As I wander through social media, it has become alarmingly apparent to me, that many Initiates have no idea, what The Illuminati is really all about. That in itself would not be so disturbing on its own. However, many of these folks, fancy themselves leaders -with a large enough following, to erroneously support their belief. It is for this reason, I issue the following commentary, based on my own point of view. Please note: Some of you will realize right away, you are not my target audience.

Far too many times I am a witness to the inaccurate and down right misleading dissemination of information. As someone who cares deeply about this outreach and those who have responded to it, it can be upsetting for to me to watch. Many of us have work ceaselessly to pass and parrot their teachings in an accurate manner, so folks will find their way through the concepts that are often foreign to them. When I see people shouting “Hail to the Light” for things that are untrue, some of us take it personally. I am one of them. I have been at this for almost 4 years and I (like others) are emotionally attached to the life changing messages the Illuminati has so graciously provided us with.

It is a situation that seems to be rooted in the speakers own bias. Often their religious views are intertwined with the information that has been shared with them. I have seen far to many, christianize, satanize and even luciferianize the Illuminati’s messages. Messages that has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion. It reminds me of that old Reese’s commercial -you got your peanut butter on my chocolate!

While the Illuminati has alluded to deeply held spiritual beliefs & rituals of their own, they have yet to reveal their line of thinking to their followers. They have repeatedly stated that we are free to chose our own beliefs, as long as they do not cause harm to any other human.  How folks get this twisted, is unknown to me. It is such a simple and clear statement, I find it incomprehensible that anyone would be incapable of understanding it.

But folks do.

When I first started following, and likely because we are encouraged  to “Follow the Light”, I saw many jump right into Luciferism. As humans, we tend to swing from one extreme to another. So when it was obvious they were not professing Abrahamic religions, folks just automatically embraced the Light bearer known as, Lucifer. Others went full on into Satanism. Even though they have clearly stated, (right off the bat I might add), that they are not Satanists! I have been wondering what this swing is all about. The best I can come up with, is:

1) Folks still erroneously believe the rumors, that we are Satanists. Even though it untrue.

2) Folks are seeking to please IAM by studying the things they “think” they embrace.

However, they are off path, on both counts.

We have been encouraged to Follow the LIGHT!

So flocking to the Light Bearer himself, is not too much of a stretch at face value. But as you dig deeper into the otherwise rational philosophy, it is rooted in the same myths and legends as the bible. A hint, in and of, itself. While there is a crystal thread of Light that runs throughout everything mankind has ever conceived, including the bible, koran, the talmud and the more esoteric. Not one of them contain the fullness of the truth to the uninitated. They are merely rays pointing to the source, for those who keep seeking. 

Every religion on this planet has competing forces. Just as we all do, within. Since the dawn of man, folks have attempted to understand the world around them, evident by the large volume of myth, allegory, metaphors and symbolism explored through their most sacred spiritual texts. For as long as humans have sought to understand their place in the universe, there has been those proselytizing their perspective for personal gain. There have been no shortage of humans, who have claimed their understanding of divine things, are superior to someone elses. 

Humans tend to be gullible and trusting folks by nature. We will buy in to anything that is packaged to be sold in a way that tickles our ears, or testifies to our personal worldviews. Rarely will we look past what has been said, and research its validity. We all do it. We all tend to take things at face value, because we can’t imagine why in the world, anybody would want to lie to us about such things.

But they do.

It’s a controlling mechanism and we fall for it every time. I long for the day when we will be collectively astute enough, to verify what somebody is saying to us, is true, before repeating the preposterous or improbable.

Because we have not done our due diligence thus far, we are swayed like sheep to the whims of nefarious shepherds. As always, the sheep wait to be fed, while lions seek food for themselves. 

The rumors surrounding this organization in particular are outrageous. We have been accused of the most violent unthinkable acts, one could possibly imagine. And people believe it without evidence. Simply on the say so of another. Never once realizing how many groups claim the same generic name.

To complicate things further, those who are possession of something more closely aligned with the truth, are ridiculed & scorned by the masses. They mob-crucify all those who do not think as they do. Those who are “black sheep”, know precisely what I am saying here. The free thinking misfits, are used to this kind of treatment.

Unfortunately too many people believe that popularity equals a proper perspective. Remember, the Illuminati asks that we rethink things, when we find ourselves in the majority. I know all those that march to their own drum must’ve surely felt supported (maybe even for the first time ever) when they learned the Illuminati encourages all humans, to think outside our current cultural and religious boxes.

While it certainly can be argued that ALL manner of religious doctrine has something valuable to add to our spiritual knowledge base, they too can be spiritual traps for those who linger there exclusively. Only most astute seeker takes the best of all ideologies they study, and continues on the path towards discovering the one and only Truth, that binds it ALL.

So why am I mentioning all of this to you guys? I am doing it because IDEALLY, everyone needs to keep moving towards verifiable spiritual truth. Because it exists. However, it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt, until you arrive on the doorstep of the undeniable. There is a reason why the Illuminati have used the phrase: FOLLOW THE LIGHT!  That particular wording is a HUGE clue, for those who are looking for spiritual signs. I am even dropping clues of my own. Only those who are capable of letting go of everything they have ever heard of, or believed in before, will discover they are capable of knowing more. We are so fortunate to live in a time, where these treasures can be safely found, by those who actively hunt for knowledge. In times past, prior to the printing press, it was a very difficult task. The most sacred truths, were often revealed orally, only to those who were open to understanding them, and had demonstrated they could be trusted with the knowledge. Even when books began pouring off the press, the truth was still kept largely hidden from the masses, by being branded heretical. It wasn’t so long ago, that folks were excommunicated or even killed, for embracing anything outside of “church” approved content. 

But to those who have finally discovered the truth, the signs and symbols are everywhere. They always have been.  They are hidden in plain sight, once you understand what to look for. The minute we stop looking to other gods, for direction, or the second hand experience of others, and chose to seek 1st hand knowledge instead, will we begin in earnest to discover the answers to the age old mystery, of who and what “god” really is.

Remember, the search for knowledge, is key. It is always rooted in fact, or the best working theory known to humanity at the time.

The truth is evidence based.

IF we do not take our spiritual selves seriously as a species…When those “Aliens” come, we will mistakenly believe they are gods, simply because they are more technologically advanced. I don’t know about you guys, but it surely feels like we have been to THAT rodeo before. How about we go to a concert this time, instead?




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The over simplification and false expectations, of what it means to be a leader, is disheartening for me. I feel terrible for world leaders, in our current cyber-bully society. The public’s expectations are outrageous. It is straight up childlike, to have an expectation of perfection, from any human, in any role.


But the public readily expects this regardless. It is so beyond rational, I thought I would do a quick memo on the topic.

This is how I see it…

There are as many leadership styles, as there are leaders. No two humans have exactly the same ‘flair’. We have all been led by someone. From our parents, to our teachers, professors, and on to our siblings we look up to, and the many bosses we have worked with. We all have been exposed to a variety of ways, in which others lead those in their care. You have likely had both wonderful and wacky folks lead you. These people are your educators. Pay attention to the things you both admire and are angered by.

The trick is, to develop your own unique style, by watching those who both have maddened and mesmerized us, with theirs. Those who glean from many “guru’s’, have a broader and more enriched knowledge base, in which to lead others themselves.

Additionally, it is a never ending process of development, for those who seek and hold masterships in leadership. All those who lead, are a work in progress, no less than we are. But they also have access to a vantage point, we do not. So go easy on folks, extend some mercy. Watch with an intention to learn, not label.

Any expectation of perfection you have for your current leaders, will be expected of you someday. That is why a crown is seated with thorns. Trust me when I say, it’s preferable that we promote consistency in leadership, over echoing criticisms of our leaders miscalculations.

As you follow those ahead of you in anything you do, look for and look to be, a leader who gets it right, most of the time. Rather than crucifying and ruminating over those, who will never perform perfectly for us, anyway. It impedes our progress, when we stop moving forward and allow the missteps of others, to dictate our own dance.

In so doing, we will find far more amazing leadership attributes to incorporate into our own styles, than we will, by demanding perfection, in order for us to learn from others.

Remember every leader on this planet, was first a follower. And most continue to look to other leaders for positive inspiration, mentorship and guidance. Those who are preoccupied with taking the inventory of others, just to criticize them, are stuck in the mindset of a follower. Just because they attract people that want to throw in with them, and follow after their negativity, does not a leader make.

ALL things serve those, who watch with objectivity. An exceptional leadership style includes a willingness to sit in observation, not condemnation. They know that everything they witness, be it positive or negative, edifies ~


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Oh Solomon…

Sorrow and grief are but temporary afflictions. Knowledge moves folks past emotions and into rational resolve and positive progression~

The truly wise know:

•Sorrow drives solutions

•Grief invites growth

•Knowledge supports change

That being said, some of the most secretly guarded knowledge would be quite disturbing, to those not properly prepared to recieve it~


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If you have started dating someone who wants to remove, alter or dominate any of your preexisting relationships with others.

You are a fool.

Relationships aren’t an either OR gig!

The human heart is more than capable of engaging in all kinds of relationships, none of which is a threat, to any primary relationship we might have, with anyone else.

Anyone threatened by that, should be avoided at all costs!


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Does your “boss” dictate your personal life?

Does he tell you who you can talk to, who you can date, who you can be friends with, what organizations you can serve, or what hobbies you can enjoy when you are not at work?

Does he declare who you can worship, who you can love, who you must be loyal to, who you must avoid?

Because if he does, his control freak is showing -as is your weakness.


Not only would it be illegal for someone in “leadership” to do such an abhorrent thing. It is a blazing example of their lack of character and their desire to inflict psychological abuse on those around them, to feed their abyss of a soul.

So if you chose to remain in such a job, either you are just like him, or you lack the integrity necessary to detect and banish your leaders controlling and divisive ways.

In that case, you both get what you deserve!






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I belong to a group that constantly preaches loyalty.

You might’ve heard of them, they’re called the Illuminati

It is a core value to this them, so expecting loyalty from their followers is not odd.

What is strange, is that most of the folks preaching it, are incapable of delivering.

There is nothing on this planet more maddening to me, than those who preach one thing, and do another.

It would not be so ugly, if it were a rarity.

But it seems to be the norm.

(Please understand I am well aware that we are human, and we are not perfect creatures. That is always factored in everything I say. My expectations of others are almost always realistic when our humanity is taken into consideration)

Living a congruent life of words and actions takes real work. Work most folks are too lazy to perform. It takes a willingness to evaluate our own thought life and a conscience effort to make sure our deeds match our line of thinking.

I have seen folks preach charity, and not lift a finger for their own family.

I have seen folks preach tolerance, while screaming obscenities at someone, who does not share their world view.

I have seen folks bash on the lifestyles of others publicly, while doing the same things, in private.

I have seen others profess undying loyalty, while cheating on them with disgusting frequency.

The list could go on, ad nauseam. 

This is precisely why folks are leaving religious institutions in droves. We see your hypocrisy and reject it! We hear what you are saying, but we don’t see you doing it. Oh sure, there is always a percentage of folks even in the church, who live congruent lifes, but they are too few to hold sway over the masses that prefer to look good, not be good. 

The truth is, what you think about, you become. 

After awhile, the things that are hidden in your heart, become obvious for all to see, regardless of what you preach to us.

Unfortunately, most are too blinded by their own self righteousness, to take notice. They truly believe what comes outs of their mouth, even though their actions don’t support it. I am not even sure how that is possible, but I have witnessed it first had. They’re the same type, that thinks everything is to blame, but them. They find fault with others at a drop of a hat and keep moving, having convinced themselves they are above them. We in fact, they can’t linger with anyone. Because even the more naive person will catch on, and call them out. 

I caution anyone who thinks they will fool me indefinitely. While I prefer to see the best in humans, I am NO fool. Even though I trust to easily, my antenna is always up. Your true intentions will be revealed to me, because I am paying attention. You will be found out and banished from my kingdom. Anyone who has ever been close to me, knows the void it creates energetically, when I turn my Light off on you. I will not even confront you. Because once I learn you cannot be trusted, I won’t believe anything you say. This might sound totally hard core, but believe me I’ve learned the hard way.

I only unify with those of character, integrity, rationality, honor, ethics, and the ability to be loyal. Irrational backbiters, slanderers, those who harass, malign, or destroy others verbally for sport, are not my people. They never have been, and never will be. I seek to unify and bond with, the part of humanity that shares my values. The ones who truly believe, words & deeds go hand in hand. 

If this position paints me as a “Princess Bitch”, I can surely live with the title!! I have no interest in spending my limited time, with anyone who is not on their integrity game. It has been my experience, it is dangerous to do otherwise.

So the next time someone slithers up to you with exaggerated flattery, and professing immediate love & loyalty, Do not be so quick to believe! Those who carry and share those traits for real, don’t announce them.

They display them!

When someone behaves in alignment with their ideals and beliefs, you can tell.

Those are the people, most of us instinctively want to be around.

It fosters trust, when someone follows through on their words, with their actions. 

I can think of few things more comforting, than to be surrounded by those you can truly trust with your life~


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I reserve my deep admiration for those who have earned it. It is by no means a birthright or an entitlement. I know it’s trendy to cheapen the meaning and hand respect to all, but I prefer not to.
However I can do civility!
I can be civil to everyone, for sure~

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Trust is a matter of merit.

It’s earned. Additionally, there are levels of trust.

I might trust you to wash my car, but I might not trust you alone with my daughter. The Illuminati teaches us to trust no one.

For me it’s more accurate to say, trust no one; fully~


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Haters are equal opportunists. Typically shallow, they always go with the obvious. Starts when you’re a kid. They hate you because you have glasses. They hate you because you grew boobs first. Or you’re  Becky with the good hair, or have a better bike, car, wardrobe than them.

Unchecked, these kids grow into racist, homophobic, ‘us vs them’, adults. Same mentality, same behavior, “tribalized”. The majority of it mimicked & fueled by a media that PROFITS from our collective human weakness & dysfunction. Perpetrating, until we reject & correct it~

But we can fix this!

If each and every one of us, would simply make an unwavering commitment, to teach our children to treat others with common courtesy. We can end this insanity & restore civility, in a couple generations~

And if we start right now, I’ll live to see it!!



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There you are Beacons!

Thanks for clicking in, to V’s Vox!! 

Today we dive a little deeper into unity.  This is what I have been thinking about lately. Unity is something we all need to have a broader understanding of. Unity is simply the state of being united, or joined as a whole. I wrote a little something, that I thought might bring more clarity to us all.

Unity isn’t a single act. It’s not a aha moment that we are all waiting on to transform us into something magically delicious with one-defining light filled moment of bliss. Although I do believe we could work ourselves up to that.

Unity is our birthright. 

We are born into it. It happened to each of us, the moment our firey’ spark of life became embedded in the physical world. We were born into a biological family that is united by the biology, we were born into! We had to learn to be divided. And guess what boys and girls, you learned it at home first. Those closest to you, taught you a us verses them mentality, if it exists in you. That would be your mama and your daddy and your grandma and your grandpa and your cousins and your uncles and your brothers and your sisters. 

All of which was magnified or diminished by our shepherds, our teachers, our schools, our leaders, our communities, our politics, our religions, our “orientations” OUR TVs!!

They tell a different story to you. And without any rational sound thinking on your part, you believed them.  Even though, you can clearly see, we all have the same amount of fingers, we all have mouths, ears, legs. We laugh, cry, bend, run and cough, the same way -as dictated by our shared DNA.

Crack us open and we all bleed. All that really weird gooey stuff inside of us, it’s all the same. We all have pesky human emotions that when activated, provably shut down our ability to reason.

Nope unity is not collective aha moment, that we hope we will see in our lifetimes.

Unity is a lifestyle. Either you are inclusive, or you are not. Either you see us all as the extended family that we actually are, or you don’t. Either you believe we share the same human condition, And that struggling is struggling, no matter what kind it is. Or you don’t.  Either you believe the labels and the lies that divide us, or you don’t. 

And we make these choices every single day. Again our lifestyle. Situations reveal who we really are, how we really think, what we  really believe, regardless of the lies we tell, even ourselves. All of which, is demonstrated in our behaviors. 

You you want to know how you really are? If unity is truly a core value. Actively examine and analyze your own thoughts. Witness your own behavior. Watch how you do.

Are you a peacemaker striving for solutions. Do you naturally seek to understand another‘s point of view? Or are you a rebel-rouser? One who relishes, gets excitement, perhaps even perverse pleasure from, watching people lose their shit , and go to war over something as superficial & elementary, as skin color? Because you’re one or the other. 

I encourage you to search yourself to discover which one you truly are. And if you find yourself being inclined towards divisiveness, don’t freak out! It’s just erroneous programming, and you can fix it. You can change your mind. We must understood that the only thing that divides us from anyone or anything else- is ourselves. However, the unchanging truth in which we ALL were born into, IS one of pure human unity.

That’s the garden we gotta get back to y’all. The one in which the seeds of truth reside. Our unity is fundamentally organic. Our divisive as a people, a choice. 

To choice to recognize our inherit unity, is a reasonable one, based on all of our empirical & experiential understanding of  humanity. 

Unity is an inclusive and tolerant mindset that results in a lifestyle that demonstrates our deep commitment to the wellbeing & advancement of, our own kind. Humanity.

All of us.



Thanks for hearing me out Beacons!

And thank you for listening to, iMark radio~


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One of the hardest things to do as a parent, a leader or a friend, is to watch someone head off into a given direction that you know for a fact, will dead end on them. It is so difficult to know via experience, that the path your loved one has chosen, will not end well for them. It is frustrating and gut wrenching to see the ones you love, forgo your advice and move against it. You know they are courting pain, but you are helpless to stop it. While I would gladly warn my daughter, I have learned it is not always a good idea to warn friends. Most of us think we know better and that things will be different for us. And in rare cases, this is true. However, a cliff’s edge is a cliffs edge, unless they are capable of flying.

I recently had to sit by and watch those I care for deeply, be swayed in a direction I knew would not serve them. I also knew, that choosing that path, could result in set backs for them, far beyond the obvious. Beyond a couple of hints, I did not warn them. I figured they could see I did not travel that road anymore and stop and consider why. But they did not. As predicted, it ended as I thought it would. Thankfully, those involved have learned a valuable lesson albeit, the hard way.

I have learned over the years to allow those closest to me, to be my second sets of eyes. If someone in my kingdom is concerned enough, to take the time to warn me about something or someone, I LISTEN.  Bottom line, our inner circles actually watch out for us. They do not want to see us dive head first into the shallow end of the pool.  Maybe for no other reason than, they don’t want to have to deal with the emotional fallout, that occurs as a result! 



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In the Illuminati’s Public Outreach, unity has not come easily to us.

We have come from all 4 corners of the globe, with a plethora of cultural backgrounds, ideologies and language barriers. While we all have come to fly under the same banner and ideals, we are not all the same -not by any stretch of the imagination.  So getting everyone on the same page for any reason, takes an act of congress and a few goddesses from Venus, to pull off. 

If that isn’t enough of a challenge, there are always others around, that take a perverse pleasure in dividing and conquering us, for their own selfish agenda. Who are these people who prefer to divide? They are your girlfriends, your professors, your best man at your wedding etc. Often we function unaware of their actions, going from drama to drama, set in motion by self-serving hidden hands, with nefarious intentions. There are actually humans around us that have no empathy or feelings. They are clinically labeled sociopaths and in rarer cases, psychopaths. The most troubling thing of all with these folks, is they appear just as you and I do.


(whatever that is)

But they are not like us.

And undetected, they can & will try to ruin your life

They are typically charming, attractive, intelligent  and have an uncanny ability to get you to do their bidding, while you remain clueless. They are master manipulators and well versed in controlling others. They have literally had to study us, to mimic human responses. They do not respond to emotional appeals, as they have none of their own in which to relate to you with. They play an entirely different game than the rest of us, and I suspect many of them are running the world. Statistically, psychopaths are said to make up at least 5-15% of the population, and sociopaths make up approx. 4%. So you surely know one or have worked for one before. You can bet in a room of 20, there is at least two sociopath/psychopaths in that group.

 “Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” 

—Paramahansa Yogananda

We have several in ours. And they should be avoided at all costs. Below are the definitions of terms & traits, we all should familiarize ourselves with. The sooner we can learn how to identify the seeming soulless among us, the easier it will be to avoid them completely. These people do not want unity. They want to “win” the games they involve others in, unknowingly. They actually get pleasure from the pain & disruption they cause.

Never lose site of that.

They cannot be “rehabilitated”. There is no known cure. So Please be on the look out. Also, do your own further research into this subject, as I have only touched on it here to let you know that not all Initiates can be trusted.

In my opinion, based on direct experience, I have discovered at least three of them, who are still active Initiates. It is important we all understand, that not all humans are like us. So that boyfriend you think you can change…forget about it. No one can change anyone, especially those with brains that are not functioning properly.  It is a brain thing and no one on this planet can alter what they are, not even them. So before you start thinking your love, prayers, or positive vibes can magically heal these people…


And RUN!!


Additional Info

Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes identified interchangeably as sociopathy or psychopathy, is defined by the Mayo Clinic as: “A mental condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.”

Sociopath/Psychopathic Traits:

  • Repeated violations of the law
  • Pervasive pathological lying & deceptive
  • Physical aggressiveness
  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • Consistent irresponsibility in work & family environments
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Grandiose sense of Self
  • Cunning & manipulative
  • Callus, lack of empathy
  • Need for stimulation
  • Shallow emotional response
  • Glib, superficial charm
  • Failure to accept responsibility
  • Parasitic Lifestyle
  • Narcissism/False Superiority
  • Lack of morality/Rule breaking
  • Gaslighting & psychological bullying
  • Self-serving victimhood


Further Research:

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I ‘m waaay deep in personal transformation.


A transformation that  requires I transcend my previous understanding of myself and the world around me, completely.

I have discovered knowledge so rarefied, it lies in stunning contrast to the norm. Knowledge that I cannot ignore, nor escape. 

Like a siren gently singing the background, it keeps calling out to me in haunting whispers to go further, dig deeper.

I have answered.

And it has changed EVERYTHING!!

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Been playing with the station at: It’s  been certifiably cRaZy the way all of this has unfolded. Talk about a circle jerk, with chaos sprinkles.


But “Mark” is totally alive & kickin!

The pix above was done by Mr Merk. Thought it was really thoughtful of him to do. Wanted to recognize his creativity & generosity of spirit.

Haven’t had much time to blog write. I will settle back in, once iM⚠️RK’s archiving phase is over.  There is a lot to do yet, before I can even think about doing a weekly gig. I am still trying to find my cadence. I really appreciate your patience as I find new footing guys! Your support & encouragement keeps me going more than you know.

I did want to run something by you though…I’m thinking about creating a forum, so we can dig in deeper on some of this stuff.  We need to get the convos going. Thoughts?

Speaking of which. There are some terrific threads & a chat happening over here >

Oh and if any of you are super clever with tag lines, I need 2. One to sign on, and one to sign off with. I can’t seem to settle into anything yet!!

Thanks for listening Light Family ✨~



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What you see happening on the world stage, is largely produced by us. It’s what I refer to as, the teenage phase of our species. All stimulation, little substance. A necessary and angst ridden stage of human development. But alas, a child will inevitably become an adult. And inherit the responsibilities and accountability that goes with the role. This is no less true, for humankind collectively.

I know without a doubt, we are eternal beings and we can & do recycle back to Earth. I believe whatever is happening here, it is ultimately geared towards reaching our souls maximum potential. We are all in different & highly individual, stages of our development towards that end. All within the framework of a larger picture. Each Age playing a monumental role in our advancement both individually and as a whole.

Wearing one hat today, does not mean you wear that same ol’ hat for your whole life, much less eternity.
Because the truth is, those at the top of their industry, game, craft etc. have played lower roles & worn many different hats, to get there!!

Stop 👆Read that again.
Anyone choosing to remain in any given position, station, or level in life…have done so Of their own free will.


I know without a doubt, that we will learn to value things differently than we do now. The storms that are coming, are a necessary part of our collective evolution.   Our individual roles in a larger design, made clear. I suspect even our definition of abundance, will be redefined as a result.


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Respect is way too subjective

🐄Disrespect, less so🐄

Perhaps we could at least, nip the disrespect thing in the bud?

If we could simply agree to celebrate our points of view, without crucifying those who’s viewpoints seemingly stands in contrast -inspiration & understanding will thrive.


Thanks for the inspiration 🦉 of Tulbure


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There is sooooooooo much to consider!!

Like this stuff!

Enjoy Beacons!!


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I always LOVE it when someone takes the time to make a graphic for me. It is really thoughtful and I appreciate it so much!

THANK YOU john mwalwala!! PhotoGrid_1522418290322

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Don’t we all just wonder, what our very own special purpose is?  

Because we all ‘know’, we have one.

Well, those who are conscious at least, know.

It has driven me right up to the edge of myself, wondering what the hell mine was! I have been chasing it for YEARS, As bright as I am, I can be dull “sometimes” too. It is not unusual, for me to miss the obvious for myself. I could more readily tell others theirs, until I discovered mine.

Not all of us know right out of the gate, what we wanna be we we grow up. Unlike some of these guys, who know straight away, most of us need time to discover ourselves in that way. Perhaps we are too spiritually shell-shocked to find ourselves back on earth, to get a plan going!! But there most certainly is one custom made, just for us. It is actually written on the blueprint of our souls. 

There are some if us, who just wander around more than others, or are mortified by the how things are going on Earth. Some have become immobilized by the fear, they won’t have time to do their thing, before the world ends anyway. So yeah, we have procrastinators among us too. And there there are those, so damaged early on, we just give up looking.

Overall, the bulk of us who are actively looking, seem to look everywhere else, but within. If we know thyself, we will know our purpose. Simple. We embody it. So much so, it is more obvious to others, than it is to us. You could probably ask your family & friends for clues, but ultimately, you already “know”. You just need to trust that knowing, and head in the direction of your dreams. Even if others cannot see or share your vision.

After years of searching for mine, I found it was hiding in plain site all along! (see Full Circle to learn more). Your purpose is too. And it is vastly more specific than, “I am hear to leave the world better than I found it”. I promise you that! We all have a part to play in the theater of life. We all have a place that is designed for us, alone. We are very much, irreplaceable.


We all have a place that is designed especially for us! No one else can play your part, exactly as you do. No one else, can replace you or prevent you from reaching your full potential, except for YOU.

Your unique role in the Universal Design can be found where your passion and talent meet. If you look back on your life from where you stand now, reoccurring themes will emerge. Even if your path has been choppy and full of side steps, there is something you keep coming back to, no matter what. Be it an idea, a craft, a skill set, a talent. THAT is what you need to explore further.

I am convinced, once you find your true calling, the Universal Design will move heaven and earth, so you may step into, the role you were born to play. Once you have found yourself, a mysterious & magical flow begins, that will propel you like unseen winds, in that direction of your highest potential.

Now it is up to you. Spend some time thinking about what you cannot forget, and you will find your way, just like I have done.

HaPpy Trails!!




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I 👁 you guys!!

(You too Lil Blinga)



Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement! You guys are my rock! I can’t wait to get over there, to see you guys!

Someday we will get to meet face to face. Until then, know you are loved and valued Family!! 


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I have always felt different than others. Not that I was special or anything like that, but rather  I always felt like the odd man out. Even as a kid, I did not buy into the majority rule. Not because I was consciously seeking to rebel, or be combative, but because a lot of what I was taught, did not seem logical.

Eventually, I unconsciously dummied myself down, in order to relate to others. This, coupled with a society that still did not expect much of women, made it easy for me not to apply myself further.

In order to cope with a deep feeling of separation from my fellow may, I turned to God. I reasoned, that God understood me, which brought me tremendous comfort. I was told that God actually loved me, so I was content with that for awhile. But over the years, and with my shifting sentiments about religion, I was unable to sustain that line of thinking. Especially because women were openly touted as “helpmates”, made from a rib bone & not equals

What started out as a message of love & acceptance turned psychologically monstrous, as it shifted into an under current of subligation & submission. I was decidedly not worthy after all, because I was not able to conform to their group think. Perhaps because, I was nothing like what the bible claimed a women should be.

I simply could not reconcile much of what was being spewed from the pulpit, with my own innate logic. What started out as a sanctuary to me, became a prison for my mind and I had to escape. Like I have said many times, I became willing to go to literal HELL, to find out more about this ‘intelligence’ that created this ‘zoo’.

Back and forth I went. In & out. Letting go of the programming was not an easy task. (A “program” I should add, I sought out for myself. My parents did not brainwash me religiously).

It took some doing, but I eventually broke free from the erroneous beliefs, based only on emotions, that enslaved me to the fantasy.

In the years that followed, I looked high & low for this so called, higher power. While I could always see the crystal thread running through all the ideologies I entertained…I never imagined that pulling at it, would unravel a path that would ask me to completely redefine who, or more precisely, what God is.

But I did. And I was only able to do so, by reason. Because let’s face it, There is absolutely nothing reasonable about a God that can create the universe, but somehow has a problem with an unclean woman, menstruating. Or a a divine entity that says do not kill, yet orders the rape pillage & mass genocide, of those who do not obey his commands.

Trust me when I say, love does NOT conquer all. Ignorance does. The gospel message of love is just a candy coating on a diabolical system of mental enslavement. It reduces humans to sheep, who chase the unseen, based on rumors of the dead. So yeah, need less to say -that did not work for me at all, in the long term.

Finally, after immense consideration & reflection, I have found what I was looking for. However most would be unable to handle the rigid and unbending truth of it. I was though, because it turned out to be so damn logical. An unwavering!

The true expression of God, does not resemble what we are taught in Sunday school , regardless of our religious, or spiritual inclinations. It has been hidden in plain sight, since before mankind ever walked the Earth. However, it is only through reason & logic, that we can access  the greater truth of this divine design. While words like omnipresent & omniscient certainly apply, so do the words, cold & calculating.

While I would love to tell you what I have learned, it is far too complicated in it’s simplicity for most folks to understand, much less embrace. At the end of the day, you must discover these things for yourself. Although…I will provide you with the same clue I was “given” as a teenager. This instantaneous thought, would turn out to be invaluable. Because when I finally arrived at the bottom line, it was woven throughout the foundation.

“I am but one equation, in an infinite expression, some call “god”.

The truth does set you free. But it is quite alarming at first, for those who have not been properly prepared. That is why, these things take time to reveal themselves to us.  Even if I wanted to, I could not get you from where you’re at right now, to my line of thinking in one post or pre-recorded talking points. It is so completely opposite of anything we’ve ever heard, that it’s very difficult to get our heads around it, even if it was handed to us on a silver platter. And quite frankly, most folks, would categorically reject it anyway, even though it has been proven, beyond any shadow of doubt.

I invite everyone reading this, to examine their belief system rationally. Be willing to   explore the nagging voice within, that you have ignored. Allow these uncomfortable doubts, to gently guide you towards the harsh Light of reality & the unchanging nature of the Truth~

HaPpy Trails guys!!


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Up until now, the bulk of what I have blogged about here on SOURCE, has largely been of an experiential nature.

I was hoping that sharing my situations and struggles, my feelings and emotions, would help others find the ability to view hardships, in another Light. Everything has a season, and pain is an unavoidable part of the human condition. However, how we view these things, changes everything, even how we view our traumas. I do think though, I have driven this point home enough for now.

While I will continue to write from this place periodically, I am moving into away from simple inspiration and into more thought provoking commentary. I am after all, a rational thinker and I am wanting to show more of this part of myself, to my Very FaVorites!

As far as I am concerned, there is a war going on, for our thought life. I am no longer willing to hold my tongue, on matters of extreme importance.

I sure hope you guys can hang with me, as I move into more provocative material!!  You can expect more commentary regarding world events and the issues that effect us all, going forward.

As always, I appreciate your time and I am grateful for those of you who support my efforts. Heck, I am even grateful for those who do not, as their vile protest of my existence, drives traffic and interest my way.

I thank you ALL from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ heartbone!! Now….buckle UP!


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The storms are so close, you can smell them now.
We must gather too~
It’s time to shine the Light upon, everything we do~



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I am long suffering, and I am as loyal as they come. However, there are somethings that are straight up deal breakers for me in a relationship.
Those that constantly take my “inventory’, especially after being asked not to, are removed from my life. I am quite capable of examining my own behavior. In fact, if I want an outside assessment, I will ask for one. In fact, I will pay for one. I do not need anyone to volunteer, to tell me all the ways I am imperfect, under the guise of “love”.
Those that think they know me better than I know myself, are bounced too. I am a work in progress that is constantly evolving. Those who attempt to freeze frame me, by throwing up my past, do not get to stay on Planet Victorya either.

While these boundaries seem harsh, I have learned over the years what I can live with, and what I cannot. I find the above behaviors abusive. No one wants to be berated by someone, just so they can fallaciously elevate their own egos.  And I am no exception~


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Coming face to face, with the mirror of my own behavior, is a colossal drag.  But I invite you guys to be brave enough, to look into the mirror of your own lives, here’s why & how.

This is about my own self reflection, particularly right after I became Victoryas over alcohol.
Like any major change we experience, it takes some time & effort, for the old patterns to be replaced by the new ones.
As bad as I think I might be at my drunken worse, it is extremely challenging, to deal with someone who exhibits similar flaws sober & magnified.
Especially when you KNOW you have put a great deal of effort into moving past that vibration stream.
The Light has a way of showing us ourselves, even if we are desperately trying to avoid looking at something.
The Light is relentless, when it is wanting to work a shadow out of me.
So I really don’t appreciate running into another reflection of my previous self, when I have worked so hard, to put the behaviors this person represents, behind me.
The New Agers are always saying, it is because I still need to work something out in that area of my life, but I am not convinced, that is the only reason.

I have had to look at myself much more objectively in the last decade, but even more so, in the last few years.
When I first began waking up. I was literally sick to my stomach, in the very early days. I was able to see myself clearly and I was not digging everything I saw.
In fact I saw many areas in my life, that would benefit from IMMEDIATE improvement, and I went right to work fixing these things.
But by far, the most disturbing thing I found within, was not old festering wounds, and the brokeness surrounding them…It was my own self talk.

I was absolutely shocked!

Where in the world, did that inner critic come from? And how can I make her go away?

I’ve never even spoke to others like that!! Even when I lost control over my anger! It was really kinda hateful. And I hate no one!!

No wonder I was wrestling with self loathing! I didn’t stand a chance, with that kind of destruction self talk, constantly telling me how much of a loser I was. I was ruthless and demanding of myself. An inner demonic perfectionist that hell bent on keeping me from becoming a better version of myself,  was very much alive and well inside me. And I had to take control of her!
Eventually, I realized that I could actually control this intrusive head noise. Whenever I caught myself talking smack about me, I replaced it with a positive statement and repeated it 10 times over, to cancel out the lies. I even lied to myself, when I had to. Even if I did not always believe, the opposite statement was true, but I surely wanted it to be. I still told myself something positive.
This had a quicker than expected, and remarkable impact on my thought life. Only rarely now, do I berate myself, and I am on the correction almost immediately.

It’s not easy task, to unravel decades of ingrained imperfection, but I was committed to doing it, not just for myself, but for humanitarian reasons.
I understood, if I got better, we ALL would. It should never be underestimated, what this accomplishes in the collective, when we individually raise our frequency by dumping old wounds and obsolete thinking. We truly must BE the change we want to see in the world. There really is no way to get around it. It is incumbent on each of us, to clean out our own temples. If we do, the whole town becomes cleaner.

I cannot fathom why, others won’t do the simplest of things, to reprogram their incredible minds, once they are aware they can.
I’ve concluded it is must because, we have largely not been encouraged to so, much less taught how. Thankfully, the ‘will to power’ and improvement is written on the soul. Many of us are into self reflection and improvement naturally.
If we chose to though, the brain stands willing and able to assist!
It’s a snap really, all you have to do, is pay attention to the dialog that goes on in your thought life.
It takes only about 28 days of focused effort, and you are well on you way from there.
Once we clean up the lies within, we must actively replace them with the truth, even if it is currently, a lie to us.
A lot of things organically come into alignment, by committing to this one awareness.

But back to dealing with those, who are still caught in the type of hell, you have worked your way out of. Why in the world, does the Universe provide a mirror?
Most will tell you, it is to show you yourself, “as is”.

However, I have learned, it also shows us how far we have have come! Sometimes, it is a progress report meant to inspire, not correct.

Not only is it an excellent way to more accurately judge our progress, it allows us “see” (up close & personal) how others have perceived us, when we did behave that way.

In my case, it makes me even more determined to keep growing away from the things that no longer serve, or do not flatter me~


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That’s the thing about the Light is…at some point, it shines on every shadow, as it eternally expands~


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Although as a “Source”, aka a Writer, I prefer quiet on most occasions in my home. When I do listen to music I’m pretty selective , due to the lyrics contained in them.  I have always understood intuitively, the power of sound & the power of tones, combined with words, aka spelling. It is encouraging to see science support my line of thinking.

I intend to archive other supportive articles here, as I run into them. If you guys have any FaVorites on the subject, please add them below!

I often prefer classical music, especially when it rains… so this article reads like music 🎼 to my ears!


(image courtesy of

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I am doing my best to become one!

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I invite you all to deeply consider Our Globalist Agenda. We are going to have to make choices, about the evolutionary direction of humanity~

#TeamIlluminati #LightLed

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Ahhhhh the sound of silence~


Anyone else prefer it ?

How about the sounds of nature?

Do you prefer that?

 I feel so out of step, preferring silence to music, on most days. So much of the background noise in my life, comes from forced entertainment. The lyrics & tones of which, can alter moods.  Literally everywhere you go, sound is being piped in, without us having a choice. So when I am in my home sanctuary, I want it quiet.  

I want to hear myself, think my own thoughts. 

And listen, to what is happening inside of me.

Some say Silence is Golden.

I say Silence is Sterling~

How about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Chime in guys~

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When it “rains”, allow it to cleanse you~ 797B5D3C-C6DF-4CE1-97C0-F87D0FD9FF37

The last two years and counting, have ripped me apart.  I have dealt with every imaginable loss and some of the worst things, repeatedly. Following a magical year of fabulous, I should add. The contrast was a drag. It made everything slightly darker, than it likely would have been, had the preceding year been well, average.

I lost four dragons, two long term girlfriends, even longer term marriage & a beloved job I was thriving in, when the position was eliminated. I even had to job hunt twice, in the first year of living on my own. A highly stressful thing, for someone starting “over” again.  Meanwhile, Bro got a pacemaker and was diagnosed with Downs related Alzheimers. Oh and mom had new stints & a new pacemaker too. All of it taking a toll on my health as well.

Yep. It was like that. Dreadful.

Never mind, the grief & financial hardship that goes with all of these things.

So yeah. Hades. Nasty place~


I have quite literally, gone through hell several times in 28 months. When I wasn’t directly in the flames, I was camped just outside and within reach. I have cried more tears during this season, than I have since my Dad died 15 years ago. How I kept showing up everyday for more, was often beyond me. Because I really did not feel like it. Whenever I thought I could absolutely take no more, to my surprise,   I would.

(Insert maniacal laugh here)

Thankfully, there is a Light that is ceaseless. It dawns anew every morning. Regardless if you can’t see it during the darkest of nights. I found the strength to keep going from inside me. It came from the Light within, that kept whispering…


Ordinarily, I would have reached out for a round of professional advice for this kind of crazy. However, the thought occurred to me, the Feds might 5150 me, if I did.    So I used the time to hang black crepe and and dove further into the deep. I even coughed up a couple of ancient emotional hairballs. Basically because I was so thoroughly cracked open, I think everything I was trying to hold onto, flat out escaped! Even stuff I didn’t realize was still in there, was forced into the Light. It was horrific!

And healing~

Gratefully, the intervals & intensity of my custom designed hardships, have finally slowed pace, so I could catch my breath. While I am still finding my footing on new territory. I marvel at the higher ground I have gained. I have so very much to be grateful for! I have passed through a wickedly steep learning curve, most would run from. Not only that, I managed to snatch up some sparkly treasures, as I climbed. I gots me some shiny new lessons that will come in handy, as I path UP.

Remember now -Hell has the best swag y’all!!

Even though I am still, just shy of level, I can clearly see the true beauty in the prolonged destructive forces of “nature”. Especially as they move into the valley, and away from me~

PS: Thx 🙏🏽 IAM

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I am pretty much obsessed with this image. My uber talented daughter Rachel, created it for “Growing Pains”. It is “my” version, of one she had created for herself. I wanted to use the first one she did, but it was too “personal”. Thankfully, she custom created a translation for me. I mad for it, it is so cool! It just captures a part of my victories; somehow…

Anyway, I am really proud of her “fine” artistry! I just wanted to make sure I shouted out some praises on my blog, for those who we not able to see it in print~


(Mama loves you Liebs)




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