I no jive with the hive~

It has happened under my watch, largely unnoticed by those of my generation. Too attached to our own offspring to be objective, we have played a willing hand in what is on the horizon for us all. Unless of course, we collectively wake up. While there are always incredible minds beyond the grid of mass indoctrination, this essay does not speak to them. They perhaps more than I, are painfully aware that what I have observed, is true. I hope I am able to give a proper voice to their concerns, as well.

As I type this, I am powerless to stop the creation of a human hive. I have relegated myself to watch with morbid fascination, at the ultimate power of human programming; on steroids. Perhaps it is easier to detect, when you run on an antiquated version of Bewitched, and I dream of Jeanie, like I do. But I am truly thankful my particular day in the sun did not include service to a Queen, other than myself. I am grateful that the unsophisticated programs of my youth, were easier to dismiss or break free from.

The trendy kids of today, are not so lucky. Decades of perfected group think, has been used on them from the moment of their inception. They cannot see, what we do. And because they cannot, it is not their “truth” or their “reality”. They think they are all so freaking original with their hair full of skittles, and yet they all look the same to me, like a mad rainbow of water-colored vomit.

They are not original in any way. The flower children of the 60s beat them to the LSD spiked punch, albeit without the awesome hair care products. These kids are not breaking new ground. They parrot the same canned ideology spewed by the media, and they call it being  “woke”.  They blame their parents for leaving them a train wreck, no different than any generation that has proceeded them.  They have no understanding of the past, and are doomed to leave their own kids a future of mental incarceration someday, as a result. They are victims of the diabolical, and have become their loudest gate keepers, to date. A total buzz kill to be sure.

This should actually scare the hell out of humanity, but we are too weak to care. Rendered distracted and useless, by devices and vices designed to do just that; brilliantly. We are collectively lying on a soft bed of luxury, if we have time to contemplate all the various genders, to express our sexuality with. This is extinction level fuckery for the “animal farm”, and if it wasn’t for the ‘Watchers’…we would likely be herded towards our own demise -once machines are capable of entirely replacing us.


Welcome to dystopian Planet Earth circa 2019.

There is nothing new under the sun, and it is all quite meaningless…

Or is it?

There are competing agendas for the globalization of our species. To learn more about our utopian version, please visit: http://www.illuminatiofficial.org/globalist-agenda/?utm_source=illuminati&utm_medium=menu&utm_campaign=ilmenu


Wheels w/in wheels?

From my archives. This one dates back a ways.



A bunch of us were talking about our “signs” recently, which led me to re-visit the zodiac signs that have were assigned to me, based upon the time and place of my birth.

The thing I find so interesting about it is, there are 2 types of common Astrology, Tropical (Western) and Sidereal (Eastern). So depending on what sign I read, (Aries/Pisces respectively) I can see myself in both accounting’s. Begging the question, which is more accurate? Which one is the REAL version?

To be perfectly honest, long before I knew anything about our Universe, I’ve have personally believed that we are here to break out of cycles. Not celebrate them. In my view, 2D circles are nothing more than a dead end, regardless of how we dress it up. Seriously… shouldn’t we spiral at the very least? Turns out I am not alone in my thinking. The Circle of Existence verses The Spiral of Evolution is actually a thing. And I am intuitively in the Fibonacci Sequence Camp.

Regardless of type. For me, identifying solely with a astrological proclivity is counterproductive, given we are here to reach our maximum potential. That’s how I’m thinking we get out of the “grand cycle” itself. We have to do something different than, groundhogs day.


While I can easily except that there is a mathematical/astrological set up at birth. I think the point of this entire planet, is to try to bust out of the cycles and chart a new course, one that leads out of here, or no?! I feel very strongly in reincarnation albeit, not in a traditional sense. I do not see recycling necessarily as a good thing. It seems like it would be going backwards, if Karma is to be believed. If we indeed level up each time, then there must be an end game. A point where everything that can possible be realized from this one planet, will have exhausted itself.

Regardless of WHY we recycle, not one ‘sign’ could ever define us, as we have made our way through the zodiacal wheel over time, being the eternal Monadic souls Gottfried Leibniz proposes that we are.

These various charts and graphs, are simply not big enough to describe the vast array of what I am. Nor is it, you. And we should reject such a limited point of view. Shouldn’t we? Or is this how it is forever? As in forever & ever; amen?

As humans we like to categorize things, it seems to be a natural inclination. We love to label. We’re always seeking to contextualize our experience. Often in highly limiting, irrational and/or unrealistic, subjective ways. But…shouldn’t we be thinking about moving on from Earth, or reincarnating on Saturn or even in a galaxy far, far away? Are we ALWAYS human? Or have we been Martians too? Are the “Gray” US from the future, warning us about the perils of celebrating androgyny?


These are the things I think about.

I mean, I know there are seasons and cycles to everything, but are we really destined to repeat the same ones, for all of eternity?  “They” say it is a sign of insanity, to keep repeating the same thing over & over again.

Just sayin’!

What say you?

MOOOOOoooooooooo 🐮