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Hated for not bringing the meat, so to speak

His offerings weren’t sanctioned by blood

A farmer of violence and war in the world

A precursor to the ‘flood’.


He has everything hidden deep within

But his actions spoke out loud

His sin was his envious ego

He was far too jealous, and proud.


He is marked for all time, they say

To remind those of us, who can see

The coiled still lies latent in men

Regardless how far from the tree.


But before we cast this Cain into Hell

There is something more in this story, to rock

For this is the man, it would seem

That sired a boy named, Enoch!



The image provided above is by

33 Things~

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Shiny white diamond on white

These are the 33 things I will be working on and towards in 2019


1) Get more congruent

2) Be more compassionate

3) Stay focused

4) Walk more washes

5) Leave HELL for a vacation

6) Be prepared for job change

7) Professionalize iMark

8) Read everything Illuminati; again

9) Call my family more regularly

10) Payoff Paypal

11) Get new technology (iPad Pro)

12) Laugh more!!

13) Seek more knowledge

14) Serve more folks

15) Rebuild my savings

16) Manifest a better smile; STAT

17) Move more mountains

18) Dance more!

19) Eat even better

20) Lose 20lbs

21) Start & keep swimming

22) Launch IAMfamFLAIR!

23) Finish “Gemstones in Hell”

24) Finish “Initiate of the Illuminati”

25) Publish & promote 23 & 24

26) Set up home studio

27) Finish my personal Testimony

28) Remember my Testimony!

29) Visit G-Sons ASAP

30) Create more

31) Take more breaks

32) Work harder

33) Remember my vows

Quick Poll

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In general, what do you enjoy the most about my blog?

1) Those Gemstones from Hell

2) Illuminati Related Topics

3) My Spirited & Spicy Rants

4) ALL the Above


Please weigh in below!




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Image result for COMPETITION


Competition in it’s most positive form, drives innovation and sparks the seeds of creation. It pushes us to be our best and motivates us to do more than we thought we could. Not just for ourselves, but for the teams we are a part of.

But there is a negative side to Competition. The nasty side, where winning becomes the only driving force, not an increase in personal or professional excellence.  Where being number one, is sought by any means, often at the expense of the others on the same team.



Relationship Red Flag!

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If you have started dating someone who wants to remove, alter or dominate any of your preexisting relationships with others.

You are a fool.

Relationships aren’t an either OR gig!

The human heart is more than capable of engaging in all kinds of relationships, none of which is a threat, to any primary relationship we might have, with anyone else.

Anyone threatened by that, should be avoided at all costs!



Does your “boss” dictate your personal life?

Does he tell you who you can talk to, who you can date, who you can be friends with, what organizations you can serve, or what hobbies you can enjoy when you are not at work?

Does he declare who you can worship, who you can love, who you must be loyal to, who you must avoid?

Because if he does, his control freak is showing -as is your weakness.


Not only would it be illegal for someone in “leadership” to do such an abhorrent thing. It is a blazing example of their lack of character and their desire to inflict psychological abuse on those around them, to feed their abyss of a soul.

So if you chose to remain in such a job, either you are just like him, or you lack the integrity necessary to detect and banish your leaders controlling and divisive ways.

In that case, you both get what you deserve!







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Trust is a matter of merit.

It’s earned. Additionally, there are levels of trust.

I might trust you to wash my car, but I might not trust you alone with my daughter. The Illuminati teaches us to trust no one.

For me it’s more accurate to say, trust no one; fully~


Watch Out!

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One of the hardest things to do as a parent, a leader or a friend, is to watch someone head off into a given direction that you know for a fact, will dead end on them. It is so difficult to know via experience, that the path your loved one has chosen, will not end well for them. It is frustrating and gut wrenching to see the ones you love, forgo your advice and move against it. You know they are courting pain, but you are helpless to stop it. While I would gladly warn my daughter, I have learned it is not always a good idea to warn friends. Most of us think we know better and that things will be different for us. And in rare cases, this is true. However, a cliff’s edge is a cliffs edge, unless they are capable of flying.

I recently had to sit by and watch those I care for deeply, be swayed in a direction I knew would not serve them. I also knew, that choosing that path, could result in set backs for them, far beyond the obvious. Beyond a couple of hints, I did not warn them. I figured they could see I did not travel that road anymore and stop and consider why. But they did not. As predicted, it ended as I thought it would. Thankfully, those involved have learned a valuable lesson albeit, the hard way.

I have learned over the years to allow those closest to me, to be my second sets of eyes. If someone in my kingdom is concerned enough, to take the time to warn me about something or someone, I LISTEN.  Bottom line, our inner circles actually watch out for us. They do not want to see us dive head first into the shallow end of the pool.  Maybe for no other reason than, they don’t want to have to deal with the emotional fallout, that occurs as a result! 



iM⚠️RK Radio

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Been playing with the station at: It’s  been certifiably cRaZy the way all of this has unfolded. Talk about a circle jerk, with chaos sprinkles.


But “Mark” is totally alive & kickin!

The pix above was done by Mr Merk. Thought it was really thoughtful of him to do. Wanted to recognize his creativity & generosity of spirit.

Haven’t had much time to blog write. I will settle back in, once iM⚠️RK’s archiving phase is over.  There is a lot to do yet, before I can even think about doing a weekly gig. I am still trying to find my cadence. I really appreciate your patience as I find new footing guys! Your support & encouragement keeps me going more than you know.

I did want to run something by you though…I’m thinking about creating a forum, so we can dig in deeper on some of this stuff.  We need to get the convos going. Thoughts?

Speaking of which. There are some terrific threads & a chat happening over here >

Oh and if any of you are super clever with tag lines, I need 2. One to sign on, and one to sign off with. I can’t seem to settle into anything yet!!

Thanks for listening Light Family ✨~



On a roll, about roles~

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What you see happening on the world stage, is largely produced by us. It’s what I refer to as, the teenage phase of our species. All stimulation, little substance. A necessary and angst ridden stage of human development. But alas, a child will inevitably become an adult. And inherit the responsibilities and accountability that goes with the role. This is no less true, for humankind collectively.

I know without a doubt, we are eternal beings and we can & do recycle back to Earth. I believe whatever is happening here, it is ultimately geared towards reaching our souls maximum potential. We are all in different & highly individual, stages of our development towards that end. All within the framework of a larger picture. Each Age playing a monumental role in our advancement both individually and as a whole.

Wearing one hat today, does not mean you wear that same ol’ hat for your whole life, much less eternity.
Because the truth is, those at the top of their industry, game, craft etc. have played lower roles & worn many different hats, to get there!!

Stop 👆Read that again.
Anyone choosing to remain in any given position, station, or level in life…have done so Of their own free will.


I know without a doubt, that we will learn to value things differently than we do now. The storms that are coming, are a necessary part of our collective evolution.   Our individual roles in a larger design, made clear. I suspect even our definition of abundance, will be redefined as a result.


Graphic Love~

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I always LOVE it when someone takes the time to make a graphic for me. It is really thoughtful and I appreciate it so much!

THANK YOU john mwalwala!! PhotoGrid_1522418290322

Secret Sauce~

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Time & trouble will unfold all hidden mysteries, to the perceptive & persistent~

FC84BAF1-03FB-4EE1-AC5F-7064F1F626A7The Light always reveals what slithers in the shadows, as it grows ever brighter within.

Trust in the pace of your process, with patience & perseverance~



Majority rules, eh?

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Lake Powell Arizona


How is it, that fractal parts of our society are allowed to steer the masses?

How is it…in a Democracy, where the majority is suppose to be the ruling voice, must the masses now bow down, to the special interests of a fractal few?

Why is the whole class being punished, because of one disruptive child?

Why do we allow, one bad apple, to spoil our whole bunch?

Why would we dummy ourselves down, to our lowest common denominator?

This mentality is not sustainable. Furthermore, it’s in for a huge correction.

Any species that pans to the weakest, will not survive the long run, much less evolve. I don’t see lions out in the wild, elevating the weakest of their pride. Or birds revering, the ones who cannot fly.

As critical thinking mammals, we must find our balance. We must make critical evaluations of ourselves and adjust accordingly. We must define ourselves by our best & brightest, not our most challenged, dysfunctional OR corrupt!  We must find a way to be compassionately inclusive of all, while elevating merited exceptionalism…

Or why strive? Why even bother…

I suspect the reason we all subconsciously find our culture so repulsive in its current state, is because it goes against everything written on the blueprint of our souls. We are all here  to become the best versions of ourselves that we can become. To reach our individual potentials. We have a culture that not only sends repressive mixed messages, about what we really are capable if,as a people…our children are actively taught in a way, that works against their innate will to power, or our divine right to strive & thrive.

From governmental education to oppressive religious ideologies, we are all guilty of crucifying potential.

It must stop!

We simply cannot continue on this current trajectory and survive ourselves. Our planet, our people, are not living in harmony. But we will be. I can promise you that much.

We are being called to higher vibrational ground, and it is imperative that we answer this call, in order to flourish. We simply cannot move forward, without a radical change in our world view, one that comes from a higher vantage point. Those with spiritual eyes, can already see, that what is not yet visible, to the common man. Thankfully, there are those already on planet, to assist with our metamorphosis. We are the ones who will lead us out of the shadows and into the sunshine. We are doing everything humanly possible, to wake folks up, but unfortunately, we are still considered the crazy ones among us. However, this is going to change also, as we move deeper into the now dawning, Age of Enlightenment. What has been valued, will fall away, and what is truly valuable, will emerge and take it’s proper place in our collective lives.

This is why, the storms must come. Nature will take it’s course and correct the imbalance. I would like to see us open our minds, to new ways of moving forward on a global level. I truly believe that the coming storms will wash away what has not been working, and usher in a sparkly new way to view ourselves, and our future as a species. I look forward to the hardship. Even though there will be upheaval and chaos for a season, I anxiously await the treasures that we will find, in weathering the things that must come.

Please remember, as we head into a season of uncomfortable darkness, that this too will pass. The coming chaos WILL give way, to the higher order we so desperately need, to survive and evolve. The balance will return with the Light, and this place will be a kind of heaven on earth, comparatively. Only then, will the majority be restored to sanity, balance, and logic, after centuries of disharmony. Listen to the clarion call of the Light within. It will guide you through the coming times of unrest. I promise you all here and now…stasis will return my friends, and we WILL enter back into, our birthright.

If you are familiar with the Tarot:
It’s akin to a fool’s journey into the underworld, in order to gain enlightenment ~

Trial by Fire~

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The process of initiation onto the next level of human interaction, is a gut wrenching, trial by fire. All of our relationships are being challenged to step up or step away. This path is not for everyone to forge.

But all are welcome to follow!


(image courtesy of

Pissy Pot Pie!

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Image result for PRIMAL SCREAM EMOJI

Today the human in me, is just pissed!

The kind of pissy-pot-pie than has rendered me not just horrified, but hopeless.

I am so disappointed in Americans and their lack of critical thinking skills, I feel like throwing up. For sure more crying is on my agenda. My mind has been assaulted by the sheer stupidity of human sheep, who actually assist criminals in our demise of our country and culture. My heart crushed by the unrelentingly grip on my people, by those who seek to ensnare them to a life of cage-less slavery.

All this talk of waking up, and it sure isn’t translating to better decision making.

The fox will remain in the hen house.

The Deep State continues unabated.

And to top it off, The Illuminati reduces it all, to “opposing forces that bring order”. 



What kind of order?

For who exactly?

The ruling class of elites?

The Deep State?

Because they are clearly not accountable to the same Laws we are!

In fact, they are echelons above them. Free to act with impunity, while the rest of us are punished simply by living under their diabolical tyranny, never mind if we J walk!  Freedom is a lie, that has cost us our kids, our ability to determine our own destiny and the right to pursue HaPpiness.  And in my case, any hope for mankind right now.

I just do not have faith in humanity today.  Why bother trying to help a species too idiotic to understand they have been lied to in mass, and have drunk the kool-aid that is killing us all?

I honestly thought more folks could see through the crap. But clearly, they cannot. The worst thing about this for me is, they never will, if The Illuminati is to be believed. There will always be 50% that does not agree, even with undeniable and verifiable truth, dead set in front of them.  What a sad state of affairs for us. We are not nearly as clever and as evolved as we think ourselves to be, if we cannot tell the lies from the truth.

Today I cannot help but wonder, what will become of us.

Because it appears as if the war has already been lost by those who have the most to lose, those who do not seem to know, there is a battle~

 (Sometime in September 2018)


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What if science were able to prove without a doubt… that reincarnation is in fact, VERY real? How would this shift your present world view? Would it shape the way you did things here? How would you feel about such a revelation, if you had been led to believe in heaven & hell?

Would you still chase after abrahamic gods? Would you still go through with your gender reassignment? Would you be more OR less, success driven? Would you stop and smell the roses, or take paradise and put up a parking lot?

What do you suppose our global society would morph into… if this one truth could be conclusively shouted from the rooftops?

*Draft from June 22, 2015

⚠️ Just Sayin’

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An apology, lacking the same enthusiasm displayed in the betrayal, is no apology at all~


The Path~

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The path up the pyramid, is not a journey taken by those interested only in wealthy outcomes.

A treacherous road, awaits those who lack patience.

I know, I took that path. It led to darkness & a lack of vision for me.

Failure to see the bigger picture, makes the road blocks in life, next to impossible to navigate.

However…Hardship, WILL reveal its Treasures, in the Light of closer scrutiny.

The journey to become a better version of yourself, is required to consider yourself Illuminati.


It isn’t a title, it is a living essence, found in all others of our kind~

👣 Tread Wisely~

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You can recognize the truly #LightLed,   by their “fruits”.

While they are still human, the bulk of their lives, will show evolution of thought & deed.

They are the ones, who actively participate in their personal growth.

They are the ones, who examine their own lives, with far more ruthlessness than any hater.

These are the ones, who actually embrace change and are willing to open new doors; within.

They are full of juicy goodness, that is nourishment to others, starving for human kindness & knowledge.

I encourage you to stay huddled with those, who are bringing their ‘A’ game, even at “practice”.

(((Light attracts Light)))

Practice becoming the most illuminated version of yourself, with them.

These are your future leaders.

These are the ones, who will lead the way, into the New Age of Illuminatiam~

HaPpy Trails 👣 !

Hardships in Hell~

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We all face hardships. They are an unavoidable part of the path, towards our own greatness. From unintentional missteps, to willful side-steps, we all face the consequences of our moves.

The luxury of choice, is not without responsibility. While we are destined to realize our full potentials, we choose what roads we take to get there. And how long. In the scheme of eternity, we are certainly welcome to take the long way home.
However, with the thunder of approaching storms, those called to higher places, cannot linger. We smell the storm coming. We recognize our personal trips to hardship hell, are a necessary part of our personal preparation.
We feel the sense of urgency.  We want to be crafted into better versions of ourselves. ASAP.  We want to learn from our mistakes. We are open to the education, only true hardship can teach. We know there are treasures in hardship hell, and we want them. We want to be deep & wide and strong enough, to weather whatever lays ahead. And help others do the same.

So fear not, your struggle. Try and see the refinement fires of Hades, for what they truly are; Initiation. Every successful human you have ever know or heard about. Has suffered the same flaming examination. Take comfort in the idea, that these things are merely prerequisites, to inheriting the wisdom necessary, to fulfill your unique role in the Universal Design.

The harder the climb, the broader the view. Let the infernos of hardship, produce excellence in you~

PS: To the Initiates of the Illuminati:

I encourage you all, to reserve your critical eye, for your own initiation process. Respect the struggle, of your fellow Initiates. Get off the throne of judgement on others and take ruler-ship of your own life. Everything you have ever walked through, leading up to the base of The Illuminati’s pyramid, is by design.
Here, is where the real work begins. If you have time to over analyze others, you likely aren’t in the growing pattern necessary, to take the next step. We are all in this together Initiates. And only those fully committed to their evolutionary development, will gain higher ground.



Rarefied Air~

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Life on Earth, is all about our personal evolution. If only everyone would clean their own house, instead of trying to clean the homes of others, humanity would evolve much faster.
But alas, far too many of us sit in the judgment seat at the base of the pyramid, with mocking condemnation for those who are farther up the path than we are.
I prefer to celebrate the accomplishments of those ahead of me. It is them, who I look to for direction. Unfortunately, it is a rarity, to find those who share this viewpoint. However, the higher we climb, the more disconnected we become, from the negative expression of the herd mentality. This alone, is why the air above, smells sweeter~
HaPpy Trails!


Love Gift~

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I cannot imagine the amount of time that went into this! It was created by the very talented Lisa Marie Taylor @TisaLaylor especially for me!

I really am floored, by such thoughtfulness.

Plus, it is so cool!


Balancing Act~

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Nature always seeks balance.

Order always follows chaos~


Words matter~

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I strive to follow through on everything I say. For me, that is the essence of integrity. It is how we build trust.

When others tell me things and they do not happen as stated & there has been no communication to explain the delay, it erodes my ability to trust their words.

Trust is an essential ingredient necessary to sustain long term relationships, with anyone. In it’s absence, the union crumbles.

While others might be OK following those who have no proven integrity like sheep. I am not one of them~




To hell & A backpack~

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Well my 6 week “time out” in HELL is finally ending! So I bought a backpack.

Hades has the BEST souvenirs~


(I was in occupational hell at the same time my mom was having heart surgery 😞)

Rise & Shine

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If we can’t find new leadership to guide us onto the next level of our collective spiritual development, we must become them~

iVy Taroc~


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The weird thing about writing stuff down, is we can clearly see our own evolution (or lack there of) in the archives~





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It is National PTSD Awareness Day.
You should additionally know. I wrestle with this particular mental health issue.
I have had this since I was 19.
It is the result of the ritualistic physical, emotional & physical abuse by the hands & mouth of another, my husband, a fellow Marine. In other words, I was tortured.
I was kidnapped, raped & almost killed by someone I loved.
If I have ever disproportionately lashed out at you or isolated myself from you, OR hurt you in ANY way over the years, I humbly ask for your understanding & forgiveness.
It has taken me decades to recover from such a traumatic event.
I wasn’t even able to talk about it at any length, until about 20 years out. So this might come as a surprise to many of you.
Please know, I am sooooooo much better, and am rarely triggered these days. But early on, my life w/PTSD was a non stop series of disproportional responses & full on meltdowns as I made my way through this thing. Glenn & Jack know how damaged I was. 2 very brave souls who both had a part in my healing, and I am eternally grateful for that.
Because the nightmares & flashbacks stopped quickly on my journey, I assumed that the only lingering issue was occasional bouts of depression. When the fog finally lifted, having given up alcohol, I started to notice myself more. I started on a SERIOUS path of self discovery & awareness that has led me to this moment.
The one in which I publicly proclaim:
I too have survived horrific trauma & suffer from post traumatic stress~


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What a messed up & flawed analogy! I ran into this (below) on FB. It set me off on a tangent.  This is the result so far. I will surely expand this one as I go~



Ugh. I can’t help myself, here goes…

How about considering a fact based perspective:
906,000 abortions (some say murders) took place in 2015 compared with 7,245 gun related deaths.
Now, given there are an estimated 300Mil guns in the US & aprrox. 170Mil females…You do the math. Guns don’t kill as many people as Abortions do! Bottom, UNDENIABLE line.

Got it?

Gads, even the freaking flu kills about 35,000 a year! This gun death phobia is so fractal, it should not even be a noteworthy discussion among 320Mil Americans. But it is. Since this was framed with Abortion, a silent killer, most folks are simply not comfortable talking about it. But I’m gonna. Because you want the American taxpayer to pay for your “choice” we gotta talk about. How about we talk about the 1.5 TRILLION abortions worldwide since 1980?

SINCE 1980!

Cat got your tongue?

That’s approximately 1.3 trillion unwanted, unloved, inconvenient, I-am-still-in-school, human deaths SINCE 1980 worldwide! 60 million of which took place in our own back yard since 1973!

Abortion has to be the best population control of all time!        An absolutely unnecessary evil, in an educated, proactive, high tech & humanitarian world.

Have you not noticed, that women that actually want their babies, call them babies from the moment of conception. However, if the “fetus” is unintended, seemingly unaffordable or “inconvenient”, they aren’t even humans worthy of rights or protection? Even though that “fetus” has a unique, full set of DNA blueprints and has set up it’s own independent ecosystem within the host body, mind you. But hey! Don’t let things like heartbeats at 6 weeks or fingers at 12, sway ya. (Warning/Graphic)

I have personally never met a gal who aborted their child for frivolous reasons, who did not deeply regret it, or drink too much to try & forget it!
The mind fry of killing one and later “when you are ready” keeping another, is a lifelong struggle for millions of us.

A Mama knows what she has done. PERIOD.

A Mama knows~

If you want perfect control of your own bodies, how about you consider pro-active birth control? Or is that an inconvenience as well?  The Morning After Pill is another option so popular, abortions are thankfully on the decline. How about you try that?

90% of abortions are nothing more than crisis management. They exist for those who cannot rise up, and face the unexpected challenge, an unplanned pregnancy presents. Nor do they typically practice “safe sex.”

Before you freak out…
I personally believe women have the right to chose. I understand there is & might always be, a fractal amount of pregnancies that are the result of incest/rape/abuse, or are justifiably high risk to mom or reveal overwhelming birth defects to baby. Women facing those kinds of horrors, rightfully deserve a choice. Women who don’t agree with me, deserve a choice! There are without a doubt, humanitarian reasons why Roe vs Wade must stand, in my opinion. However, I find using abortion, as an alternative form of birth control, to be straight up unacceptable in a first world country. There are too many loving humans who would raise that sweet baby for you. Where are the rights of the Father or Grandparents in these decisions? I mean seriously, shouldn’t the bloodlines be consulted for additional options?
I can think of nothing more selfish & morally bankrupt, than an elective abortion.
Some might even go as far to say, abortions are quite literally, a human, blood sacrifice of an innocent.
All because YOU lost control over YOUR body.

So NO.

Do not even talk to me about guns related deaths.

Thank you~



(2nd draft)

* For those who used birth control that failed, this article is not directed at you.

However, it is worth considering… what kind of magnificence you terminated, when you said “no” to Fate~

All views expressed, my own, and I own them!!



For my G-Sons~

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You look smart
Yes you do
I bet nothing ever slips by you~

You notice things
That others don’t
And explore the stuff most others wont~

You use you mind
To reason things
And keep on thinking, after the school bell rings~

Your favorite thoughts
You willingly share
With those you like and seem to care~

You are so kind
Everyone will see
Your heart is always open and free~

You use manners
In every case
Every time and every place~

You really care
Yes it’s true
And it shows UP,  in everything you do~

Stay this way
Don’t ever change
Even if others think you’re strange~

You are the Light
And you are Love
Sent straight to us, from heaven above~



What is this following the Light stuff?

What does that really mean for those new to the concept?

I hope this will help you get started.

You have already heard the Light described (to some degree) by almost everyone you know.
It is known by many names, this particular Light. But we all have it* Even if, it is buried under years of pain & darkness, it’s there.
It’s that still small voice that says, no. “He is not right for you” or “YES! She IS the One”! This voice can be heard, although not audibly. It provides commentary that has NEVER been wrong. That “voice” is from the Light. And it just “knows” stuff. Stuff you can trust!

Maybe you have heard some call it Jesus, or your Higher Self? Some say it is Great Spirit, others, Angels. Or intuition, Or a ‘gut’ feeling…that “knowing” you get…THAT is from the Light.

It is our eternal, internal compass, that always knows the direction to go when consulted. I have seen it intervene in a myriad of mysterious & miraculous ways. It never fails to illuminate, although often at the 11th hour.

It is that nagging voice, that instant connection with others, that deep sense of peace that whispers in the storm. That hope you get, when all seems lost.

If you chose to follow this Light, it means you are willing to go where it leads. It means you are willing shut up, and listen for advice, far better than yours alone…Including the Popes, the President’s or your parents!

While we all have unexplained or divine interventions in our lives, most don’t realize you can enjoy the more mundane, when viewed through proper illumination.
Alls you have to do to follow the Light, is listen.
Listen to what you are thinking.
Don’t just THINK it!
Listen to yourself.

You will quickly learn, you have never, nor will you ever, be truly alone.
The Light has always been, and it will always be, IN you.
You can access it’s wisdom by paying attention. That’s it.
Just pay attention to your thoughts & follow the direction of the Light from within~

* Disclaimer: I am not certain psychopaths have any connection to the Light.

Furthermore Francis…

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IMG_5209C’mon Francis! Honestly, it is hard to take you seriously Sir, when you are sitting on enough wealth, to provide a paradigm shift for the poorest on Earth.
While you have indeed, encouraged world leaders to redistribute their wealth to end poverty…
If estimates are correct, you could end global poverty without their support! You have yet to put your money where your mouth is here.

And thankfully so; really.

While a basic living wage is an option worth exploring, the laws & ideals governing that money, must be looked at with skepticism. Who would humans be indebted to for such a privilege; exactly? Would we have to sacrifice our firstborn, on their ideological alter? How would our life be regulated under such a system?
People are so desperate to overcome their poverty, they would likely agree to absolutely anything, in exchange for the peace of mind, money ‘theoretically’ affords. This alone, makes a basic income, a dangerous proposition if not properly vetted.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all in for a basic income vouchers. It would be immensely cheaper in the long haul, than welfare & charity, which would become obsolete. Throw in elements of meritocracy, some free healthcare & education and we would morph into a humane society in no time.

If you REALLY mean what you say Sir, you won’t mind paying taxes to fund the future.

But we can’t get to there from here without serious soul searching. In order to truly change the way we do business, entirely new leadership must emerge. Those currently in “control” have a vested interest in the unsustainable status quo. It is up to us to plot a new course that leads humanity towards enlightenment, serenity, and abundance. We all have an eternal compass, and we are all being called to higher ground!

If we can’t find new leadership to guide us on to the next level of our collective spiritual development, we must become them~


“Libertarianism, he continued, is an “antisocial” radicalization of individualism, which “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority”…

…Hmmmm. The Pope seems to have a log in his “church”.
And perhaps the wrong label maker as well.

It’s extraordinary that he is unable to see he does not practice what he preaches.
Shouldn’t organized human efforts, share the same values expected of individuals?
Or are we to stick with the two set of laws,  we currently function under? You know, the one for Peasants & the one for Kings.
This smacks of “keep your heads down sheep” from arguably the most influential Pastor on this planet.

Why on Earth, would a leader of this magnitude, shame those who assert their divinely given free will?
Oh that’s right, he is speaking of the same ‘free will’, which the church seeks to bend to the WILL of their “god”.
Essentially exclaiming: “By god, don’t do your own thing, do ours”! What a fascinating approach from a religious leader, who clearly reviles Liberty.  I am suspicious of anyone who abhors the freedom to think for yourself.  There is always an agenda attached to such a sentiment.

This either/or, black & white, obsolete line of thinking, is actually what is soul crushing humans into squeezing out this glorified sense of self, so feared by religion. It was produced on your watch, by your ways,  Mr Man of the Cloth! Humans are actually capable of being idividuals as well as team players!  But I guess you forgot that, living in such a rigid system yourself eh?

Mental, emotional & spiritual oppression, eventually gives rise to volcanic backlash, in it’s opposite form. How can a leader of humanity, not know something of the nature of humans? OR…
Perhaps you are well aware of our trusting herd mentality, and have used this knowledge against humanity for centuries?

If your ultimate goal for humanity is true unification. You are doing it wrong Sir.

This is not accomplished by erroneously teaching individualism is incapable of forming worldwide communal connections. That’s categorical bullshit.
It is your banner some of us are rejecting, not Unity.
You are so spectral extreme, you have lost sight of the variety of colors, existent in the human species.
Globalism in not suppose to be a corporation led, cookie cutter, mass mentality, bent to the will of a one world religion.
It is suppose to be a collective of humans, who respect individual choices, while working towards the common good of ALL, from a planetary perspective & beyond!

The essence of liberty is freedom of choice. The core of collective humanity, is populated by individuals.
Anyone or any organization, who advocates the restriction of individual choice, does so in an effort to enslave humanity, thus inhibiting the evolution of our species.
We must use the utmost caution when proceeding into our future selves. As always, decisions made today, will effect us later.
I for one, am not interested in the hollow words of those who have the power & resources to do right by humanity, and choose not to.
I can no longer be manipulated by those who preach one thing, and do another.
As it harms none, I personally envision humans enjoying the myriad of choices individual sovereignty celebrates, while also working towards a global structure, that advances us ALL, into abundance & serenity together.