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I am releasing my archives. Cleaning out my Drafts. Some of what I have written has been directed specifically to my descendants and address things that were going on at the time I started processing it on ‘paper’. This particular piece was born out of a convo the Boomers in my family were having about our Millennial kids. As Boomers, we were raised by parents who rarely expressed emotion, compared with our children, who tend to express them exclusively. I worked on this one several times since I started it awhile back. It starts out as an emotional rant and gives way to something more rational. I cleaned it up a tad, but have let it stand raw and as is, because it is a live demonstration of my “process”.



Grrrr, Hisssssssss~

I love to resent them!

And in many cases, I might actually hate them.

They are such a fucking drag at times!! I hate the way they get in my way!!

I really REALLY do not like “feelings”.

If I could avoid them all together, I would. 

I probably would anyway.

Well…I might!!

Well, not really. Feelings can be cool!

But DAMN!!

From sorrow to surprise and falling in love, we can be completely held captive by these bizarre human sensory experiences that we have zero control over, as a lot of them stem from chemical reactions. We only have control over how we choose to express or contain them.

I know it is human to feel stuff. I get it. But as a WOMEN, this is magnified for me. We feel emotional things more. As a ‘hormonal women’, I  feel everything exponentially, right now. I am an adult teenager and I freaking totally hate it!!

Oh. My. God

(Grits Teeth)

What a curse it can be, to be the polar opposite of Spock!  Hormone driven emotional outburst are problematic for all gals, and it isn’t just a generalization I mean, isn’t that why some MAN named them, Whore-Moans??


I literally have to wade through my feelings, to get reach rationality. It pisses me off that I have to go through all of that. Plus, it gets super challenging once every forking month. Given I have been challenged with a hormone based illness, it has been magnified to epic levels, of the worst kind. To the point where I can’t even stand myself, so I can see why others might have a problem with hormone driven, crazy too!


But I am not here today to talk about my feelings.

Screw that!!

I am here today to talk about YOURS!

So let’s talk about your feeling, or more precisely I want to speak to the generation that feels they should not only express them every chance they get, they make vital decisions based on them!! A recent search online says demonstrates humanity is leaning towards feelings being more important than FACTS?!



While new scientific research suggests that emotions contribute to rational decision making, and indeed plays a role in epistemic reasoning, it does not mean we should solely rely on our feelings when making critical life changing choices.  From the pulpit to the mall, da man has been triggering our emotions to sell us stuff since the moment they realized how to pull at our heart strings. And we fall for it every time. Given this method has been used against us in every conceivable way, why wouldn’t the practice make it’s way into our educational halls.  Now we have the science to prove it logic sits dangerously close to emotion at the table of choices.


But what does that mean exactly. Does is automatically mean our emotional feelings should govern our life, and trump the thinking of the rationally minded? We know that in the absence of human emotions, we have pure logic, as Governor. But that is the mindset of a psychopath. So do we want the purely logical calling the shots?


That doesn’t ‘feel’ right!

We are more than capable of using both to navigate our lives! So we absolutely should. Feelings, senses, logic based on experience, all have their place. REGARDLESS if we live in a manipulative culture than seeks to celebrate one over the other. We MUST think this one out for ourselves.

So this is how I do it. This is what works for me and I am not alone. All the true grownups in the room, do this too:

I wade through the uncomfortable and sometimes extreme emotions BEFORE I make any decision, and drive…that is straight up dangerous. And if at all possible, I do so privately or in the presence of a trusted friend/family member. It is what well seasoned, people of maturity do. Basically, because we have learned the hard way, this is a better way of doing business.

Only a child mixes the two and shoots from the hip. I know this is preferable and far less stressful, because I was actually a kid at one point, who allowed my feelings to rule my kingdom. My life has become far less chaotic, since I have chosen to honor both feeling and thinking, for the valuable human resources they are. I am hoping my “grands” will be far more rational than their parents. 

Thank heavens, the pendulum continues to rock back and forth. It will eventually swing us all to something resembling stasis, as we evolve through each generation, as a species. As long as the “feeling” generation, doesn’t feel like blowing us all up, before then, that is!



(Revisit for edits and updates. Orig 2018)

Wheels w/in wheels?

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From my archives. This one dates back a ways.



A bunch of us were talking about our “signs” recently, which led me to re-visit the zodiac signs that have were assigned to me, based upon the time and place of my birth.

The thing I find so interesting about it is, there are 2 types of common Astrology, Tropical (Western) and Sidereal (Eastern). So depending on what sign I read, (Aries/Pisces respectively) I can see myself in both accounting’s. Begging the question, which is more accurate? Which one is the REAL version?

To be perfectly honest, long before I knew anything about our Universe, I’ve have personally believed that we are here to break out of cycles. Not celebrate them. In my view, 2D circles are nothing more than a dead end, regardless of how we dress it up. Seriously… shouldn’t we spiral at the very least? Turns out I am not alone in my thinking. The Circle of Existence verses The Spiral of Evolution is actually a thing. And I am intuitively in the Fibonacci Sequence Camp.

Regardless of type. For me, identifying solely with a astrological proclivity is counterproductive, given we are here to reach our maximum potential. That’s how I’m thinking we get out of the “grand cycle” itself. We have to do something different than, groundhogs day.


While I can easily except that there is a mathematical/astrological set up at birth. I think the point of this entire planet, is to try to bust out of the cycles and chart a new course, one that leads out of here, or no?! I feel very strongly in reincarnation albeit, not in a traditional sense. I do not see recycling necessarily as a good thing. It seems like it would be going backwards, if Karma is to be believed. If we indeed level up each time, then there must be an end game. A point where everything that can possible be realized from this one planet, will have exhausted itself.

Regardless of WHY we recycle, not one ‘sign’ could ever define us, as we have made our way through the zodiacal wheel over time, being the eternal Monadic souls Gottfried Leibniz proposes that we are.

These various charts and graphs, are simply not big enough to describe the vast array of what I am. Nor is it, you. And we should reject such a limited point of view. Shouldn’t we? Or is this how it is forever? As in forever & ever; amen?

As humans we like to categorize things, it seems to be a natural inclination. We love to label. We’re always seeking to contextualize our experience. Often in highly limiting, irrational and/or unrealistic, subjective ways. But…shouldn’t we be thinking about moving on from Earth, or reincarnating on Saturn or even in a galaxy far, far away? Are we ALWAYS human? Or have we been Martians too? Are the “Gray” US from the future, warning us about the perils of celebrating androgyny?


These are the things I think about.

I mean, I know there are seasons and cycles to everything, but are we really destined to repeat the same ones, for all of eternity?  “They” say it is a sign of insanity, to keep repeating the same thing over & over again.

Just sayin’!

What say you?

MOOOOOoooooooooo 🐮