outreach, in to thinking he was a ranking member or agent. He was so busy preening his own ego, he was oblivious to the work others were doing also. I knew he was addicted to the attention he was receiving as a result of the Illuminati’s attention, when he claimed to his follows  -he was not looking for their worship!

Brad Adams, Executive Director of the Anti-Fraud Network tells me he has observed a couple of people over the years, who were getting lots of likes, retweets and an occasional nod, who would post an inordinate amount of their links, in order to gain more. They are HaPpy campers, as long as the drip continues. Like rats with drugged water, they would travel any loop or maze, in the hopes of a mention or attention. They construct their posts, as if they have a special relationship with the Illuminati that others do not have. Even though they are often newcomers. They typically never tag others, because they want the attention for themselves; exclusively. They do not want to share the drug with anyone else. I have even known a few myself, who will take it as a sign to them personally, just because of a conversational tag, when the comment had nothing to do with them at all.

I am not gonna lie. I enjoy their attention also. A lot!!

Anyone who has been recognized by The Illuminati, surely does. Even IF, the attention has been generated by a Bot! However, I am by no means “addicted” to them. Obsessed with their message, YES! But addicted to THEM, NO!  I do not rely on their attention for my self-worth or life’s validation. They are not a reliable supplier and my vices need to be readily available for me to be immersed in them, so I could not be addicted to them, even if I wanted to!


The truth is, I know I have value to them. But more importantly, I know I am valuable, with or without the Illuminati!

If I thought for a minute they did not value my contribution to this thing, I would be in the wind~



33 Things~

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Shiny white diamond on white

These are the 33 things I will be working on and towards in 2019


1) Get more congruent

2) Be more compassionate

3) Stay focused

4) Walk more washes

5) Leave HELL for a vacation

6) Be prepared for job change

7) Professionalize iMark

8) Read everything Illuminati; again

9) Call my family more regularly

10) Payoff Paypal

11) Get new technology (iPad Pro)

12) Laugh more!!

13) Seek more knowledge

14) Serve more folks

15) Rebuild my savings

16) Manifest a better smile; STAT

17) Move more mountains

18) Dance more!

19) Eat even better

20) Lose 20lbs

21) Start & keep swimming

22) Launch IAMfamFLAIR!

23) Finish “Gemstones in Hell”

24) Finish “Initiate of the Illuminati”

25) Publish & promote 23 & 24

26) Set up home studio

27) Finish my personal Testimony

28) Remember my Testimony!

29) Visit G-Sons ASAP

30) Create more

31) Take more breaks

32) Work harder

33) Remember my vows

Blood Moon

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Full Lunar Eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Blood moon full lunar eclipse over mountain

January 20th-21st 2019

Super=Super close to Earth

Blood=Sun’s rays tint it an rusty-red

Wolf=January’s named moon


Expect the unexpected, for a magical time of abrupt change.

Think back on all you have accomplished since Aug 2017, when the last Full Blood Moon Eclipse occurred.



While I am no astrologist, I did do some research to bring this one to you.

This is what I have learned about this rarefied lunar cycle, and how we can all use these magnificent energies, to our advantage.

In general, this is a time to set resolutions. A time to name and claim the things you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, in particular. This is the magical ‘reset’ button we all have been waiting for. Especially those of us who procrastinated at the new year, in their goal setting. This goes well beyond a yearly blank slate, this is Earth’s closest companion, coming along side us to support our goals and surprise us with unplanned goodies.

This is a most auspicious time to remove what is no longer serving us, and to make way for the things we want to implement in our lives. Overall, it a perfect opportunity, supported by the natural vibes of cosmic law, to reevaluate the path we are on.  This is the time to course correct and set our compass for the next six to twelve months, with thoughtful intention.

If you are a Leo, this one will effect you the most. The other signs who will feel it more deeply are: Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, so they will feel a stronger push towards change than the rest of the zodiac. Although, this one has a intense vibe of change that we will all experience. 

No matter how you wax it up, this  lunar cycle will have you rethinking just about everything. It is a great time to do a ‘Pro and Con’ list, for those areas of your life you want to renovate. Maybe it is time to change jobs or even your entire career path.  If you have been wanting to move, think about it seriously; now. If the relationship you are in, hasn’t been working for a while, it is a good time for a clean break. Use thus natural energy of Luna, to facilitate the changes you desire. If something comes up on the quick, count it as a blissing. Because once things have settled down past the initial shift, you will be digging your new groove.

Take some time to rethink and rewrite out your goals before Sunday. Even if you just did them a month ago. Strive to find 33 things you would prefer to see happen, during this highly charged time of change. From the little tiny things, to the tall orders, try and think of every area of your life you would like to see some movement in. Then come July, revisit your list, to see how many of your goals you accomplished. 

I can think of no better way to measure growth and gains in a tangible way. Doing this simple and easy to complete exercise, will encourage you to do this on the regular, when you can actually see measurable results on paper, plain as day.

Plus, there is something about writing things down that sets things in magical motion~



I will be posting my 33 things, right after I change the settings on my blog tomorrow. You will have to be a registered member, to see them.







Quick Poll

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In general, what do you enjoy the most about my blog?

1) Those Gemstones from Hell

2) Illuminati Related Topics

3) My Spirited & Spicy Rants

4) ALL the Above


Please weigh in below!



Good God!

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Good God!


Do we ever need some new spiritual leadership on this planet!

Shepherds who are able to bring some damn logic to the table, and not just prey on the emotions of hurting humans!


O.M.G I can hardly stand it!

I am so sick of being on the sidelines, watching folks with dysfunctional spiritually, lead others astray!! Some of our spiritual world leaders spew categorical bullshit, while others are nothing but nefarious bright shadows, posing as Light.

I am of the belief that there are some incredible Shepherds out there, who are awesome examples of their faith, and I absolutely applaud them. However, the bulk of our pastors are preaching outrageous lies that should no longer be tolerated by a sane, 21st century populace.

Plus the blatant hypocrisy!


The disconnect is profound, when the guy in the mansion, driving a Rolls Royce, hands out platitudes about feeding the poor that he does not follow behind the scenes. Or how about the guy handing out marital advice, when he hasn’t ever been married, and can’t to be a Priest! That is the height of ridiculous to me!!

Folks should strive to practice what they preach!

Period, no exceptions or you shouldn’t be allowed to advise.

The thing that really bothers me the most, is far too many ‘spiritual leaders’ actively prey on the emotions of their flock. It is an effective form of manipulation, used by those with hidden agendas. In this case, they employ this strategy, to get at our pocket books. They should actually want to get into our heads, not just our hearts. We should be changing minds, not shaking them down, for their loose change!

It is no surprise, the Millennial’s are leaving traditional organized religions in droves. It does not suit their ‘devil may care’ attitudes, as they aggressively push the envelope, on what is acceptable in a civilized society.  They are the ones, who have ripped the door off the closet, which was opened by their parents in the mid 1900’s. These guys can smell BS from 50 paces!! And thank the gods for that! I am really glad they are here.

Typically, when folks flee any given direction, they head directly to the opposite end of the pool, to no less of an extreme. So in that way, Satanism, Luciferianism and ego based esoteric philosophies, are on the rise. Don’t misunderstand, there are elements in all ideologies worth embracing, but we need to move past strict categorization and into the ecumenical inclusion. We need to explore all kinds of options, invite science into the equation and cobble together our own line of thinking that is always open to evolving as we learn more.

All manner of spiritual advice can be beneficial, there is indeed a ‘crystal thread’ that runs throughout it all. However, it’s knowing when to pause and when to push through on our path that truly makes our spiritual journeys enlightening. While I often speak of the crystal thread that runs through and binds it all, too many stop and linger on that which tickles their fancy, rather than reaching beyond the box, and heeding the constant call that beckons on, to a higher place. A place where logic and reason lives side by side, with empathy and compassion. A place where the divine is recognized, in all things. A place where the math can prove all things ontological.

Lately, the organized criminal activity of the Catholic Church is coming into focus*. The pedophilia that has been allowed to flourish within the Vatican walls, should disgust every human on this planet! Unfortunately, the faithful have been programed to forgive and turn the other cheek on the organized criminal predatory practices of the church. This diabolical institution and those like it, MUST be wiped from the face of humanity with a vengeance, in order for us to grow spiritually as a species. The time is coming, when we will face down what has been done in the shadows and bring it to reconciliation, with the Light.

Our spiritual practices must find a better way to meet the needs of struggling humans. I’m talking in the trenches reprogramming and education that serves folks in practical and spiritually revolutionary ways. Information that points a correct mindset that facilitates change, if applied. Hand holding is only effective when picking someone up, who has stumbled. To really help support change, we much show the way to walk upright through life unaided, by example. Think of the old adage, teach a man to fish. Hand feeding him makes him dependent on goodwill which always has limits and often hidden agendas. We should want our species to be self-sufficient spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Coddling is crippling when it is permanent. While temporary assistance is helpful, permanent reliance on others, is counter-productive and potentially harmful. 

We all must find our own way through the hardships and hurdles we face in life. They are designed to strengthen our moral resolve and harden the armors around our soul. When we do not allow humans the dignity of overcoming, we erode their sense of self and teach them to be reliant on others, for their advancement. I believe it’s time we encourage folks to find the Light within, not look towards others, solely for their spiritual sustenance. We all have a built in navigation system and it is preferable to teach people how to find it and use it, rather than making them dependent on the local guru, for directions.

Each path is unique. Often our one size fits all advice, does not fit the circumstances being faced by a one of a kind human. Ultimately, only we know what is right for us. Our spiritual leaders should be educating folks on how to rely on their own innate intuitions and wisdom, to course set, or course correct. When we are not taught to tie our own shoes, we are robbed of the self-esteem that comes with the accomplishment, of learning to do it for ourselves. Spiritual independence should be the norm. Not reliance on those who have mastered this for themselves. It weakens humanity when we do not support our victories and chose to celebrate the victimized.

We must find a way to achieve a sacred balance. We must know when helping, is actually a hindrance instead. Bailing people out, is not always the most humane thing to do for them.

There is a time to support and a time to suggest.

There is a time to encourage and a time to tough love educate.

There is a time to rush in and a time to relinquish the crutches.

There is a time to feed and a time to teach how to plant.

There is a time to embrace and a time to let go.

Each in their season, each serving us perfectly in their own way. We must recognized the difference and apply each with love and empathy.


So if you have heard “The Calling”, for God’s sake ANSWER IT!!

*We will be discussing their criminal activity during our global conversation on Pedophilia and Sex Slavery & Trafficking coming soon to iMark Radio.


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Image result for COMPETITION


Competition in it’s most positive form, drives innovation and sparks the seeds of creation. It pushes us to be our best and motivates us to do more than we thought we could. Not just for ourselves, but for the teams we are a part of.

But there is a negative side to Competition. The nasty side, where winning becomes the only driving force, not an increase in personal or professional excellence.  Where being number one, is sought by any means, often at the expense of the others on the same team.



Love & Light~

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When you authentically send Love & Light to those that hate you, their words & deeds no longer hold sway over you. This powerful energy acts as a shiny reflective coating, on the armor that protects your soul. And all negativity that is projected towards you, fails to meet its mark~




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(An Ironic Op-Ed)


Dedicated to the smartest living person in my family, my cousin Lorrie. Don’t even THINK about sharing your “feelings” concerning this with me, my Queen!! 



Let us start by exploring the factual definitive of Opinion:


Definition of O·pin·ion

A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
“I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance”
synonyms: belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind, (point of) view, viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint; More
sentiment, conception, conviction
“she did not share her husband’s opinion”
as I see it, to my mind, (according) to my way of thinking, personally, in my estimation, if you ask me, for my money, in my book
“in my opinion, the green tiles clash with the yellow walls”
the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.
“the changing climate of opinion”
an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something.
“I had a higher opinion of myself than I deserved”


As they say, everyone has them. Lots of them, really. We form opinions likely on day one of our arrival on Earth, and never stop until our heart does.
Ask anyone anything, and their opinion will be the answer of choice. Unless of course, they actually know the facts. 

In an effort to be heard, especially by those that feel the most ignored, we shout our opinions on social media like poorly mannered children. Thinking the louder and more aggressive we are, the more correct we will seem. As if opinions are synonymous with fact. As if screaming out parroted lies, turns them into magically delicious truth.

Here is a visual aid, for clarity:

Becky has “good” hair: OPINION


Becky’s hair appears brown: FACT

When it comes to communication and understanding, we as humans have dove way too deep into the halls of opinion, and are worshiping at the shrine of our feelings. None of which will change the truth, about anything.


We have been told they are “neither are right or wrong”, and are always valid contributions to any conversation that we chose to inject them into, even if they have not been asked for. We believe every voice must be heard, even the most ignorant. Fact, is often sacrificed on the alter of public opinion, as the sheep have grown louder and more repetitive with time.

If we are talking tiddily-winks and fairy tales, opinion counts. If we are talking about sharing knowledge accurately, they do not.

Knowledge is ALWAYS based in fact, not opinion, something most just can’t seem to get their head around. And no amount of public opinion, will ever change this truth.

Definition of knowledge 

1a(1) : the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association

(2) : acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique

b(1) : the fact or condition of being aware of something

(2) : the range of one’s information or understanding answered to the best of my knowledge

c : the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning : cognition

d : the fact or condition of having information or of being learned a person of unusual knowledge

2a : the sum of what is known : the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind


In a world where damn near everything has been reduced down to our most irrational and emotional base nature -the rational and the stable among us have been left on the corner of UNHappy and UNHealthy, without a ride home. We also want to shout the indisputable facts and be heard, but we are drowned out, by those who rather be self righteous, than right. Even when we can provide hard data to prove our points,  it matters not to the pre-programmed fools, who have found a sickening kind of safety, in the land of make believe. These folks are like ill-bred pitbulls.  They simply will not concede to the concrete. They are incapable of letting go, once their jaws have locked on their own opinionated words.

It is maddening to those of us who rely on the verifiable truth, to make our way across the landscape of life. We grow up feeling unheard, undervalued, and dismissed. By our teen years, it occurs to us we are indeed insane, and often begin to adopt lifestyles in alignment with this erroneous thinking.
Is it any wonder, why the brightest among us, end up in ditches, dives, and dumpsters? Given the drug de jour for this generation is a ‘pain reliever’…we really need to look more closely, at what we have collectively become. Maybe even consider holding those who encouraged it, accountable.

But alas, as my Mum is fond of saying, “The masses are asses, Daughter”.

I’ve gotta add…so is much of our leadership!

Someone had to lead the herd this way, and it sure seems calculated and intentional. And what’s worse, we allowed it!  Unfortunately, the fox that produced these hybrid chickens, has been in the hen-house for decades, and it will likely take decades, to breed the ‘smart’ back into them. A very disturbing reality, to this rapidly aging writer!

It’s my hope, that I will live to see the day, when intelligence and rationality will begin to rule humanity. Not the Pleiadians or the uneducated opinions of clueless humans. Where knowledge and truth are King and Queen and society demands our opinion and feelings stem from this Kingdom, instead of Fantasy-Land. In so doing, we will not diminish our species, nor will we alienate less informed voices. Rather we will lift ourselves up in mass, to collectively become a more knowledgeable and informed version of ourselves. Something we desperately are in need of, if we are to survive the damage already done.

Don’t get me wrong. I love opinions! (CLEARLY) I truly love hearing about the points of view of others, and expressing my own. However, there is no place for them in matters that depend on accuracy and fact, when considering an life-altering decision be it an individual, or a collective one.


Understand this critical distinction~

 🐄 MOOOOOOooooooooo~



How sweet it is~

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It seems like life on Earth, is all about our personal and collective evolution.

If only everyone would clean their own house, instead of trying to clean the homes of others, humanity would evolve much faster.

But alas, far to many of us sit in the judgment seat at the base of the pyramid, with mocking condemnation for those who are farther up the path than we are.

I prefer to celebrate the accomplishments of those ahead of me. It is them, who I look to for direction. Unfortunately, it is a rarity, to find those who share this viewpoint.

However, the higher we climb, the more disconnected we become, from the negative expression of the herd mentality.

This alone, is why the air above, smells sweeter~
HaPpy Trails!

Good Grief?!

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Please allow me to share something with you about grief & sorrow.
This might not be something you have not considered before.
It’s sort of a side note, to whatever you might already know about loss and  it’s subsequent emotional pain.
I’d like to put a new spin on a shared experience as old as mankind itself. To Lighten the darkness of grief up a bit,  if not to illuminate what a glorious honor it is to be able to FEEL anything at all!
Having a body, a physical expression, is what allows us to feel things. All kinds of gooey & mucky things.
It is what makes the earth experience so heart-wrenching and emotionally treacherous to travel, at times.
All these terrific & terrifying sensations, are largely what we are here to experience, perhaps even master.
Sorrow is the deepest level of loss. Our level of grief, is in direct proportion, to our level of connection. Like invisible strings that pull at our hearts. Not only are our emotions engaged, but it can be physically felt. Grief when profound, can literally make one feel as if they are dying.
For example, “heart broken” feels exactly like the heart IS breaking inside your chest. I have felt this myself, and marveled at the fact I didn’t bleed out and die!
Thankfully, the horrors of pain associated with acute grief, passes through on short lived waves, which lessen in severity with time.
No one wants or enjoys losing something or someone of great value to them. Even if the loss is ultimately for the best.
It simply SUCKS.
And it hurts.
It hurts like a thousands knifes stabbing at the soul.
Human beings will do anything to avoid emotional pain.
We drink, we drug, we overeat. You name it, if we can avoid it, we will.
However, denial of our grief does not make it go away. Resisting the natural & healthy urge to “hang black crepe”, can lead to further complications from suppression.
Unexpressed grief simply lies in wait, like a rattlesnake coiled & rattling…undermining our ability to heal properly and unlining all manner of deductions and addictions.
So perhaps we would benefit from embracing our temporary afflictions instead?
Knowing emotional pain is actually just a temporary, intense & uncomfortable expression, of our deep capacity to love & connect to others!
What seems like the darkest part of life, is actually just the rough edges of the incredible privilege, of being alive.

The next time you find yourself in sorrows vice-like embrace, remember for a moment…what an excruciating honor it is… to be able to feel her at all~

Namaste’ Beacons~

Just getting this on record as I will be updating it again soon~


The following are my Evolving Spiritual Tenants.

They are not written in rock, because new data requires new decisions on my part. I am constantly evolving my point of view and you can see this, demonstrated here. I have updated this article, after not even reading it for a few years. I have kept both versions for this edit, to show the growth that has occurred very recently. Although I am open to spiritual teachings from any and all sources, at my core, I am a Gnostic~


I believe each and every one of us, including plants & animals, are ‘gifted’ with the ultimate divine force or energetic essence.

I know that the Light is literally in everything, including all life forms.

I believe it is this “essence” that animates us all into living, breathing creations. Many refer to this “force” as a male (or even a female) entity and use titles such as God or Goddess when speaking about it.

This gender neutral Light permeates EVERYTHING &  inhabits ALL.

I believe the energy gifted to us is “neutral”, in that it may be used for any intention or will. In fact, this is how I define free will: “Free energy to use as you Will”… as it harms none, of course.

I know free will Rules, however destiny still Reigns.

I believe to label anything strictly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, is a gross over-simplification of the intricacies that are inherent in the human condition. I do not believe in condemning the choices of others. Everyone has every right to use the application of divine energy,  at their discretion. As it harm none….of course.

Subjective ideas about good & evil do not necessarily reflect objective reality. One mans negative roadblock, is another person’s positive motivator.

I believe that the “Law of Love”  is written on the hearts of mankind, but understand also that in extreme cases, biological anomalies, brainwashing & abuse, can taint or pervert this law. I believe there is no such thing as ‘separation’ from our creator, only ignorance to the relationship. I categorically reject any & all philosophy’s that would state otherwise.

I know this to be true. Period. We cannot be separated from the animating divine Light within.

I believe “As above, So below”. That ancient statement is now verified by known science, from the micro to the macro and serves as a foundation for my life. This is the essence of of the “Christ Consciousness”.

I know that no matter what people call it, it is the same Universal Design, for all.

I believe that we are energetic creatures that actually vibrate. Simply put, we attract that which is on our own ‘wavelength’.

I know that we are energetic monadic souls (minds) and are not our temporal bodies. We all vibrate to the frequency we organically resonate with, and we are capable of shifting vibrations/frequencies at will.

I believe in the power of intention and that we can literally manifest not only our own destinies, but our collective destinies as well. We are divine co-creators and the world around us, is a collective reflection of our united consciousness. As within, So Without.

I know this to be true, now more than ever! However, there is still an unseen creative force, that seems to have a plan of it’s own for it’s magnificent creation.

I believe the purpose of our Earth based lives is to break free from karma, the cycle of reincarnation, astrological wheels, or any other manner of being, that keeps us from ‘graduating’ from this one planetary or dimensional experience within eternity.

I know this is a vibratory  & coded matrix. However, I have no idea what the purpose of this plane is, although it does seem like a Spiritual version of “Escape the Room”. But I do believe it is necessary, or it would not exist.

I believe and science supports, that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, therefore, I do not believe in the grave as a final destination for our souls.

This has not changed. I know for a fact we are monadic souls on a will to power journey to be the best possible versions of ourselves, we can be. This is written on our soul’s unchangeable and irreplaceable eternal blueprint.

I believe Heaven & Hell reside within and by mastering our lower or ‘hellish’ nature, we will create a heavenly environment in, and around us.


I believe in the “Law of One”  which at the core, unites all creatures in creation, into a single energetic entity of divine oneness. I understand this Law to be all inclusive and that NO ONE is left out of it’s design.

The Universal Design is real and verifiable and we have the Math to prove it!

I believe it is through our unique individual perceptions, that divinity has an experience of itself.

I know I am but one limitless and eternal equation, in the infinite mathematical expression, some call god.


WARNING: This might bum ya out, before it boosts ya up~

This is for everyone who is struggling to survive right now. My intent is not to self glorify, but to use my experience as an example, to illustrate the REAL cost of following the Illuminati. It is meant to inspire and encourage those of you, who find yourself in the fires of refinement right now. Believe it or not, it is a fantastic sign!


Beyond the bullshit, superficial, made for TV marketing, about how the Illuminati has “changed my life forever”, there lies another story underneath that I would like to share with you.

Know that I absolutely mean it when I publicly declare that my life has changed in every way possible since I met them, because it has.


However it has come at a tremendous price for me, without ever once paying a fee, or offering a donation, to The Illuminati.  I wasn’t even scammed before finding them. So no losses there either. The cost was not a financial one per se, even though I have willingly and HaPpily paid for documents, dangles, and domains too, since I have known of them.

Actually, I payed a much greater price than most will understand, until they have properly paid the price for themselves. The cost is unique to everyone who participates. Although I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically encourage everyone to consider mentally, and emotionally, ‘funding’ it, regardless of how painful.

Let me explain before you panic…

This is the straight skinny, for those who are just getting started with The Illuminati and are thinking this thing is a complete, cake walk. It is important for folks to get the full flavor here, not just as a point of warning, but as a prelude to some wonderful inspiration to follow.

I think it is imperative folks understand what they are taking on here, because no one gave me a heads up. I had to find out the hard way. Those who have participated in other “loyal water buffalo” lodges, do not need to read any further. You got this. You guys already know the score. But for many of us, this whole entire gig is uncharted territory, and it is to those who are as ignorant as I was, that this is written. I am hoping to demystify the process, while underscoring the personal cost, validating what is happening to you, and verifying for certain, it is all truly worth it!

The first year is what I called the ‘courting period’. It was absolute magnificence in motion. I went from strength to strength effortlessly, as if by magic. We were still dating then, IAM and I. There was something familiar about them from the moment we met. I thought they were terrific, (although it did not stop me from doing a background check on them)! I needed time to research this group and determine whether I was being duped; again. I had so many doubts. I was not certain right away that they were “the one”, although something deep inside kept trying to convince me they were, despite their sometimes sketchy appearance.  Even though the doubts were often overwhelming for me at times, I still showed up, sharing their links, while anxiously waiting to learn more.

I started with them before the First Testament even came out, and there was certainly no jewelry in those early days. That came later in our ‘relationship’. Even so, it was all kinds of marvelous that first year. Illuminatiam was released, which I loved for so many reasons! It actually helped me make sense of my doubts. I would read it everytime I got sideways, to confirm doubting was normal and expected.

In real life, I was gifted a car, because a girlfriend didn’t like me riding my scooter anymore. I was gifted an eye procedure, to help with my ‘vision’. I got a terrific new job that I adored, which suited me perfectly. It was generally a GREAT year. Even the Illuminati sent me (and others) a red iron talisman, in recognition of our loyal marketing contributions to their movement. Heck, I was even called “Princess” directly by them and added to the Princess and Distinguished List, within the first few months of meeting them. Yep…there were all kinds of little wins, and wonders that first year. Far to many to recount.  Even with all my doubts, I was no doubt, falling in love with the mysterious Illuminati.

The whole movement, was a whirlwind of excitement for me. The dark waters that I had been swimming in personally, had been stirred by the sunshine that was casting it’s warm glow on the surface. While the fires within me had yet to be lit, the Illuminati was standing there with the matches, as I began drying out from the murky waters I had been residing in. I had become so stagnant and dreamless, I couldn’t even imagine where to go on vacation, had the funding appeared in the mail!

It would be fully accurate to say hope had returned, and things were definitely on the rise that very first year, after meeting The Illuminati. Reading Illuminatiam really got my mind moving again. Although I can’t explain how, exactly. It just did.

 I had been hiding out for years, and I knew it. It was literally as if, IAM found me. Not the other way around. So to merely say I am grateful to The Illuminati, is an colossal understatement. It rings hollow compared to how I feel about them.

Even with the afterglow, from a year of positive changes still upon me, I had not professed loyalty. I let the others do all that, with their instant unshakable, untouchable, Hail to the Light, declarations. I do not hand my loyalty out like candy. I reserve it for the precious few, that have actually earned it. Just as in real life, I am a slow sell, even if I am close to you.

It took me about a year and a half to move into a place, where I was able to feel anything akin, to permanent and dependable devotion. Although I was faithful during discovery, I was by no means ready to ‘marry’ these guys. I took the warning at the end of Illuminatiam VERY seriously, and was not yet willing to be “obedient” to a shadowy group, I could not see. I was concerned they could possibly be some kind of dark brightness, and not from the Light. So I needed more time and grade with them, to figure it out. Even though they had been showing up in a positive manner throughout my research into other interests, I was still unsure if THIS, was THAT historical group. I needed to be convinced (as humanly possible), before I signed on fully, and committed my mind, heart and soul, to this movement.

On or around the time I finally whispered I was loyal to them publicly, (a subtlety lost on most onlookers), but not on the IAM; a radical shift seemed to occur. My fiery decent into two (and counting) years of hell, began in earnest. It was almost as if, the Illuminati thought…loyal eh….?  Let’s see if you REALLY mean that, V.

The shift in my luck, started with a shit ton of loss. Specifically things were dying around me, in more ways that one. I had 4 dragons die on me, in the first 6 months of that period. I lost 2 long term girlfriends. One after 13 years for petty reasons, the other after 15 years, for differing penchants.

My 20 year marriage did not survive the Illuminati, nor did some of my more casual associations. The second year I watched helplessly from a far, as my mom had her stints replaced and her pacemaker upgraded.

I could not be there, when my baby bro had a pacemaker of his own installed, and was diagnosed with Down’s related Alzheimer’s and abruptly placed in foster care, at 52. I lost that fabulous job I was thriving in, when the company eliminated the position state wide. I was forced into a job I hated, just to survive, and faced unexpected harassment I believed was Illuminati related -which landed me in a unforeseen, no pay-time out, because well…why not?

I was in Hades.

And I needed time to cry, I guess. A lot.

Even though I landed a new job and was mysteriously paid, for my ‘non-paid leave’ (which kept me from drowning financially), my savings were completely drained as a result. As was the security I felt, knowing I had back up for a rainy day. I was truly at rock bottom. Or so I thought. Apparently, Hades has an elevator and many levels!

Then, the much anticipated Members Portal opened. What should have been, (and temporarily was), an exciting time in my Illuminati life, quickly descended into stress and grief, beyond my previous ability to fathom.

What fresh hell was this exactly?

Being singled out as the first Initiate in history to level up, and become “verified”, was a distinction not lost on me what-so-ever. Even if I did not understand it, I was so proud of that! It was truly the most important and incredible honor of my entire freaking lifetime!! Primarily because I already had an elementary understanding, of the historical significance of this secretive group, and I had at least an inkling, of what a rarefied honor it was, to be chosen out of almost a million followers.

I was not someone who came to the Illuminati via a hand gesture, on an album cover or a taco bell commercial. I had heard, read and seen the rumors, over the years, so I knew of them. But I did not really ‘know’ THEM. So I wasn’t about to judge without a lot more data. Since I had been the victim of unsubstantiated rumors as a teenager myself, (and even now) I just didn’t buy into the hysteria or hype.

I was actually quite content, thinking there was a hidden hand out there watching out for humanity. I never once thought to track them down. I actually did not think girls were allowed in the “Brotherhood”, anyway. So when I, (a gal) was singled out,  it was the biggest fucking deal EVER to me! It should be to every women out there, really. However, it was a move that clearly pissed off some Initiates right out of the gate, especially the men who erroneously still think of women, as possessions.

So what was truly a legendary and historical distinction, quickly became a horrifying ‘Mark of Cain’, so to speak.

I would quickly learn: A Crown is indeed, seated with thorns.

That is how it stays on your head, when the uninformed masses, seek to remove it from you, by force. What the King Makers do not tell you, is it also comes with a target. You are instantly hated by at least a 3rd of the people in your own community. A hate so full of vitriol, it absolutely drowns out any ego that might rear it’s ugly head, in a vain attempt to rock and rule, as a result of being crowned. The voices of dissent, indeed keep dictators at bay. Not that I was inclined to become one; anyway.

I now found myself hated by my Light “family”,  simply because of a blue check by my name. In time, via missteps of my own, I would give others a reason to hate me, as well.  All the things I was trying to accomplish to unite folks and help other Initiates, was lost on those who did not understand why I was chosen. They had zero compassion for my learning curve and that I was being developed into a leader, completely out loud and in a highly public venue.

I literally lost half of my hair volume during the first three months the Portal was open. My growing angst kept me from performing well in my new job, so I lived in constant fear I was going to lose it, and have to start looking for another one again. I couldn’t confide in my family, because they did not understand what I was going through, at all. Plus, the ancient emotional hairball I yakked up on my Mom (out of freaking nowhere) during a family vacation, did not help matters either. I assure you.

When I finally started making friendships with other initiates, I was elated! I finally had folks to talk to, that were on the same page I was on…or so I thought.

I honestly thought, those who wanted to be my friend were sincere, only to learn that social status, attracts those who want to be associated with IT, not the person who earned it. I also learned (the hard way) that folks who say they follow the Light, often have hidden agendas that are anything but, enlightened.

The words I struggled the most with, from The First Testament of the Illuminati, proved to be the shocking truth. TRUST NO ONE. Not fully.

I was getting a crash course in rational reality 101. My world view was taking a huge hit. The bubble of positivism I tried desperately to live in, had been popped, the remains of which, are still floating in the wind somewhere.

As hard as all of this was for me to take in, every bit of it has been designed to harden the armor around my gooey, soft-hearted, overly optimistic soul. I have developed true empathy for high profile folks, now that I have experienced infamy in the IAMFAM community myself. Regardless if you like what any given ‘celebrity’ represents, they have at least earned the right to be respected to some degree, in my opinion. One needs some serious balls, to stand out in our society. We are a tough crowd to WIN OVER!

So yeah…following the Illuminati will indeed change your life forever! However, it WILL cost ya…


This process will challenge every relationship you have, and every belief you hold dear. It will penetrate your soul in ways, you will not see coming -no matter how skilled you are at navigating life, before hand. The process will ask you to give things up, add things in, dig deeper and reach higher, than you ever thought you possible for you. This process will find your buried flaws through hidden cracks, and shine a Light on the deepest, darkest parts of you.

It is called initiation, Initiates. And it’s truly unbridled & beautiful hell!

Unfortunately, not all of us who have started the process, will make it through the character defining hardships, obstacles and roadblocks that have been set up to keep anything less than human excellence, from entering the halls of greatness.

I do not know, if I have what it takes to ever be a full ranking member. But I truly do not care anymore. I know that I have already been changed forever, in the most meaningful and everlasting ways. I know without a doubt, that I have become a better version of myself, which will serve me, well past the grave.

I have been burnt down, raised up and cast into the fires of refinement so many times in the last 2 .5 years, in many ways I am unrecognizable to myself. But I love this new and improved, sparkly version of V!

I have been literally set aflame, by the matches held by the Illuminati themselves. I mean, how cool it THAT?

It doesn’t matter if I ever see in the inside of this Pyramid, or the infamous White Room…I can clearly see the incredible changes on the inside of me, and I like em’. All of these growing pains, will indeed serve my soul, as I make my way through the rest of my life.

My eternal gratitude and loyalty, is not enough to repay The Illuminati, for allowing me the opportunity to be tested by them, regardless of the end result. It has been truly a privilege, I still cannot even believe, I am actually participating in!! Everyone needs to understand what an honor it is, just to apply!

This is a brilliant road and a breathless journey that anyone who wants to, is invited to travel. Although…This path is NOT for everyone. But what you gain as a result of the refinement process, is priceless.

So if you find yourself in hell. And life is coming at you six ways to Sunday, from every possible angle…When you think you can take no more and that you are drowning…PLEASE

keep swimming!

It is totally worth it, once you are out of the deep end of the pool.


There is pure, unfiltered sunshine, on the shores that beckon just ahead, my friends!! Know that your temporary hardships are merely indicators that you are actually on the right path, and that you are being groomed for something greater, dear Beacons~

PS: This will be updated with a Part 2 in the coming weeks, as I am still in initiation~


It’s Time~

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Dear Initiates of the Illuminati,

As many of you are aware, I have not been active on Council 22 since January, when Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred, took the helm. Although I was always available for consultation, while serving on the Apex Advisory Board.

Earlier this week, I resigned from all things c22/Apex to focus my full attention on iMARK and me. It’s time for me to move on. It was never my intention at inception, to volunteer in this capacity, indefinitely. 

This project, was never a throne built for my own glory, regardless of rumor. Rather it was a platform created to share the glaring spotlight that was placed on me, when the Members Portal opened, and I temporarily received distinctions, others did not.

c22 was always meant to be a living demonstration of unity, and what is possible when leaders from all walks of life, work together on a common goal. The  pyramid itself, was designed to be an example, of the ideals taught by IAM in the First Testament of the Illuminati. 

The current leadership, under the direction of Christine Ingraham aka Nikki Cee, is the best incarnation that I have witnessed since it’s inception, and because of this particular Capstone crew, which includes Brad Adams and Petros Regos, plus Papa leading Apex, I feel completely confident leaving this pyramid building project, in their capable hands. This current Capstone is truly exceptional, and will continue to serve their fellow Initiates, in the spirit in which Council 22 was inspired, created and maintained.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has volunteered to serve c22 past and present! No contribution by our members has been insignificant, and many have been remarkable examples for others to follow.

Thank you all, for your amazing support, encouragement guidance, and yes….vicious criticisms of me personally.  I am truly thankful for every voice that helped shape my leadership style. It was no easy task to be developed into a leader, in a such a public venue. But it serves as a lesson of it’s own, to the ever watchful.

A crown indeed, is seated with thorns!

Regardless of where my path takes me from here, I will always look back on this part of my journey, with pride of accomplishment and in thankful gratitude, for the often painful lessons learned along the way! It was one hell of a ride Yo’s~

HaPpy Trails #IAMfam!

iVy Taroc aka V~

Edit to add. Technically I was told I cannot leave Apex. However I can have an INACTIVE status, Hehe.

Thx Brad🕷


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What name do you call “God” in your own language?


Initiate Afaq Safdar asked an interesting question on Twitter this morning, and I simply could not give an answer in 140 characters or less. But it is a great question! So I thought I would take a little time here and answer it, for those who are curious enough to know my answer.

“God” does not have one personal name that I am aware of, although it goes by many. It is not a male, nor a female, but rather the perfect expression of both, even though it is neither, and neutral. Everything and nothing, all at once.

To call it The Great Spirit, The Most High or even The Grand Architect, would suffice. Although those are more akin to titles, than personal names. To call it The Light, is the most accurate and term that I have ever come across. The Illuminati brilliantly nailed it, with that one.

I do not dialog with this omnipresent, omniscient Source of ALL, directly. Although I used to think I could, and did so, for most of my life. I did it out of pure ignorance, back when I had ‘god in a box’, so to speak. My understanding was as limited, as the names I called it by.

After decades of pursuing this eternal omnipotence, I had to recalculate my fundamental ideas about who, or more precisely ‘what’ God actually is. Once I finally began to really understand what it is, was, and will always be. My relationship to it and with it, has changed somewhat.

When I arrived at the bottom line, I changed my line of thinking to the degree, that personalizing the Light, was not just limiting, it seemed rather demeaning in a way for me. Any name I had previously attached to it, was reductive, and not inclusive enough. A title verses a name, like the ones previously mentioned, would be more fitting, in my opinion. The Light not only works magnificently, it alludes to ‘gods’ true, incorruptible and eternal nature.


When I really need to talk to someone intimately connected to the Divine, and I am not screaming at IAM in front of my television, Hehe. I offer you this….

On occasion, I do use a ‘nickname’ that personalizes our infinite, and energetic creator, down to a level I can actually relate to -for the sake of conversation or consultation. So I call it “Oliver”. 

As in: ALL-OF-HER. 

It’s a name I chose that perfectly pays homage, to not just my individual soul’s higher expression, but it also honors the Light of creation that lies within me, as well. It makes it far easier for me as a human, to dialog with myself and that which created me, if I use a moniker.

I suspect that is why there are so many names for God, after all. Which is why I loved answering this question so much. I adore this subject more than any other.

Thx for asking Afaq! You inspired me~



IAM & lessor gods?

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As I wander through social media, it has become alarmingly apparent to me, that many Initiates have no idea, what The Illuminati is really all about. That in itself would not be so disturbing on its own. However, many of these folks, fancy themselves leaders -with a large enough following, to erroneously support their belief. It is for this reason, I issue the following commentary, based on my own point of view. Please note: Some of you will realize right away, you are not my target audience.

Far too many times I am a witness to the inaccurate and down right misleading dissemination of information. As someone who cares deeply about this outreach and those who have responded to it, it can be upsetting for to me to watch. Many of us have work ceaselessly to pass and parrot their teachings in an accurate manner, so folks will find their way through the concepts that are often foreign to them. When I see people shouting “Hail to the Light” for things that are untrue, some of us take it personally. I am one of them. I have been at this for almost 4 years and I (like others) are emotionally attached to the life changing messages the Illuminati has so graciously provided us with.

It is a situation that seems to be rooted in the speakers own bias. Often their religious views are intertwined with the information that has been shared with them. I have seen far to many, christianize, satanize and even luciferianize the Illuminati’s messages. Messages that has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion. It reminds me of that old Reese’s commercial -you got your peanut butter on my chocolate!

While the Illuminati has alluded to deeply held spiritual beliefs & rituals of their own, they have yet to reveal their line of thinking to their followers. They have repeatedly stated that we are free to chose our own beliefs, as long as they do not cause harm to any other human.  How folks get this twisted, is unknown to me. It is such a simple and clear statement, I find it incomprehensible that anyone would be incapable of understanding it.

But folks do.

When I first started following, and likely because we are encouraged  to “Follow the Light”, I saw many jump right into Luciferism. As humans, we tend to swing from one extreme to another. So when it was obvious they were not professing Abrahamic religions, folks just automatically embraced the Light bearer known as, Lucifer. Others went full on into Satanism. Even though they have clearly stated, (right off the bat I might add), that they are not Satanists! I have been wondering what this swing is all about. The best I can come up with, is:

1) Folks still erroneously believe the rumors, that we are Satanists. Even though it untrue.

2) Folks are seeking to please IAM by studying the things they “think” they embrace.

However, they are off path, on both counts.

We have been encouraged to Follow the LIGHT!

So flocking to the Light Bearer himself, is not too much of a stretch at face value. But as you dig deeper into the otherwise rational philosophy, it is rooted in the same myths and legends as the bible. A hint, in and of, itself. While there is a crystal thread of Light that runs throughout everything mankind has ever conceived, including the bible, koran, the talmud and the more esoteric. Not one of them contain the fullness of the truth to the uninitated. They are merely rays pointing to the source, for those who keep seeking. 

Every religion on this planet has competing forces. Just as we all do, within. Since the dawn of man, folks have attempted to understand the world around them, evident by the large volume of myth, allegory, metaphors and symbolism explored through their most sacred spiritual texts. For as long as humans have sought to understand their place in the universe, there has been those proselytizing their perspective for personal gain. There have been no shortage of humans, who have claimed their understanding of divine things, are superior to someone elses. 

Humans tend to be gullible and trusting folks by nature. We will buy in to anything that is packaged to be sold in a way that tickles our ears, or testifies to our personal worldviews. Rarely will we look past what has been said, and research its validity. We all do it. We all tend to take things at face value, because we can’t imagine why in the world, anybody would want to lie to us about such things.

But they do.

It’s a controlling mechanism and we fall for it every time. I long for the day when we will be collectively astute enough, to verify what somebody is saying to us, is true, before repeating the preposterous or improbable.

Because we have not done our due diligence thus far, we are swayed like sheep to the whims of nefarious shepherds. As always, the sheep wait to be fed, while lions seek food for themselves. 

The rumors surrounding this organization in particular are outrageous. We have been accused of the most violent unthinkable acts, one could possibly imagine. And people believe it without evidence. Simply on the say so of another. Never once realizing how many groups claim the same generic name.

To complicate things further, those who are possession of something more closely aligned with the truth, are ridiculed & scorned by the masses. They mob-crucify all those who do not think as they do. Those who are “black sheep”, know precisely what I am saying here. The free thinking misfits, are used to this kind of treatment.

Unfortunately too many people believe that popularity equals a proper perspective. Remember, the Illuminati asks that we rethink things, when we find ourselves in the majority. I know all those that march to their own drum must’ve surely felt supported (maybe even for the first time ever) when they learned the Illuminati encourages all humans, to think outside our current cultural and religious boxes.

While it certainly can be argued that ALL manner of religious doctrine has something valuable to add to our spiritual knowledge base, they too can be spiritual traps for those who linger there exclusively. Only most astute seeker takes the best of all ideologies they study, and continues on the path towards discovering the one and only Truth, that binds it ALL.

So why am I mentioning all of this to you guys? I am doing it because IDEALLY, everyone needs to keep moving towards verifiable spiritual truth. Because it exists. However, it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt, until you arrive on the doorstep of the undeniable. There is a reason why the Illuminati have used the phrase: FOLLOW THE LIGHT!  That particular wording is a HUGE clue, for those who are looking for spiritual signs. I am even dropping clues of my own. Only those who are capable of letting go of everything they have ever heard of, or believed in before, will discover they are capable of knowing more. We are so fortunate to live in a time, where these treasures can be safely found, by those who actively hunt for knowledge. In times past, prior to the printing press, it was a very difficult task. The most sacred truths, were often revealed orally, only to those who were open to understanding them, and had demonstrated they could be trusted with the knowledge. Even when books began pouring off the press, the truth was still kept largely hidden from the masses, by being branded heretical. It wasn’t so long ago, that folks were excommunicated or even killed, for embracing anything outside of “church” approved content. 

But to those who have finally discovered the truth, the signs and symbols are everywhere. They always have been.  They are hidden in plain sight, once you understand what to look for. The minute we stop looking to other gods, for direction, or the second hand experience of others, and chose to seek 1st hand knowledge instead, will we begin in earnest to discover the answers to the age old mystery, of who and what “god” really is.

Remember, the search for knowledge, is key. It is always rooted in fact, or the best working theory known to humanity at the time.

The truth is evidence based.

IF we do not take our spiritual selves seriously as a species…When those “Aliens” come, we will mistakenly believe they are gods, simply because they are more technologically advanced. I don’t know about you guys, but it surely feels like we have been to THAT rodeo before. How about we go to a concert this time, instead?




Leadership Styles~

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The over simplification and false expectations, of what it means to be a leader, is disheartening for me. I feel terrible for world leaders, in our current cyber-bully society. The public’s expectations are outrageous. It is straight up childlike, to have an expectation of perfection, from any human, in any role.


But the public readily expects this regardless. It is so beyond rational, I thought I would do a quick memo on the topic.

This is how I see it…

There are as many leadership styles, as there are leaders. No two humans have exactly the same ‘flair’. We have all been led by someone. From our parents, to our teachers, professors, and on to our siblings we look up to, and the many bosses we have worked with. We all have been exposed to a variety of ways, in which others lead those in their care. You have likely had both wonderful and wacky folks lead you. These people are your educators. Pay attention to the things you both admire and are angered by.

The trick is, to develop your own unique style, by watching those who both have maddened and mesmerized us, with theirs. Those who glean from many “guru’s’, have a broader and more enriched knowledge base, in which to lead others themselves.

Additionally, it is a never ending process of development, for those who seek and hold masterships in leadership. All those who lead, are a work in progress, no less than we are. But they also have access to a vantage point, we do not. So go easy on folks, extend some mercy. Watch with an intention to learn, not label.

Any expectation of perfection you have for your current leaders, will be expected of you someday. That is why a crown is seated with thorns. Trust me when I say, it’s preferable that we promote consistency in leadership, over echoing criticisms of our leaders miscalculations.

As you follow those ahead of you in anything you do, look for and look to be, a leader who gets it right, most of the time. Rather than crucifying and ruminating over those, who will never perform perfectly for us, anyway. It impedes our progress, when we stop moving forward and allow the missteps of others, to dictate our own dance.

In so doing, we will find far more amazing leadership attributes to incorporate into our own styles, than we will, by demanding perfection, in order for us to learn from others.

Remember every leader on this planet, was first a follower. And most continue to look to other leaders for positive inspiration, mentorship and guidance. Those who are preoccupied with taking the inventory of others, just to criticize them, are stuck in the mindset of a follower. Just because they attract people that want to throw in with them, and follow after their negativity, does not a leader make.

ALL things serve those, who watch with objectivity. An exceptional leadership style includes a willingness to sit in observation, not condemnation. They know that everything they witness, be it positive or negative, edifies ~


Wisdom & Grief~

Posted: August 5, 2018 in Enlightenment, Grief, meme, Wisdom


Oh Solomon…

Sorrow and grief are but temporary afflictions. Knowledge moves folks past emotions and into rational resolve and positive progression~

The truly wise know:

•Sorrow drives solutions

•Grief invites growth

•Knowledge supports change

That being said, some of the most secretly guarded knowledge would be quite disturbing, to those not properly prepared to recieve it~


Relationship Red Flag!

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If you have started dating someone who wants to remove, alter or dominate any of your preexisting relationships with others.

You are a fool.

Relationships aren’t an either OR gig!

The human heart is more than capable of engaging in all kinds of relationships, none of which is a threat, to any primary relationship we might have, with anyone else.

Anyone threatened by that, should be avoided at all costs!



Does your “boss” dictate your personal life?

Does he tell you who you can talk to, who you can date, who you can be friends with, what organizations you can serve, or what hobbies you can enjoy when you are not at work?

Does he declare who you can worship, who you can love, who you must be loyal to, who you must avoid?

Because if he does, his control freak is showing -as is your weakness.


Not only would it be illegal for someone in “leadership” to do such an abhorrent thing. It is a blazing example of their lack of character and their desire to inflict psychological abuse on those around them, to feed their abyss of a soul.

So if you chose to remain in such a job, either you are just like him, or you lack the integrity necessary to detect and banish your leaders controlling and divisive ways.

In that case, you both get what you deserve!






Trust & Loyalty

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I belong to a group that constantly preaches loyalty.

You might’ve heard of them, they’re called the Illuminati

It is a core value to this them, so expecting loyalty from their followers is not odd.

What is strange, is that most of the folks preaching it, are incapable of delivering.

There is nothing on this planet more maddening to me, than those who preach one thing, and do another.

It would not be so ugly, if it were a rarity.

But it seems to be the norm.

(Please understand I am well aware that we are human, and we are not perfect creatures. That is always factored in everything I say. My expectations of others are almost always realistic when our humanity is taken into consideration)

Living a congruent life of words and actions takes real work. Work most folks are too lazy to perform. It takes a willingness to evaluate our own thought life and a conscience effort to make sure our deeds match our line of thinking.

I have seen folks preach charity, and not lift a finger for their own family.

I have seen folks preach tolerance, while screaming obscenities at someone, who does not share their world view.

I have seen folks bash on the lifestyles of others publicly, while doing the same things, in private.

I have seen others profess undying loyalty, while cheating on them with disgusting frequency.

The list could go on, ad nauseam. 

This is precisely why folks are leaving religious institutions in droves. We see your hypocrisy and reject it! We hear what you are saying, but we don’t see you doing it. Oh sure, there is always a percentage of folks even in the church, who live congruent lifes, but they are too few to hold sway over the masses that prefer to look good, not be good. 

The truth is, what you think about, you become. 

After awhile, the things that are hidden in your heart, become obvious for all to see, regardless of what you preach to us.

Unfortunately, most are too blinded by their own self righteousness, to take notice. They truly believe what comes outs of their mouth, even though their actions don’t support it. I am not even sure how that is possible, but I have witnessed it first had. They’re the same type, that thinks everything is to blame, but them. They find fault with others at a drop of a hat and keep moving, having convinced themselves they are above them. We in fact, they can’t linger with anyone. Because even the more naive person will catch on, and call them out. 

I caution anyone who thinks they will fool me indefinitely. While I prefer to see the best in humans, I am NO fool. Even though I trust to easily, my antenna is always up. Your true intentions will be revealed to me, because I am paying attention. You will be found out and banished from my kingdom. Anyone who has ever been close to me, knows the void it creates energetically, when I turn my Light off on you. I will not even confront you. Because once I learn you cannot be trusted, I won’t believe anything you say. This might sound totally hard core, but believe me I’ve learned the hard way.

I only unify with those of character, integrity, rationality, honor, ethics, and the ability to be loyal. Irrational backbiters, slanderers, those who harass, malign, or destroy others verbally for sport, are not my people. They never have been, and never will be. I seek to unify and bond with, the part of humanity that shares my values. The ones who truly believe, words & deeds go hand in hand. 

If this position paints me as a “Princess Bitch”, I can surely live with the title!! I have no interest in spending my limited time, with anyone who is not on their integrity game. It has been my experience, it is dangerous to do otherwise.

So the next time someone slithers up to you with exaggerated flattery, and professing immediate love & loyalty, Do not be so quick to believe! Those who carry and share those traits for real, don’t announce them.

They display them!

When someone behaves in alignment with their ideals and beliefs, you can tell.

Those are the people, most of us instinctively want to be around.

It fosters trust, when someone follows through on their words, with their actions. 

I can think of few things more comforting, than to be surrounded by those you can truly trust with your life~



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I reserve my deep admiration for those who have earned it. It is by no means a birthright or an entitlement. I know it’s trendy to cheapen the meaning and hand respect to all, but I prefer not to.
However I can do civility!
I can be civil to everyone, for sure~


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Trust is a matter of merit.

It’s earned. Additionally, there are levels of trust.

I might trust you to wash my car, but I might not trust you alone with my daughter. The Illuminati teaches us to trust no one.

For me it’s more accurate to say, trust no one; fully~


                                                           News⚡️Flash ⚡️Humans ⚡️



Haters are equal opportunists. Typically shallow, they always go with the obvious. Starts when you’re a kid. They hate you because you have glasses. They hate you because you grew boobs first. Or you’re  Becky with the good hair, or have a better bike, car, wardrobe than them.

Unchecked, these kids grow into racist, homophobic, ‘us vs them’, adults. Same mentality, same behavior, “tribalized”. The majority of it mimicked & fueled by a media that PROFITS from our collective human weakness & dysfunction. Perpetrating, until we reject & correct it~

But we can fix this!

If each and every one of us, would simply make an unwavering commitment, to teach our children to treat others with common courtesy. We can end this insanity & restore civility, in a couple generations~

And if we start right now, I’ll live to see it!!