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Those who are becoming Illuminati, are not drawn into false narratives designed to sway the masses. We stand above the script, on the shoulders of men & women who will not be divided by your hate, bigotry, or racism. We defend humanity, not humanities bullshit~ Those violently taking to the streets in irrational & weaponized […]

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Signs, Symbols and Services~

  The Illuminati are all about da signs and da symbols. They have been provided to serve us. They have gone to great lengths to put some of their signs and symbols out there for us, so there can be no doubt about how important they are to the Illuminati’s organization. But why? Is there […]

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I am releasing my archives. Cleaning out my Drafts. Some of what I have written has been directed specifically to my descendants and address things that were going on at the time I started processing it on ‘paper’. This particular piece was born out of a convo the Boomers in my family were having about […]

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There you are! Welcome~

Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate having an audience in you. This is where I share my heart about the things that occur to me.

This is the breeding group for all my books. So really, if you cannot afford them, a lot of the content comes from here.

May Love & Light guide us all towards greatness~

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