imagesI have been blogging now for four whole years -as of yesterday.


I have been writing all my life, most of which is lost in antiquity. 


I have been writing in one place now, for four full years!

FOUR freaking YEARS!!


That is kind of a big deal in my world. Or at least it should be.

Today I am all kinds of mercury-retrograde meh.


It IS cool to watch my cadence improve, though.

I do feel like I finally started to step into myself, on these pages.


Well, I did feel that way. For a minute.

Mostly thanks to Mint & >B<


Unfortunately though, I feel like I have lost my way, and I am not certain I am on path anymore.

I am trying to write my way through it, but my motivation is just gone. 

Hades pretty much kicked my arse.

And I pretty much bled out.



I finally freaking crawled out of the abyss, only to discover this:

I’m caught in a loop circling some La-la-land of Make-Believe, off the coast of Misfit Island.

Holy Hell!

I must be a loon!?


But Hey…HaPpy Anniversary V~



Understanding Life~


The following are the truths I support.  They sum up what I know so far. They are not written in rock, because new data requires new decisions. I am a work in progress & edit these statements periodically~
I understand each and every one of us, including plants & animals, are gifted with infinite Light or energetic essence. And a number…

I understand it is this Light energy, that animates us all into living, breathing creations. Many refer to this “force” as a male (or even a female) entity and use titles such as God or Goddess when speaking about it.

I understand the energy gifted to us is “neutral”, in that it may be used for any intention or will. In fact, this is how I define free will: “Free energy to use as you Will”. As it harm none, of course.

I understand to label anything strictly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, is a gross over-simplification of the intricacies that are inherent in the human condition. I do not believe in condemning the choices of others. Everyone has every right to use the application of divine Light energy at their discretion. As it harm none….of course.

I understand that the Law of Love & Light is written on the hearts of mankind, but understand also that in extreme cases, biological anomalies, brainwashing & abuse, can taint or pervert this law. I believe there is no such thing as ‘separation’ from our ‘creator’, only ignorance to the relationship. I categorically reject any & all philosophy’s that would state otherwise.

I understand the principle, As above, So below…That ancient statement is now verified by modern ontological mathematics,?from the micro to the macro.

I understand that we are energetic Light creatures that actually vibrate. Simply put, we attract that which is on our own ‘wavelength’ in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

I understand the power of intention and that we can literally manifest not only our own destinies, but our collective destinies as well. We are divine co-creators and the world around us, is a collective reflection of our united consciousness.
As within, So Without.

I understand the purpose of our Earth based lives, is to break free from karma, the cycle of reincarnation, astrological wheels, or any other manner of being, that keeps us from ‘graduating’ from this one planetary or dimensional experience, within eternity.

I understand and science supports, that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed… therefore I do not believe in the grave, as a final destination for our souls.

I understand that Heaven & Hell reside within and by mastering our lower/hellish nature, we will create a heavenly environment in and around us.

I understand the Law of One, which at the core, unites all creatures in creation into a single energetic entity, with limitless and eternal expression.
I understand this Law to be all inclusive and that NO ONE is left out of it’s design. Think Ontological Mathematics where zero, infinity, negative & imaginary numbers, all have value.

I understand I am just a number!

Ultimately…It is my understanding, it is through our unique individual expressions & perceptions, that divinity has an experience of itself~

V~ Last update: 8/19/16


Sunday School with Rev. V~


I was LITERALLY willing to go to “christian” hell…in order to make sure what I had been taught, was true.


When I tell people I credit Christ with leading me out of the church, they look at me like I have grown horns right in front of them! They are actually antennas though…Lol

Rev. V~

I became truly & absolutely willing to give up my “eternal salvation”…in order to seek further divine revelation. My soul was simply not satisfied, no matter which congregation I turned to. The core message was always the same.

Fear God. Hate the Godless.

I could no longer continue to fit my innate understanding of divinity, into such a limiting framework. Although I tried super hard over the years to do so, Lol

I personally found the ‘church’ to be an abomination. The majority of her members sit on the throne of condemnation towards others, while using no judgement in managing their own lives. A people who candy coat their personal responsibility with a savior, in order to avoid dealing with their own lower nature and behavior.

The best of them stay fixed, unmovable & stagnant. Parrots with no thoughts of their own. Completely surrendering their magnificent Light-glory, to the ideals of a lesser godhead. I know this because I actually experienced it first hand, from the perspective of the “conservative right wing”.

I was a raven among the parroting hordes, wanting desperately to believe what they had memorized, was true. I saw with my own eyes what brainwashing will do to a person, a family, a community, a country.

This lack of personal accountability is at the root of many of the struggles our society currently faces. I believe this mentality comes directly from repetition based religions.

Religious programming is a disease to critical thinking. And critical thinking, (the power to reason) is paramount when negotiating our journey in matter.

Never mind the ability to study ancient texts with greater understanding.

We must put away our textbook version of god, and their resulting commentaries, and begin seeking with the author of Light within. The engineers of the most enduring manuscripts had direct experience of the divine. That is why they hold our interest across centuries. Too many of us are mere spectators to someone elses journey, never once considering the sacredness of our own.

Any philosophy or dogma that reduces  the progress of  humanity, fails to grasp the ETERNAL expansion of living Light.

Truthfully, I find it an exhilarating challenge, to keep up with the increasing bombardment of revelation emanating from our collective source.

It is time to bury the spiritually dead things, the roots of which, long ago stopped bearing fruit. It is time to break the yoke of a submissive, slavery based, patriarchal driven ideology, that sanctions criminal level hate in the name of god.

While opposing religions, ironically from the same Abrahamic root, fight till the death over dying thought-forms, a theory of everything has taken shape in the form of paradigm shifting Ontological Mathematics.

We can finally do the math here people!

One IS All, All IS One!

What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me…

I and the father are ONE…

I am IN Christ…

Don’t Ye know that YE are gods?

Let there be Light!!!

At-One-ment Achieved!

It is time to wake up from the dark ages of limited spiritual thinking and follow the Light right through Hell… into the Age of Enlightenment. Fully turned up, tuned in & turned on!

Because seriously…we have a planet to save, kids to educate, new technologies to develop, inspirational music to compose, animals to protect, art to create, oceans to explore, books to write, wrongs to correct, governments to infiltrate…

About forgiveness~



For me… all things are forgivable. However; the process itself can take years, even decades to let go of the really horrific shit.

I have personally been to hell & have seen human viciousness in action.  In order to fully work your way through the abyss, you must come to a place of forgiveness for those who have crossed you. It is the ultimate triumph over their bullshit. Forgiveness is NOT for them, it is for YOU. It is about the restoration of YOUR heart… not the liberation of theirs.

Let me put it to you another way…

Forgiveness is simply cleaning up the toxic energy after a spiritual crime scene. Yes… You can still be relatively HAPpy in your spirit home, having just stuffed your bitterness all down in the basement. But consider this…there is a part of you closeted in the dark down there with it. And like any other storage room, you have stuffed away treasures in there as well. There are things of value in all that crap that one day you might want to go looking for….

Regarding “Heaven & Hell”~


News Flash!!

No one is going to hell.
We are already here.
No one is going to heaven either, because it’s right here, right now! These are merely states of “being”.
Everything is energetic vibration on this magical blue marble of ours. All of which resides within you.
Resonation determines which wavelength you are attracted to & amplify.
We live within a continuum of two extremes. Duality. Polarity.
Inherent in dualist reality, is the ability to choose that which we desire to serve. It is called free will.  We have been given an amazing playground in which to co-create not only our individual reality, but our collective one as well. It is literally up to US, to determine the ruling principles of our planet.

You want love? Let love rule you! You want peace? Let peace rule you! You want compassion? Let compassion rule you! You want hope? Let hope rule you!

As we as individuals begin to function consistantly as our higher nature dictates. We WILL change our world~
It is REALLY that simple my  friends!