The shadow of Leadership~

Leadership is not for everyone.It truly is a path less traveled. And with good reason!

I certainly did not think it was for me, and really did my best to avoid it. But in order to successfully accomplish my life’s goal, it is a necessary skill I must continue to develop and perfect.

I invite those of you who are unfamiliar with the shadow side of leading, to consider the following -before you pursue the crown.

I have learned much of what you will read here, the hard way. It is my hope that it will help those who are interested in becoming a leader, see a more realistic image of the role.

It is important to understand, leadership is not all accomplishments, and accolades.

There is no shame in deciding the burden is not for you. Many livelihoods do not require that you to be a leader, to do what you love~


If you do not like being the “bad” guy, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like having to take full responsibility for the choices others make while on your watch, don’t go into leadership.

If you prefer to be popular and well liked, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like being the ‘odd man out’ among your peers, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like being accountable for things you did not do personally, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like being alone, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not appreciate furious late night phone calls from your crew, do not go into leadership.

If you do not want to be blamed for the actions of others, do no go into leadership.

If you cannot handle being lied about, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot handle be lied to, don’t go into leadership.

If you get offended easily, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot deal with the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like the unforeseen to change your routine, do not go into leadership.

If you believe those who claim loyalty, actually are -do not go into leadership

If you loathe hidden agendas, do not go into leadership.

If it bothers you to be misquoted, don’t go into leadership.

If you truly believe all humans are trustworthy, do not go into leadership.

If you can’t handle bad press, do not go into leadership.

If it hurts you to be misunderstood, do not go into leadership.

If you are not comfortable making decisions that effect the life’s of others, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not want unfounded negative energy directed towards you, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot admit when you are wrong, do not go into leadership.

If you prefer to see only the positive side of humanity, don’t go into leadership.

If you are the type who wants to be loved by all, do not go into leadership.

If you do not have a strong sense of self, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot take criticism of any kind, do not go into leadership.

If you think the money compensates for the stress of leading, do not go into leadership.

If you care about how others perceive you, do not go into leadership.

If you want more time with your family, don’t go into leadership.

If you like to leave work at work, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like being critiqued by the clueless, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like sleepless nights, do not go into leadership.

If you prefer to avoid worry, do not go into leadership.

If you do not want to be the subject of rumors, don’t go into leadership.

If you are hiding something, anything -do not go into leadership.

If you cannot handle betrayal, do not go into leadership.

If you value a peaceful life, don’t go into leadership.

If you need respect, recognition and/or rewards in order to do your best work, don’t go into leadership.

If you think crowns do not have thorns, absolutely do not go into leadership!!



(no doubt this one will be expanded upon, as I learn more)





The REAL cost of following the Illuminati… UPDATE

I am transmitting from HELL!!


I am completely miserable and overwhelmed. It is very difficult for me to see the Light right now, it is so fucking dim!!

However, the black crepe comes down tomorrow, regardless.

I know from experience, I will find my way out of this long dark tunnel, somehow. It surely leads to brighter days and a better view, or a return to the Light, from which I originate~

Either way, I have always been, and will always be, Victoryas!


PS: Raven flew by and told me someone was leaving.

Riven passed away this evening~



IAM & lessor gods?


As I wander through social media, it has become alarmingly apparent to me, that many Initiates have no idea, what The Illuminati is really all about. That in itself would not be so disturbing on its own. However, many of these folks, fancy themselves leaders -with a large enough following, to erroneously support their belief. It is for this reason, I issue the following commentary, based on my own point of view. Please note: Some of you will realize right away, you are not my target audience.

Far too many times I am a witness to the inaccurate and down right misleading dissemination of information. As someone who cares deeply about this outreach and those who have responded to it, it can be upsetting for to me to watch. Many of us have work ceaselessly to pass and parrot their teachings in an accurate manner, so folks will find their way through the concepts that are often foreign to them. When I see people shouting “Hail to the Light” for things that are untrue, some of us take it personally. I am one of them. I have been at this for almost 4 years and I (like others) are emotionally attached to the life changing messages the Illuminati has so graciously provided us with.

It is a situation that seems to be rooted in the speakers own bias. Often their religious views are intertwined with the information that has been shared with them. I have seen far to many, christianize, satanize and even luciferianize the Illuminati’s messages. Messages that has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion. It reminds me of that old Reese’s commercial -you got your peanut butter on my chocolate!

While the Illuminati has alluded to deeply held spiritual beliefs & rituals of their own, they have yet to reveal their line of thinking to their followers. They have repeatedly stated that we are free to chose our own beliefs, as long as they do not cause harm to any other human.  How folks get this twisted, is unknown to me. It is such a simple and clear statement, I find it incomprehensible that anyone would be incapable of understanding it.

But folks do.

When I first started following, and likely because we are encouraged  to “Follow the Light”, I saw many jump right into Luciferism. As humans, we tend to swing from one extreme to another. So when it was obvious they were not professing Abrahamic religions, folks just automatically embraced the Light bearer known as, Lucifer. Others went full on into Satanism. Even though they have clearly stated, (right off the bat I might add), that they are not Satanists! I have been wondering what this swing is all about. The best I can come up with, is:

1) Folks still erroneously believe the rumors, that we are Satanists. Even though it untrue.

2) Folks are seeking to please IAM by studying the things they “think” they embrace.

However, they are off path, on both counts.

We have been encouraged to Follow the LIGHT!

So flocking to the Light Bearer himself, is not too much of a stretch at face value. But as you dig deeper into the otherwise rational philosophy, it is rooted in the same myths and legends as the bible. A hint, in and of, itself. While there is a crystal thread of Light that runs throughout everything mankind has ever conceived, including the bible, koran, the talmud and the more esoteric. Not one of them contain the fullness of the truth to the uninitated. They are merely rays pointing to the source, for those who keep seeking. 

Every religion on this planet has competing forces. Just as we all do, within. Since the dawn of man, folks have attempted to understand the world around them, evident by the large volume of myth, allegory, metaphors and symbolism explored through their most sacred spiritual texts. For as long as humans have sought to understand their place in the universe, there has been those proselytizing their perspective for personal gain. There have been no shortage of humans, who have claimed their understanding of divine things, are superior to someone elses. 

Humans tend to be gullible and trusting folks by nature. We will buy in to anything that is packaged to be sold in a way that tickles our ears, or testifies to our personal worldviews. Rarely will we look past what has been said, and research its validity. We all do it. We all tend to take things at face value, because we can’t imagine why in the world, anybody would want to lie to us about such things.

But they do.

It’s a controlling mechanism and we fall for it every time. I long for the day when we will be collectively astute enough, to verify what somebody is saying to us, is true, before repeating the preposterous or improbable.

Because we have not done our due diligence thus far, we are swayed like sheep to the whims of nefarious shepherds. As always, the sheep wait to be fed, while lions seek food for themselves. 

The rumors surrounding this organization in particular are outrageous. We have been accused of the most violent unthinkable acts, one could possibly imagine. And people believe it without evidence. Simply on the say so of another. Never once realizing how many groups claim the same generic name.

To complicate things further, those who are possession of something more closely aligned with the truth, are ridiculed & scorned by the masses. They mob-crucify all those who do not think as they do. Those who are “black sheep”, know precisely what I am saying here. The free thinking misfits, are used to this kind of treatment.

Unfortunately too many people believe that popularity equals a proper perspective. Remember, the Illuminati asks that we rethink things, when we find ourselves in the majority. I know all those that march to their own drum must’ve surely felt supported (maybe even for the first time ever) when they learned the Illuminati encourages all humans, to think outside our current cultural and religious boxes.

While it certainly can be argued that ALL manner of religious doctrine has something valuable to add to our spiritual knowledge base, they too can be spiritual traps for those who linger there exclusively. Only most astute seeker takes the best of all ideologies they study, and continues on the path towards discovering the one and only Truth, that binds it ALL.

So why am I mentioning all of this to you guys? I am doing it because IDEALLY, everyone needs to keep moving towards verifiable spiritual truth. Because it exists. However, it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt, until you arrive on the doorstep of the undeniable. There is a reason why the Illuminati have used the phrase: FOLLOW THE LIGHT!  That particular wording is a HUGE clue, for those who are looking for spiritual signs. I am even dropping clues of my own. Only those who are capable of letting go of everything they have ever heard of, or believed in before, will discover they are capable of knowing more. We are so fortunate to live in a time, where these treasures can be safely found, by those who actively hunt for knowledge. In times past, prior to the printing press, it was a very difficult task. The most sacred truths, were often revealed orally, only to those who were open to understanding them, and had demonstrated they could be trusted with the knowledge. Even when books began pouring off the press, the truth was still kept largely hidden from the masses, by being branded heretical. It wasn’t so long ago, that folks were excommunicated or even killed, for embracing anything outside of “church” approved content. 

But to those who have finally discovered the truth, the signs and symbols are everywhere. They always have been.  They are hidden in plain sight, once you understand what to look for. The minute we stop looking to other gods, for direction, or the second hand experience of others, and chose to seek 1st hand knowledge instead, will we begin in earnest to discover the answers to the age old mystery, of who and what “god” really is.

Remember, the search for knowledge, is key. It is always rooted in fact, or the best working theory known to humanity at the time.

The truth is evidence based.

IF we do not take our spiritual selves seriously as a species…When those “Aliens” come, we will mistakenly believe they are gods, simply because they are more technologically advanced. I don’t know about you guys, but it surely feels like we have been to THAT rodeo before. How about we go to a concert this time, instead?