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Healing Husbands~

Posted: December 30, 2017 in Grateful, Healing, Love, Sobriety
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To the men who helped me heal~


Along my path, but particularly in my marriages to Jack & Glenn, I was blissed to find gentlemen to journey with, as I healed in stages.
These men saw me at my worst, as I struggled to make sense of myself, after trauma. It took me decades to unravel the knot within that was preventing me from shining, as brightly as I have been called to.
It was no easy task, to love & live with a Phoenix. Especially as I emerged from the bottle.

To all who are fortunate to be loved by a long suffering man, rejoice!
You have had the privilege to walk with a new breed of men! It is these guys, who are brave enough to walk with a rising goddess.
Today, I ask you to honor our TRUE knights in shining armor, the REAL Prince’s of an evolving species~

Namaste’ Gentlemen~


The gifts keep coming! But not wrapped in boxes, but rather 💎 in the form of heartfelt jewel’s…like the one my mum just presented me with.
Today I declare perfect healing & understanding, w/the women who taught me what loyalty under fire & duress looks like~

Thank Full~

Posted: November 23, 2017 in Grateful, Thankful
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v. To express gratitude to; give thanks to.

I am extremely thankful today, for those of you who faithfully, followed my scribbles & sayings.


I appreciate your encouragement, feedback and support, more than you could possibly know~

I am truly THANK FULL guys!!