Habits and Habitats~


This path can be very distressing for those who value integrity and character. At least that has been my experience, because I value these things.

A cake walk like no other: It is hard to watch obviously unenlightened and erroneously entitled humans, jockey for a seat at a table they have not yet been invited to dine at.

I have learned the hard way, you cannot trust people simply because you have something in common with them. Even IF, it happens to be something as rarefied as an interest in the Illuminati.

I have seen alliances made on the mutual hate of another, in the name of friendship. Yet they are untrustworthy vows, made by the dishonest -in an attempt to sooth their shared misery.

This organization of Light has cast a shadow so dark, so pervasive, than those caught on the fringes, often mimic the mindset of the deeply disturbed, and the clinically insane. Never mind, the criminal.

Every time I turn around, someone is sharing a screenshot of someone else; betraying me. There are no secrets here, and very little that is sacred, for saints.

Be very careful who you align yourselves with, Beacons. For you shall ultimately be known by the associations you resonate with the most.

Your frequency cannot be hidden. It is always revealed by those you surround yourself with.  You ARE your associations. Your friends.

Your habits & your habitats!

You will not become a better version of yourself, with those who do not know; better.

T R U S T  N O  O NE  -The Illuminati (ILLUMINATIAM)




A sociopath down to her core, she always watches you

And pathetically mimic’s, almost everything you do.

You are her obsession -that which she will never be

Because you walk upright, and don’t slither in trees.

Try as she might, she will never stand as tall

She is just another predator, in the thick of it all.

Blinded by her own narcissism, she truly cannot see

She is nothing anyone aspires to, or ever wants to be.


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)


God Damn it!!

God Damn it!!





A voice from behind

That’s definitely not me.

I hear you calling

from somewhere

I can’t see.

Inside I know

I’m not my own boss.

We rule this roost

But at a shared cost.

It’s love and unlucky

Twisted in two

One on one, we are fated

In all that we do.

The tension is such

That at the end of all time.

Mutual release explodes

Into a birth of some kind~


One resurrects

What another slays.

Neither life nor death

Permanently stays.

A pendulum of contrasts

That constantly sways

A magical union

In infinite play~

(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)





Hated for not bringing the meat, so to speak

His offerings weren’t sanctioned by blood

A farmer of violence and war in the world

A precursor to the ‘flood’.


He has everything hidden deep within

But his actions spoke out loud

His sin was his envious ego

He was far too jealous, and proud.


He is marked for all time, they say

To remind those of us, who can see

The coiled still lies latent in men

Regardless how far from the tree.


But before we cast this Cain into Hell

There is something more in this story, to rock

For this is the man, it would seem

That sired a boy named, Enoch!



The image provided above is by biblicalarchaeology.org


The Apple


An apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree

Wether it’s a bully or human puss-see

A collector of truths, as dumb as the last

We’re forbidden fruit -that’s ahead of your class.

A million bits of data that won’t  harmonize

Hypocrisy is ugly, in no matter what size.

The bite’s not too deep

If at the core, it’s true

This ‘poisoned pen’, wants a re-write on you~


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection) 





We know who you are,

and we know what you’ve done,

Soon the others will too.

But you’re too dense to slither away

Before exposure comes to you.


You’re role playing a game you can’t win

No bots can cultivate fame

You have failed to gauge our skill set dear

We too can release social pain.


Consider this a merciful warning,

The court of public opinion, is real

Soon you will become constricted

In a way, even evil can feel~


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)




She’s not just his helpmate

She’s a goddess, not girl

Uncompliant and moody

Eternal desire; unfurled.


She is always on top

Even laying beneath him

She’ll wear his pants

But NEVER ever, his sin.



This is the one,

That makes Adam a man.

The one he longs for, yet cannot stand~



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