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A sociopath down to her core, she always watches you

And pathetically mimic’s, almost everything you do.

You are her obsession -that which she will never be

Because you walk upright, and don’t slither in trees.

Try as she might, she will never stand as tall

She is just another predator, in the thick of it all.

Blinded by her own narcissism, she truly cannot see

She is nothing anyone aspires to, or ever wants to be.


(Metaphorical Archetypes from my Garden of Eden Collection)

Free Speech

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In doing a little research for this one, I ran into Propertarianism. It is a fascinating alternative to our current governmental system.  I am liking it so far, as it values merit just like Meritocracy does, yet it has it’s own distinct twist. 

I am just now wadding through it, but it might very well render the following line of thinking for me, obsolete.

So here goes nothing!



My admirable friend, David Rothschild tweeted:   

“FREE SPEECH does not include Hate Speech…hate will not be tolerated”


(Which  pretty much inspired this blog, so thank you, Sir!)

OK. I hear you.

I actually feel ya, D.

I feel for everyone, your voice represents.

I truly do!

PS: This is not directed at your personally.


However,  the law of the land, states differently.

I agree hate speech as defined, is a deplorable civil Tort.

Hate is also a nasty emotion that can lead to violence, if unchecked.

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed!

BUT, so does lying to the masses, and that’s perfectly legal!


It is perfectly legal to lie from any pulpit, including your T.V. It is up the public, to discern the truth for themselves.

It is called critical thinking, perhaps folks have heard of it?

Anyway, unfortunately, that would require thought and research, something most are categorically unwilling to do.

I do not want to see any aspect of our fabulous FREE SPEECH laws repealed.

Not even the right to lie*

More importantly, neither does SCOTUS.

In fact, they recently ruled Propaganda to be legal, by rolling back a previous unconstitutional ban on it.*


I believe that lies literally lie, at the foundation of almost all kinds of hate.

So silencing the words that give voice to it, does not change it’s existence.

Unfortunately, hate will always be with us, whether seen or heard. 

Only the ignorant believe they can remove hate, by banning the words that express it.

In fact, it can be argued that festering hate leads to more violence, than hate that has a voice, no?



When it comes to free speech, either it is ALL free…

or we as humans, are not.




For me, it is that simple.

Because a line is the sand, always shifts with the prevailing winds.


Beyond the Media, who have been doing it for decades, who exactly determines what is hate speech, anyway?

You, today?

Me, tomorrow?

What about Conservatives or Liberals?

Or the current Administrations incumbents?

Will they decide, each in their turn?

Because that means the definition would change with each new party at the helm.

Each new agenda stifling opposition and criticism, to their favor.

Oh wait, that is already happening. Isn’t it?

Maybe we should let “The Church” handle that one? They are our moral superiors, are they not?

(Tongue in cheek)


It seems to me, hate is rooted in fear and watered by jealousy and envy. How can we legislate that?

No, really. How?


Here’s the deal…

We will never remove the feelings, even if we attempt to legislate the way we can express them.

This is what makes shifting laws governing the limits of free speech, so dangerous.

But blaming violence and war on ‘fighting’ words, instead of someones inability to control themselves, is irrational. 

Are we really going to take the ‘Devil made me do it’ mentality into a New Age?


Let me put it this way:

                      I PREFER to know where intolerance, prejudice & ignorance resides.

                Can’t fix something, you don’t know is an issue.

Can’t avoid something that is well hidden.

I want to know what people are thinking, so we can talk about it.

But I realize, I am not a mass mentality thinker.

As someone old enough to be your Mum, I feel like everyone needs to go to their forking rooms, and think about “IT” for awhile!

Is this the way we really want to go?


Are we really pushing for a low IQ mass mentality, a hive mind.

Is that what Unity is?

Are we really going to bash everyone down, to comply with whatever that master-minds say we must think, or feel?

Because if that is where you kids are wanting to take humanity, I can’t go with you.

I just can’t

It will be the destruction of our civilization, and the death of our species will not be far behind.

Thank you Trophy Gen, (although it is NOT your fault) for your unmerited bullshit and faulty logic. Way to be “woke” enough, to lead the Sheep to slander.

In the end you will win nothing, as your ill-bred ideology will bring you socialism and with it a dictator or worse, the collapse of you society.

Whether you realize it or not, you are attempting to dummy down all of mankind and systematically eliminated the voices of reason, to your own peril.

There is no where to go from there.

Thankfully, due to my proximity to the exit, I wont be going with you.

I was REALLY hoping folks would figure out how to heal past this ancient crap & start creating a different vibe altogether, because you cannot legislate human emotion.

You just can’t.

This isn’t 1984 (Orwell’s) where we get to eliminate words that we are uncomfortable with, to suit Big Brother.

Or is it?


I know it happened on my watch, but I cannot pin-point to the exact moment when humans became such easily offended & spineless pussy’s.

But man it is unattractive.

And exceedingly dangerous, given the Trojan horses that are already within this bleeding heart, border-less country.

I feel like we’re all caught in high school hell, on groundhogs day. 

Something I would think plays straight into the hands of Communist Russia….hmmmmmmmmmm…..hahahahaha~

But Hey!

Good luck with silencing your enemies!

Because censorship will never make them stop hating you, in fact it will only embolden them.


I personally prefer to teach my descendants to be Lions, and to ignore the opinions of Sheep~



Links to Learn More:



*Although this might be changing for me.




I was so distracted by the shadows that constantly surround me, I had completely lost sight of, the transformational power of the Light within!

I went straight to emotional hell as a result.

I have actually been camped out there for quite some time, I am embarrassed to report. But it was a necessary journey for me. One that reminded me just how incredibly powerful our thought life really is! Apparently, I needed the reminder. I mean, talk about flying blind! I was circling my own bullshit, trapped in the mire of my own negative thought patterns. I can now say with complete confidence, that depression comes from within! I was allowing my stinkin-thinkin, to construct a mental prison around me, because I was focusing on the things that I found disturbing, instead of the delicious & deLightful!

The descent into darkness is almost imperceptible at first. It starts with unchecked thoughts like: I am not good enough. I am too old, I am hated, I am not a good leader, etc etc etc. Allowing any one of these thoughts to exist without rejection, provides the building blocks of our own demise. Theses destructive words and expressions are what imprison us. And the truly ironic thing about it, is they are LIES! I can’t even believe I allowed this to happen again, since I truly know better. But I am truly grateful for the painful reminder, about how incredibly creative or destructive, our minds really are. 

I urgently & emphatically implore you, to guard your thoughts!

They are the cornerstones of your immediate and future reality. They will shape your experience in ways you may not like. Or draw things to you, that you love. They are responsible for literally everything that occurs in matter and if we do not control them, they WILL construct a world, that controls us. I have learned, the most effective way out of a adverse thought pattern, is to replace it with preferable messages, from the opposite extreme. We must reprogram ourselves.

Now this is where it gets tricky, because it is easier said than done. The hardest part is actually realizing what we are currently saying to ourselves. That awareness is critical step one, towards the solution that will set us free. When we are caught in darker thought patterns, it is very difficult to record something positive over the top of them. Largely because we have begun to believe the negative and the new thoughts feel like categorical lies.

Well who cares!! LIES got us into the ditch, in the first place! So lie to yourself!! Tell yourself the exact opposite of what you are currently streaming in the background! Do this every time a self defeating thought floats by. Do it after every comment thought or spoken to you, that suggests you are anything less that a powerful creative Light with great value and purpose on this planet.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you believe it right now! Eventually you will!

Just override any negativity with positive reinforcement, about how truly fabulous you are! Find things you love about yourself, things you are thankful & grateful for, and repeat those things. Throw in some epic lies, regarding the things you want to become in there too, for good measure. Do this over and over and over again!  Do it forever! Your life will start changing immediately within and soon your outer world, will become solid a reflection, of the things going on inside you.

Do this without ceasing, because I just learned the hard way, without true vigilance, the incredible programming power of the world around us, will take over for us, if we turn our heads away for too long.

I invite you to start reprogramming yourself right now. Do not delay. You can begin the moment you have finished reading/listening to this and see the results far quicker than you ever imagined.

So go on now…get out of here! Go find a place to sit alone for awhile and get your head back in the game. The sooner you do, the sooner the solutions will come to saturate your being with the healing & restorative powers of an enlightened mind.

This alone, will reshaped your reality.



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Quote by Madonna


Probably one of the most brilliant comments ever made, about Haters~

Note to Self~

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Note to self:

I will continue to allow the Light to shine upon my inner shadows, regardless of how painful. I will continue to remain open, to the burning rays that refine.





Talking Shit~

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Anyone can talk shit. But can they deliver?


I see a lot of people running around flaunting the notion, they are in possession of more knowledge, than the rest of us. But what does that really mean? Most folks have no idea that information that is not rooted in FACT, is not considered knowledge at all. A major point of difference, to the discerning.

Knowledge aka factual data/information in and of itself, is of no use to anyone, if not applied. Applied knowledge is wisdom. Active application of knowledge determines whether a man remains on Earth, or can travel to the Moon. There is a HUGE differential between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

I am never moved by those who claim to ‘know it all’. In fact, I am personally repulsed by those that do. I am only motivated by those that demonstrate an understanding of the things they have learned, in the way that conduct themselves. Everyone should learn to make this critical distinction. Behavior always speaks louder than words. Always.

It would save us all a lot of grief, if we will simply wait and watch for the actions that will back up a wise man/woman’s words, before engaging with well read, fools.

Just sayin’~



Blood Moon

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Full Lunar Eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Blood moon full lunar eclipse over mountain

January 20th-21st 2019

Super=Super close to Earth

Blood=Sun’s rays tint it an rusty-red

Wolf=January’s named moon


Expect the unexpected, for a magical time of abrupt change.

Think back on all you have accomplished since Aug 2017, when the last Full Blood Moon Eclipse occurred.



While I am no astrologist, I did do some research to bring this one to you.

This is what I have learned about this rarefied lunar cycle, and how we can all use these magnificent energies, to our advantage.

In general, this is a time to set resolutions. A time to name and claim the things you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, in particular. This is the magical ‘reset’ button we all have been waiting for. Especially those of us who procrastinated at the new year, in their goal setting. This goes well beyond a yearly blank slate, this is Earth’s closest companion, coming along side us to support our goals and surprise us with unplanned goodies.

This is a most auspicious time to remove what is no longer serving us, and to make way for the things we want to implement in our lives. Overall, it a perfect opportunity, supported by the natural vibes of cosmic law, to reevaluate the path we are on.  This is the time to course correct and set our compass for the next six to twelve months, with thoughtful intention.

If you are a Leo, this one will effect you the most. The other signs who will feel it more deeply are: Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, so they will feel a stronger push towards change than the rest of the zodiac. Although, this one has a intense vibe of change that we will all experience. 

No matter how you wax it up, this  lunar cycle will have you rethinking just about everything. It is a great time to do a ‘Pro and Con’ list, for those areas of your life you want to renovate. Maybe it is time to change jobs or even your entire career path.  If you have been wanting to move, think about it seriously; now. If the relationship you are in, hasn’t been working for a while, it is a good time for a clean break. Use thus natural energy of Luna, to facilitate the changes you desire. If something comes up on the quick, count it as a blissing. Because once things have settled down past the initial shift, you will be digging your new groove.

Take some time to rethink and rewrite out your goals before Sunday. Even if you just did them a month ago. Strive to find 33 things you would prefer to see happen, during this highly charged time of change. From the little tiny things, to the tall orders, try and think of every area of your life you would like to see some movement in. Then come July, revisit your list, to see how many of your goals you accomplished. 

I can think of no better way to measure growth and gains in a tangible way. Doing this simple and easy to complete exercise, will encourage you to do this on the regular, when you can actually see measurable results on paper, plain as day.

Plus, there is something about writing things down that sets things in magical motion~



I will be posting my 33 things, right after I change the settings on my blog tomorrow. You will have to be a registered member, to see them.








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What name do you call “God” in your own language?


Initiate Afaq Safdar asked an interesting question on Twitter this morning, and I simply could not give an answer in 140 characters or less. But it is a great question! So I thought I would take a little time here and answer it, for those who are curious enough to know my answer.

“God” does not have one personal name that I am aware of, although it goes by many. It is not a male, nor a female, but rather the perfect expression of both, even though it is neither, and neutral. Everything and nothing, all at once.

To call it The Great Spirit, The Most High or even The Grand Architect, would suffice. Although those are more akin to titles, than personal names. To call it The Light, is the most accurate and term that I have ever come across. The Illuminati brilliantly nailed it, with that one.

I do not dialog with this omnipresent, omniscient Source of ALL, directly. Although I used to think I could, and did so, for most of my life. I did it out of pure ignorance, back when I had ‘god in a box’, so to speak. My understanding was as limited, as the names I called it by.

After decades of pursuing this eternal omnipotence, I had to recalculate my fundamental ideas about who, or more precisely ‘what’ God actually is. Once I finally began to really understand what it is, was, and will always be. My relationship to it and with it, has changed somewhat.

When I arrived at the bottom line, I changed my line of thinking to the degree, that personalizing the Light, was not just limiting, it seemed rather demeaning in a way for me. Any name I had previously attached to it, was reductive, and not inclusive enough. A title verses a name, like the ones previously mentioned, would be more fitting, in my opinion. The Light not only works magnificently, it alludes to ‘gods’ true, incorruptible and eternal nature.


When I really need to talk to someone intimately connected to the Divine, and I am not screaming at IAM in front of my television, Hehe. I offer you this….

On occasion, I do use a ‘nickname’ that personalizes our infinite, and energetic creator, down to a level I can actually relate to -for the sake of conversation or consultation. So I call it “Oliver”. 

As in: ALL-OF-HER. 

It’s a name I chose that perfectly pays homage, to not just my individual soul’s higher expression, but it also honors the Light of creation that lies within me, as well. It makes it far easier for me as a human, to dialog with myself and that which created me, if I use a moniker.

I suspect that is why there are so many names for God, after all. Which is why I loved answering this question so much. I adore this subject more than any other.

Thx for asking Afaq! You inspired me~




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I reserve my deep admiration for those who have earned it. It is by no means a birthright or an entitlement. I know it’s trendy to cheapen the meaning and hand respect to all, but I prefer not to.
However I can do civility!
I can be civil to everyone, for sure~

Divide & Conquer

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In the Illuminati’s Public Outreach, unity has not come easily to us.

We have come from all 4 corners of the globe, with a plethora of cultural backgrounds, ideologies and language barriers. While we all have come to fly under the same banner and ideals, we are not all the same -not by any stretch of the imagination.  So getting everyone on the same page for any reason, takes an act of congress and a few goddesses from Venus, to pull off. 

If that isn’t enough of a challenge, there are always others around, that take a perverse pleasure in dividing and conquering us, for their own selfish agenda. Who are these people who prefer to divide? They are your girlfriends, your professors, your best man at your wedding etc. Often we function unaware of their actions, going from drama to drama, set in motion by self-serving hidden hands, with nefarious intentions. There are actually humans around us that have no empathy or feelings. They are clinically labeled sociopaths and in rarer cases, psychopaths. The most troubling thing of all with these folks, is they appear just as you and I do.


(whatever that is)

But they are not like us.

And undetected, they can & will try to ruin your life

They are typically charming, attractive, intelligent  and have an uncanny ability to get you to do their bidding, while you remain clueless. They are master manipulators and well versed in controlling others. They have literally had to study us, to mimic human responses. They do not respond to emotional appeals, as they have none of their own in which to relate to you with. They play an entirely different game than the rest of us, and I suspect many of them are running the world. Statistically, psychopaths are said to make up at least 5-15% of the population, and sociopaths make up approx. 4%. So you surely know one or have worked for one before. You can bet in a room of 20, there is at least two sociopath/psychopaths in that group.

 “Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” 

—Paramahansa Yogananda

We have several in ours. And they should be avoided at all costs. Below are the definitions of terms & traits, we all should familiarize ourselves with. The sooner we can learn how to identify the seeming soulless among us, the easier it will be to avoid them completely. These people do not want unity. They want to “win” the games they involve others in, unknowingly. They actually get pleasure from the pain & disruption they cause.

Never lose site of that.

They cannot be “rehabilitated”. There is no known cure. So Please be on the look out. Also, do your own further research into this subject, as I have only touched on it here to let you know that not all Initiates can be trusted.

In my opinion, based on direct experience, I have discovered at least three of them, who are still active Initiates. It is important we all understand, that not all humans are like us. So that boyfriend you think you can change…forget about it. No one can change anyone, especially those with brains that are not functioning properly.  It is a brain thing and no one on this planet can alter what they are, not even them. So before you start thinking your love, prayers, or positive vibes can magically heal these people…


And RUN!!


Additional Info

Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes identified interchangeably as sociopathy or psychopathy, is defined by the Mayo Clinic as: “A mental condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.”

Sociopath/Psychopathic Traits:

  • Repeated violations of the law
  • Pervasive pathological lying & deceptive
  • Physical aggressiveness
  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • Consistent irresponsibility in work & family environments
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Grandiose sense of Self
  • Cunning & manipulative
  • Callus, lack of empathy
  • Need for stimulation
  • Shallow emotional response
  • Glib, superficial charm
  • Failure to accept responsibility
  • Parasitic Lifestyle
  • Narcissism/False Superiority
  • Lack of morality/Rule breaking
  • Gaslighting & psychological bullying
  • Self-serving victimhood


Further Research:


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Don’t we all just wonder, what our very own special purpose is?  

Because we all ‘know’, we have one.

Well, those who are conscious at least, know.

It has driven me right up to the edge of myself, wondering what the hell mine was! I have been chasing it for YEARS, As bright as I am, I can be dull “sometimes” too. It is not unusual, for me to miss the obvious for myself. I could more readily tell others theirs, until I discovered mine.

Not all of us know right out of the gate, what we wanna be we we grow up. Unlike some of these guys, who know straight away, most of us need time to discover ourselves in that way. Perhaps we are too spiritually shell-shocked to find ourselves back on earth, to get a plan going!! But there most certainly is one custom made, just for us. It is actually written on the blueprint of our souls. 

There are some if us, who just wander around more than others, or are mortified by the how things are going on Earth. Some have become immobilized by the fear, they won’t have time to do their thing, before the world ends anyway. So yeah, we have procrastinators among us too. And there there are those, so damaged early on, we just give up looking.

Overall, the bulk of us who are actively looking, seem to look everywhere else, but within. If we know thyself, we will know our purpose. Simple. We embody it. So much so, it is more obvious to others, than it is to us. You could probably ask your family & friends for clues, but ultimately, you already “know”. You just need to trust that knowing, and head in the direction of your dreams. Even if others cannot see or share your vision.

After years of searching for mine, I found it was hiding in plain site all along! (see Full Circle to learn more). Your purpose is too. And it is vastly more specific than, “I am hear to leave the world better than I found it”. I promise you that! We all have a part to play in the theater of life. We all have a place that is designed for us, alone. We are very much, irreplaceable.


We all have a place that is designed especially for us! No one else can play your part, exactly as you do. No one else, can replace you or prevent you from reaching your full potential, except for YOU.

Your unique role in the Universal Design can be found where your passion and talent meet. If you look back on your life from where you stand now, reoccurring themes will emerge. Even if your path has been choppy and full of side steps, there is something you keep coming back to, no matter what. Be it an idea, a craft, a skill set, a talent. THAT is what you need to explore further.

I am convinced, once you find your true calling, the Universal Design will move heaven and earth, so you may step into, the role you were born to play. Once you have found yourself, a mysterious & magical flow begins, that will propel you like unseen winds, in that direction of your highest potential.

Now it is up to you. Spend some time thinking about what you cannot forget, and you will find your way, just like I have done.

HaPpy Trails!!






I invite you all to deeply consider Our Globalist Agenda. We are going to have to make choices, about the evolutionary direction of humanity~

#TeamIlluminati #LightLed

I’m a full blown Scribbler!!

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I am soooo excited!! I am finally a true published Author!

This is a dream come true & I am filled with satisfaction & serenity ~

Collage of College~

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Good heavens, found my “eulogy brochure” from a college creative writing class. The Professor said we could even do interpretive dance, as our final project.

I laughed out loud. And I couldn’t stop in a socially acceptable amount of time.

Instead, I came armed with a booklet to be passed out at my funeral. Lol They were just beginning to call them memorials. I was 30 at the time. The following, is an excerpt~







✔️ Circa 1990ish

My First Monument ~

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Can you even believe this? My friend @IAMColorsmith did this for me! It is one of my favorite sayings. It is painfully true for me. Blazing trails, is often a lonely path.

Colorsmith took it to Grand Haven, Michigan for me. He left it out in the wild for the perfect passerby! I am hoping the person who needs to hear this bitter reminder the most, finds it & takes it home with them. It is an affirmation, that crowns indeed have thorns.

This kind of giving blows me away!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving…the most precious kind. It is actually a monument to the heart of the giver, rather than she who receives it~



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Let’s do some “spelling”…
Root word=Divi
Divi=Plural of Divo
Divo=Male Diva
Diva=Vocal Star
Replace Divi w/ “U” aka YOU!
and Unity emerges.



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People throw connotations around, without consulting the agreed upon meaning, found in a dictionary. I have commented before on how important word choices are, to effective communication. But this meme brings a visual to my understanding exactly. It inspired my following thoughts on what it means to respect ~

Thank you to Eulie Embry for her fantastic feedback on the original version of this post. She showed me I needed to edit this for better communication! Hahaha.

So ONEderfully ironic!


Respect defined, is a feeling of ‘deep admiration’ for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
That is pretty damn specific. Admiration. Esteem. Reverence and Honor are its synonyms.
Popular culture continually parrots a “respect all” mentality.
Well guess what. I do not have ANY respect, for UNREPENTANT rapists, racists, murderers, haters, child molesters, corporate war mongers, corrupt politicians, the physically violent, psychopathic, materially greedy, intentionally ignorant, religiously dogmatic or organizations who promote these things! And anyone who suggests we should, is nothing short of insane!
I am a peace, love & logic kinda gal. So I have a vast measure of unconditional love & yes respect, for humanity as a Light filled whole, but I do not respect or love individual humans who behave like animals & choose to function from a place of anger, bitterness, fear, envy or deceit etc. as an ongoing LIFESTYLE.
Can you honestly say you do?

While my love is given freely, my deep admiration must be earned~



Borders are bullshit.


They not only attempt to lock humans out, in extreme cases, they lock them in.
Can you honestly convince yourself, that humans were meant to be divided from one another, fighting over resources, instead of sharing them…or did someone sell you on the idea?


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You can submit to the narrative,image

or…submit your own script~


Born this way~

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Ummm, No… I will NOT apologize for my DNA! I will not apologize for being born into a predominately white populated country, at the time of my birth (1961/84%). And as a women in particular,  I would certainly will not call it a “privilege”!
Simply stated: I will not apologize for anything I have no direct influence/control over, past or present. This includes the enslavement or oppression of other human beings. In other words, No…I do not have ‘white guilt’ & no one can badger me into feeling otherwise!

Bottom line: I am just an average human being striving to do my best, with the ‘cards’ I was given at the moment of my conception.  My skin color, my gender & my birthplace, were chosen by forces outside of myself. As were yours.
No amount of bullying, public shaming, historical revisionism, or attempts at humiliating me, will alter the truth of this reality.
If this makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you take your argument to our divine management…because this is not open for debate with me~


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“I am merely one expression, in the infinite mathematical equation some call god”


Ominous Arab proverb~

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Arab proverb

Boy is THIS one loaded with possibilities!

So basically I had to download a meme creator & give it some due glory…

Kinda CrEEpy Eh?


Put THIS in your pipe & smoke it!!

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Take a long hard draw on this!

Psalms 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

John 10:34

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Go ahead… Think about these for awhile.

Bliss You!!

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burning-nature-hd-wallpaper-340232_resizedI have a thing for words.

I see no reason why we can’t use the true root meanings of the words VS their flimsy connotations. Language is a huge inhibitor of human communication anyway.  “Word keepers” have been Christianizing our vocabulary for decades & I think we should take back our language.  Root out the base meanings and reject any word that is of a religious nature from everyday speech.  If we get too far off the beaten path of agreed upon meaning, we crush our linguistic foundation and we are back at the Tower of Babel again; so to speak.

Ever since I discovered the root word for BLESS literally means “blood” in Old English. I have developed a bad taste for the verb.

Even in modern times, it is an expression that connotes “godly favor”…something many folks are willing to fight over.

However, this term is firmly rooted in priestly blood rites no matter how one choses to perceive it now. We need to be mindful of this. Just like I am now mindful of what someone is REALLY saying to me when they say “Bless You”!

The literal thought of it produces images of fresh blood being sprinkled on me without my expressed written consent.  Super chilling stuff if you will really stop to think about it. And you know the blood has to be fresh, because you cant flick coagulated red life force on someone. It clots. Probably out of horror. Even blood knows that is a fundamentally messed up rite.

And we use it soooo casually too…

When we aren’t employing it straight up inappropriately.

“BLESS her heart”! (in my best Jimmy Fallen)


“God really blessed me today with the win” (covertly implies that their god screwed the losers)

Ew. Ew.

The word is just no longer operational for me.

And I am hoping that under this new Light, it won’t be for you either!

So I am replacing it in my vocabulary with the word ‘BLISS’.

Bliss is a terrific replacement because it sounds almost identical, but has a broader & more inclusive meaning. It is free from any religious or unwarranted connotations, a bonus for an evolving species.

To be ‘blissed’ is to be experiencing perfect happiness & joy. To ‘bliss’ another, is to bestow said perfect happiness & joy upon them. What a lovely thought.

“A Blissing” can come from any person, place or thing at anytime &/or anywhere! How versatile is THAT?  Talk about a user friendly word.

Bottom line… this means that something or someone brought perfect happiness & joy into my life when we won the game! NOT: Whooo hooo…I have more of our “god’s” favor than you do (neener-neener). BTW

You got to admit, what I am suggesting we do…is WAY more “PC”  than allowing “Bless” to continue to go unchecked into the coming age of enlightenment.

So join me & let go of that passive aggressive word TODAY. I mean c’mon!  You know it is the Light thing to do!                                                                                                                (wink)