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Nasty Weather~

Posted: January 24, 2018 in Grateful, Grief, Hardships, Storms, Thankful

When it “rains”, allow it to cleanse you~ 797B5D3C-C6DF-4CE1-97C0-F87D0FD9FF37

The last two years and counting, have ripped me apart.  I have dealt with every imaginable loss and some of the worst things, repeatedly. Following a magical year of fabulous, I should add. The contrast was a drag. It made everything slightly darker, than it likely would have been, had the preceding year been well, average.

I lost four dragons, two long term girlfriends, even longer term marriage & a beloved job I was thriving in, when the position was eliminated. I even had to job hunt twice, in the first year of living on my own. A highly stressful thing, for someone starting “over” again.  Meanwhile, Bro got a pacemaker and was diagnosed with Downs related Alzheimers. Oh and mom had new stints & a new pacemaker too. All of it taking a toll on my health as well.

Yep. It was like that. Dreadful.

Never mind, the grief & financial hardship that goes with all of these things.

So yeah. Hades. Nasty place~


I have quite literally, gone through hell several times in 28 months. When I wasn’t directly in the flames, I was camped just outside and within reach. I have cried more tears during this season, than I have since my Dad died 15 years ago. How I kept showing up everyday for more, was often beyond me. Because I really did not feel like it. Whenever I thought I could absolutely take no more, to my surprise,   I would.

(Insert maniacal laugh here)

Thankfully, there is a Light that is ceaseless. It dawns anew every morning. Regardless if you can’t see it during the darkest of nights. I found the strength to keep going from inside me. It came from the Light within, that kept whispering…


Ordinarily, I would have reached out for a round of professional advice for this kind of crazy. However, the thought occurred to me, the Feds might 5150 me, if I did.    So I used the time to hang black crepe and and dove further into the deep. I even coughed up a couple of ancient emotional hairballs. Basically because I was so thoroughly cracked open, I think everything I was trying to hold onto, flat out escaped! Even stuff I didn’t realize was still in there, was forced into the Light. It was horrific!

And healing~

Gratefully, the intervals & intensity of my custom designed hardships, have finally slowed pace, so I could catch my breath. While I am still finding my footing on new territory. I marvel at the higher ground I have gained. I have so very much to be grateful for! I have passed through a wickedly steep learning curve, most would run from. Not only that, I managed to snatch up some sparkly treasures, as I climbed. I gots me some shiny new lessons that will come in handy, as I path UP.

Remember now -Hell has the best swag y’all!!

Even though I am still, just shy of level, I can clearly see the true beauty in the prolonged destructive forces of “nature”. Especially as they move into the valley, and away from me~

PS: Thx 🙏🏽 IAM


Posted: January 23, 2018 in FYI, Love, Thankful


I am pretty much obsessed with this image. My uber talented daughter Rachel, created it for “Growing Pains”. It is “my” version, of one she had created for herself. I wanted to use the first one she did, but it was too “personal”. Thankfully, she custom created a translation for me. I mad for it, it is so cool! It just captures a part of my victories; somehow…

Anyway, I am really proud of her “fine” artistry! I just wanted to make sure I shouted out some praises on my blog, for those who we not able to see it in print~


(Mama loves you Liebs)




To my loyal readers~

Posted: January 7, 2018 in Loyalty, Random, Thankful
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Just an FYI to those of you who consistently support my scribbles…

Your encouragement means the world to me!!

I appreciate you guys so much, and look forward to your comments, like you wouldn’t believe.

Keep them coming!

If there is a topic you would like to see me cover, please leave your suggestions below.

Thank you for allowing me to serve your Spirits, some fruit-juicy inspiration, with a side of, spicy rant & satire~


Thank Full~

Posted: November 23, 2017 in Grateful, Thankful
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v. To express gratitude to; give thanks to.

I am extremely thankful today, for those of you who faithfully, followed my scribbles & sayings.


I appreciate your encouragement, feedback and support, more than you could possibly know~

I am truly THANK FULL guys!!

Thank you!

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Thankful
I am so thankful for those of you, who have taken the time to read my scribbles!!
It means more to me than you might think!!