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Ordo ab Chao

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Beliefs, FYI, Light
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So yeah… it appears the world is coming unraveled at the seams. IT really “seems” like that to me too, sometimes. I am human, so I can have some really dark days myself. The kind where I really don’t feel like being here anymore. AT ALL. The constant chaos anguishes my spirit to the max!
However…It is precisely this kind of chaos, that wakes people up!

The fact that a growing number of humans are becoming aware of the mass “programing” our current culture suffers, is incredibly encouraging to me. People all over the globe are waking up what seems like a very twisted reality.

In my time, I have personally seen a huge shift in awareness not only for myself, but collectively. The information age has led to an explosion of awareness to the hidden world-wide agendas of our leadership. I suspect there are two major global agendas at play on our current world stage. One that desires human domination, and ONE that desires human liberation. Think brother vs brother…a tale as old as time.

There can be no doubt, we are in a war for our minds. Not unlike the two minds that battle within each of us. However, I believe we are merely waiting on the 100th monkey (so to speak). A massive shift in direction organically occurs, when enough minds have submitted to the creative, eternally expanding Light. A Light that never goes out. A Light that illuminates the darker things among us. A Light that has been traditionally called God.

I believe we can have a peaceful take over externally, when we have finally become peaceful internally, as an individual. When we clear old fear based programming, negative & polluted emotions, we no longer function on the same wavelength of the nefarious control of others. It frees our minds to reevaluate everything we have been taught.  This restored brain function is now powered by the Light of Truth & Divine Reason. When we join mental forces with Creation, we become experiential co-creators in our future experiences as a whole. All of a sudden, the world is not such a scary & hostile place…when you realize you can add some much needed juicy goodness to it yourself!

Yes, we have been compartmentalized intentionally. Pitted against each other, brother on brother. And yet the spirit of Divine Unity is clearly alive on planet Earth, regardless of who or what seeks to suppress it.

That’s the freaking beauty of it!  Life has a “Life” of it’s own!  What looks like full blown chaos to us… is actually patterned by an awe-inspiring, tapestry weaving, mathematical genius, that operates above & beyond our limited perspectives. We should actually rest in that.

I really wish more of us would just trust in the larger evolutionary process, that continually refines humanity. You know… just have a little faith in the Magic & Mystery of it all maybe?

There really is an Order, in what appears to be Chaos.

We are all privileged, front row witnesses, to this mind-boggling stage of rapid human evolution, basically because of a mind-blowing, ever expanding Universal Mind…OURS.

Yes, we have growing pains… but just look at our gains!


Ominous Arab proverb~

Posted: April 6, 2015 in FYI, meme, Random, WORD!
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Arab proverb

Boy is THIS one loaded with possibilities!

So basically I had to download a meme creator & give it some due glory…

Kinda CrEEpy Eh?


Put THIS in your pipe & smoke it!!

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Beliefs, FYI, WORD!
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Take a long hard draw on this!

Psalms 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

John 10:34

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Go ahead… Think about these for awhile.

And you can quote me!

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Beliefs, FYI, Random
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While the masses cling to scripts of men who speak for gods…I chase the Divine Illumination that makes Humans Godly~


Facing Evil~

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Evil, FYI
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Would it surprise you to know… that NO soul, at it’s core, is inherently “evil” ?

It is simply not possible!

We are all fractal parts of the eternally magnificent Love-Light, regardless of how poorly we behave.
The word evil, simply defined, means immorality. Immorality itself is a constantly evolving thing.

Couple that with an ‘unloving’ attitude and a larger picture emerges.

Think behaviors ranging from hostility to homicide.
We as a people, who are the physical embodiment of the Divine Light; define immorality. And it shifts with the sands of time, as we move into closer alignment with the Light & Love that animates us all.

The current acceptance of the LGBT community, is a perfect example of this. As we evolve past outdated & rigid religious ideals… what once was considered a vile abomination out of ignorance, is found to be just just another luminous expression of love, when inspected under perfect light. 

Never mind  it wasn’t THAT long ago, that dancing was considered evil!

While heinous acts have been a dark shadow on ordinary life, it is by no means the norm, nor are we ‘surrounded’ by it. It does not have wings and is not contagious.  You were not born a “sinner”…

You were born a fool. 

You were not born evil.  You have been born into a place where immorality is a choice.

Maybe it is time for us to begin to understand the difference?

One last note regarding the nature of modern evil. We now know the ordinary face of it belongs to socio & psychopaths.  This is a birth anomaly and/or brain damage thing, and not reflective of human choice.  One is simply born that way. While many of the most hideous acts are committed by these people, they themselves are a fractal part of our society.

I caution anyone who structures their world view of evil, based on the nightly news.  Please don’t buy into the fear your evil neighbor mentality, because chances are,  they are as loving as you are… even IF they are currently a transgendered politician on the opposite aisle as you !

(This one is likely to be expanded upon as my opinions regarding the LGBT movement do not end with one comment)