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I am transmitting from HELL!!


I am completely miserable and overwhelmed. It is very difficult for me to see the Light right now, it is so fucking dim!!

However, the black crepe comes down tomorrow, regardless.

I know from experience, I will find my way out of this long dark tunnel, somehow. It surely leads to brighter days and a better view, or a return to the Light, from which I originate~

Either way, I have always been, and will always be, Victoryas!


PS: Raven flew by and told me someone was leaving.

Riven passed away this evening~


Note to Self~

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Note to self:

I will continue to allow the Light to shine upon my inner shadows, regardless of how painful. I will continue to remain open, to the burning rays that refine.






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The storms are so close, you can smell them now.
We must gather too~
It’s time to shine the Light upon, everything we do~



Light Grows~

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That’s the thing about the Light is…at some point, it shines on every shadow, as it eternally expands~


Quote me!

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I am doing my best to become one!


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My purpose is simple.


I just wanna reach, my maximum potential~


However, I can elaborate. because this holds true, for everyone. That is why, we all have a place in The Universal Design.

At our core, our soul is pure Light & Potential. There is a blueprint written on each of us. No two, exactly the same.

We can discern our roles, by looking at reoccurring themes in our lives, and consulting our inner navigational systems.

There are many ways to do this.

Probably as many ways, as there are people. Many like to meditate. I like it quiet…so I can hear myself think. Many get  answers through dreams, others have visions.

The whole universe will scream at us, if necessary.  Virtually anyone or any situation, carries messages that will help us, if we get stuck. There are signs & symbols everywhere. And of course. Dominoes.

A ‘Will to Power’, resides in us all. It is encoded in all of humanity, to push towards our maximum potentials, both individually & collectively. It is the energy of evolution.

We are all born equal. However, we all do not use our potential, equally.

That is why we see others ahead of us, and in possession of, the things we desire. At any time, we can choose to engage in the behaviors, that will help us realize our dreams. No one holds anyone back, from manifesting our maximum potentials. We are actually pushed towards them.

The only thing we have to do to get started, is look within.

And listen.

The Light inside us, is more than HaPpy to help Illuminate our way forward~



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The 5th of November?


“A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope”

Inside Out~

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The world is our reflection.
What you see on the outside, actually resides, inside of us.
Change comes from within~

Light Quote~

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“The light isn’t a religion, it is our reality. It is known by infinite names. It is in the fabric of our being. It is our eternal/internal guide within”


Quote the Rayban 🕶

Posted: October 23, 2017 in Quotes


The Light is creative & crafty.

It’s a maddening & magical guide.

It even casts the shadows in which,

the unenlightened reside~




My First Monument ~

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Can you even believe this? My friend @IAMColorsmith did this for me! It is one of my favorite sayings. It is painfully true for me. Blazing trails, is often a lonely path.

Colorsmith took it to Grand Haven, Michigan for me. He left it out in the wild for the perfect passerby! I am hoping the person who needs to hear this bitter reminder the most, finds it & takes it home with them. It is an affirmation, that crowns indeed have thorns.

This kind of giving blows me away!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving…the most precious kind. It is actually a monument to the heart of the giver, rather than she who receives it~


Thanksgiving 16

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I am thankful for the fires of refinement. Even though I am sick of all the hot tears~
#thanksgiving 2016



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Energetically, there are currents above the #Noise & #Confusion 


Take the #UpDraft & #Soar ~


Going Global Boundaries~

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Globalism that embraces and celebrates cultural sovereignty & humanitarian unity,  would be ‘Heaven on Earth’ in our hands~

Your move~

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Who among us is intellectually fluid enough, to intentionally change their minds?



Please wake up~

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imageEngineered & willful ignorance, have a ‘satans’ hold on humanity. All things irrational & aberrant, originate there~

Rise & Shine

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There are so many ways to serve, simply smiling at a new face, is one of them~




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You can submit to the narrative,image

or…submit your own script~