Rumor Control~

How about we clear a few things up.

I have caught wind of a few rumors, and I thought I might as well tie the truth down, in case you have caught the same breeze!

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1) I am not losing my verification and/or status.

2) I am not Gay. Although I AM HaPpy!

3) I am not leaving the outreach.  I am taking more time for V~

4) I am not jealous of anyone! Nor would I trade my life for any other, Jeez.

5) I have been separated for 3 years, but still married. To a man. HA!

6) I am not having an affair with Brad. Eww. He’s my brother!

7) I did not write ILLUMINATIAM

8) I am not Racist! Um…Have you seen my Council?

9) My daughter thinks the IAM are junk merchants. Yep. That one is true!

10) Nope, I am not trying to call RH on the phone. Also, he is on not on any list of mine unless of course, he is secretly BACON! Lol

11) Yes, this is my “real” hair color. Well, for the most part, anyway~


Hope this helps clear up any confusion! Gad zooks…Hahahahaha~




Crown Victorya~


I carry the crown like no other before me.

A halo of thorns, most could not imagine, nor bear.

No stranger to scorn, ridicule or rumor

I am ever victorious; never worse for wear~ 





Hated for not bringing the meat, so to speak

His offerings weren’t sanctioned by blood

A farmer of violence and war in the world

A precursor to the ‘flood’.


He has everything hidden deep within

But his actions spoke out loud

His sin was his envious ego

He was far too jealous, and proud.


He is marked for all time, they say

To remind those of us, who can see

The coiled still lies latent in men

Regardless how far from the tree.


But before we cast this Cain into Hell

There is something more in this story, to rock

For this is the man, it would seem

That sired a boy named, Enoch!



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33 Things~

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These are the 33 things I will be working on and towards in 2019


1) Get more congruent

2) Be more compassionate

3) Stay focused

4) Walk more washes

5) Leave HELL for a vacation

6) Be prepared for job change

7) Professionalize iMark

8) Read everything Illuminati; again

9) Call my family more regularly

10) Payoff Paypal

11) Get new technology (iPad Pro)

12) Laugh more!!

13) Seek more knowledge

14) Serve more folks

15) Rebuild my savings

16) Manifest a better smile; STAT

17) Move more mountains

18) Dance more!

19) Eat even better

20) Lose 20lbs

21) Start & keep swimming

22) Launch IAMfamFLAIR!

23) Finish “Gemstones in Hell”

24) Finish “Initiate of the Illuminati”

25) Publish & promote 23 & 24

26) Set up home studio

27) Finish my personal Testimony

28) Remember my Testimony!

29) Visit G-Sons ASAP

30) Create more

31) Take more breaks

32) Work harder

33) Remember my vows


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In general, what do you enjoy the most about my blog?

1) Those Gemstones from Hell

2) Illuminati Related Topics

3) My Spirited & Spicy Rants

4) ALL the Above


Please weigh in below!





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Competition in it’s most positive form, drives innovation and sparks the seeds of creation. It pushes us to be our best and motivates us to do more than we thought we could. Not just for ourselves, but for the teams we are a part of.

But there is a negative side to Competition. The nasty side, where winning becomes the only driving force, not an increase in personal or professional excellence.  Where being number one, is sought by any means, often at the expense of the others on the same team.




Relationship Red Flag!


If you have started dating someone who wants to remove, alter or dominate any of your preexisting relationships with others.

You are a fool.

Relationships aren’t an either OR gig!

The human heart is more than capable of engaging in all kinds of relationships, none of which is a threat, to any primary relationship we might have, with anyone else.

Anyone threatened by that, should be avoided at all costs!



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