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Posted: March 25, 2019 in Archetypes, Poetry, WORD!
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A sociopath down to her core, she always watches you

And pathetically mimic’s, almost everything you do.

You are her obsession -that which she will never be

Because you walk upright, and don’t slither in trees.

Try as she might, she will never stand as tall

She is just another predator, in the thick of it all.

Blinded by her own narcissism, she truly cannot see

She is nothing anyone aspires to, or ever wants to be.


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)


Posted: March 1, 2019 in Archetypes, Metaphor, Poetry
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She is irresistible to those, who do not know

Her jewels are poisoned from something below

One sip of her cup and she will digress

Taking the best of us down and up under her mess

She is not nakedly truthful, her intents are veiled

She is the ship in the distance that has already sailed

A beauty to behold, and more charming than most

All of  her promises, a unholy ghost~


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)


I’ve been waxing poetic of late, and will begin releasing my Metaphorical Archetypes: The Garden of Eden Collection, starting this evening.

My inspiration comes from a variety of people, including other Initiates.

I often tell those closest to me, if you don’t want some aspect of yourself to end up in my writing, run now! Lol

Archetypes are unavoidable teachers along our journey to the center of ourselves. The choice to erase or embrace them each in their season, is as inescapable as the path itself. Each in their turn, a better version of ourselves, revealed.  

I have posted a disclaimer regarding my work, and it is especially relevant when it comes to my prose.

Fair warning, I am a passive aggressive AF poet! “Sometimes”. It may not seem like it, but I actually love & am quite grateful, for the contrast in my life. My worldview is vastly more colorful, as a result!


Worth her weight~

Posted: January 24, 2019 in Abuse, Crowns, Poetry, Victim, Victory, Worth
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For every women who has suffered abuse of any kind:

This is for you, dear Goddess…


The measure of this women is not only found in her public victories, those always speak for themselves. But rather in the battles she keeps hidden, that have been painfully fought and won, in private.

It is she who must find the courage to value herself~

Her true power does not lie in what is seen from the stage, but in the things she is able to relinquish or resolve in solitude. Unseen by others, is the steely will, in which she rules her life.

She must recognize her own power, to become royalty~

The measure of this women once scorned, violated, and broken, is incalculable to those who have never walked her path, or watched her heal from wounds that would have killed, a lessor man.

Her immeasurable worth is fully known, only by her~

Her humanity and compassion is measurable, precisely because she has walked the road of many, and the path known only to a few, wearing armor she fought years, to forge.

Finally, her head held high enough, to seat a crown~








The storms are so close, you can smell them now.
We must gather too~
It’s time to shine the Light upon, everything we do~


Light Poetry~

Posted: November 12, 2017 in Poetry




You tell me, what’s inside,

You tell me, what you override.

You tell me what you won’t look at,

And I will shine my Light on that~

If you can’t see, who you are,

If you can’t see………….that far.

If you can’t see what you’ve become

I’ll shine my Light on ya some~

If you don’t know, who I AM,

If you don’t know, your master plan.

If you dont know where to turn,

Follow the Light within, to learn~




I am in your entire being,
Even those incapable of seeing~

I AM, your central sun,
A Light-force, you can’t outrun~

I cast the shadows, you dwell in,
And rise above, all human ‘sin’~

So UP & down, it’s ALL mine,
I am, the eternal shine~