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A world of Love?

Posted: December 27, 2017 in Compassion, Love, Rational
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Well this one ought to upset some. But I gotta put it out there, regardless. I am just thinking out loud. And don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE. This is just something I think needs to be added into our mix~



The worlds says, we need more love. It is what ‘they’ say, will change the world.
But will it? Why hasn’t it already? Are we not loving enough as a species, now? How can we love better? What kind of love are we suppose to apply to our retail clerks, our doctors, our lot attendants? The ancient Greeks had several words for love, why don’t we? Agape is unconditional, but is there a form of love, that has conditions? There sure seems to be. Most will “love” you, till they do not get their way.

The world says we need more love, but I insist, we need more rationality. And love, is often not very rational at all. In fact, it is a “feeling”.
I grow tired of sentiments such as this. It is yet another gross oversimplification. If love could heal all, wouldn’t we all be healed by now?
Surely everyone is loved by someone, so why doesn’t love cover all? Why must we remind each other to be loving, kind, considerate, tolerate, polite or charitable? Shouldn’t that be a given?
The majority of the globe, adheres to a “love” based religion or philosophy, and yet…here we are. Fighting over resources, garbage and gods. It just doesn’t seem very “loving’ to me. Nor rational. I do not understand this at all. That is how I know, love is not the answer.

Every human I know loves someone or something. There is a ton of energetic love floating around, so why are crying for more. Why is it, we see love as the cure all? While love is an excellent motivator, can love fix a broken economy, will love pay our bills, educate our kids, drive our cars? Will love keep North Korea, from nuking us back to the Stone Age? They love their country. But that love trumps a love, of ours. No. Love is not the answer. Even haters LOVE to hate!

I really would like to see us, move into a more rational and less emotionally driven state. Critical thinking skills are what will get us out of the mess we find ourselves in, not more love. We simply can not use the same line of thinking to unravel this knot, as we used to create it. We must find a way to work with each other, whether we love each other or not. We must find a way to bridge the distance between us with tolerance, acceptance & appreciation of those, who live & love differently than we do. There is no measure for love. But we sure as hell can measure how well we are doing, by how we take care of this planet, how we educate our kids, how we share our resources.

The world says we need more love. I say we need more rational compassion. As an action word, compassion gets stuff done. It isn’t like empathy, where you simply identify with the feelings of another, compassion is a solution based word, that has action attached to it. Compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of others, coupled with a desire to do something about it.

If we were more rational. If we employed more logic, we could solve literally any challenge put before us, as a people. But that would certainly defy the plans of those, who seek to lead us through to heel, via our irrational feelings.

It is my hope, one day we will unify under rational compassion & change our world, FOR REALS~