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Good God!

Posted: January 17, 2019 in Beliefs, Change, Spirituality
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Good God!


Do we ever need some new spiritual leadership on this planet!

Shepherds who are able to bring some damn logic to the table, and not just prey on the emotions of hurting humans!


O.M.G I can hardly stand it!

I am so sick of being on the sidelines, watching folks with dysfunctional spiritually, lead others astray!! Some of our spiritual world leaders spew categorical bullshit, while others are nothing but nefarious bright shadows, posing as Light.

I am of the belief that there are some incredible Shepherds out there, who are awesome examples of their faith, and I absolutely applaud them. However, the bulk of our pastors are preaching outrageous lies that should no longer be tolerated by a sane, 21st century populace.

Plus the blatant hypocrisy!


The disconnect is profound, when the guy in the mansion, driving a Rolls Royce, hands out platitudes about feeding the poor that he does not follow behind the scenes. Or how about the guy handing out marital advice, when he hasn’t ever been married, and can’t to be a Priest! That is the height of ridiculous to me!!

Folks should strive to practice what they preach!

Period, no exceptions or you shouldn’t be allowed to advise.

The thing that really bothers me the most, is far too many ‘spiritual leaders’ actively prey on the emotions of their flock. It is an effective form of manipulation, used by those with hidden agendas. In this case, they employ this strategy, to get at our pocket books. They should actually want to get into our heads, not just our hearts. We should be changing minds, not shaking them down, for their loose change!

It is no surprise, the Millennial’s are leaving traditional organized religions in droves. It does not suit their ‘devil may care’ attitudes, as they aggressively push the envelope, on what is acceptable in a civilized society.  They are the ones, who have ripped the door off the closet, which was opened by their parents in the mid 1900’s. These guys can smell BS from 50 paces!! And thank the gods for that! I am really glad they are here.

Typically, when folks flee any given direction, they head directly to the opposite end of the pool, to no less of an extreme. So in that way, Satanism, Luciferianism and ego based esoteric philosophies, are on the rise. Don’t misunderstand, there are elements in all ideologies worth embracing, but we need to move past strict categorization and into the ecumenical inclusion. We need to explore all kinds of options, invite science into the equation and cobble together our own line of thinking that is always open to evolving as we learn more.

All manner of spiritual advice can be beneficial, there is indeed a ‘crystal thread’ that runs throughout it all. However, it’s knowing when to pause and when to push through on our path that truly makes our spiritual journeys enlightening. While I often speak of the crystal thread that runs through and binds it all, too many stop and linger on that which tickles their fancy, rather than reaching beyond the box, and heeding the constant call that beckons on, to a higher place. A place where logic and reason lives side by side, with empathy and compassion. A place where the divine is recognized, in all things. A place where the math can prove all things ontological.

Lately, the organized criminal activity of the Catholic Church is coming into focus*. The pedophilia that has been allowed to flourish within the Vatican walls, should disgust every human on this planet! Unfortunately, the faithful have been programed to forgive and turn the other cheek on the organized criminal predatory practices of the church. This diabolical institution and those like it, MUST be wiped from the face of humanity with a vengeance, in order for us to grow spiritually as a species. The time is coming, when we will face down what has been done in the shadows and bring it to reconciliation, with the Light.

Our spiritual practices must find a better way to meet the needs of struggling humans. I’m talking in the trenches reprogramming and education that serves folks in practical and spiritually revolutionary ways. Information that points a correct mindset that facilitates change, if applied. Hand holding is only effective when picking someone up, who has stumbled. To really help support change, we much show the way to walk upright through life unaided, by example. Think of the old adage, teach a man to fish. Hand feeding him makes him dependent on goodwill which always has limits and often hidden agendas. We should want our species to be self-sufficient spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Coddling is crippling when it is permanent. While temporary assistance is helpful, permanent reliance on others, is counter-productive and potentially harmful. 

We all must find our own way through the hardships and hurdles we face in life. They are designed to strengthen our moral resolve and harden the armors around our soul. When we do not allow humans the dignity of overcoming, we erode their sense of self and teach them to be reliant on others, for their advancement. I believe it’s time we encourage folks to find the Light within, not look towards others, solely for their spiritual sustenance. We all have a built in navigation system and it is preferable to teach people how to find it and use it, rather than making them dependent on the local guru, for directions.

Each path is unique. Often our one size fits all advice, does not fit the circumstances being faced by a one of a kind human. Ultimately, only we know what is right for us. Our spiritual leaders should be educating folks on how to rely on their own innate intuitions and wisdom, to course set, or course correct. When we are not taught to tie our own shoes, we are robbed of the self-esteem that comes with the accomplishment, of learning to do it for ourselves. Spiritual independence should be the norm. Not reliance on those who have mastered this for themselves. It weakens humanity when we do not support our victories and chose to celebrate the victimized.

We must find a way to achieve a sacred balance. We must know when helping, is actually a hindrance instead. Bailing people out, is not always the most humane thing to do for them.

There is a time to support and a time to suggest.

There is a time to encourage and a time to tough love educate.

There is a time to rush in and a time to relinquish the crutches.

There is a time to feed and a time to teach how to plant.

There is a time to embrace and a time to let go.

Each in their season, each serving us perfectly in their own way. We must recognized the difference and apply each with love and empathy.


So if you have heard “The Calling”, for God’s sake ANSWER IT!!

*We will be discussing their criminal activity during our global conversation on Pedophilia and Sex Slavery & Trafficking coming soon to iMark Radio.

Just getting this on record as I will be updating it again soon~


The following are my Evolving Spiritual Tenants.

They are not written in rock, because new data requires new decisions on my part. I am constantly evolving my point of view and you can see this, demonstrated here. I have updated this article, after not even reading it for a few years. I have kept both versions for this edit, to show the growth that has occurred very recently. Although I am open to spiritual teachings from any and all sources, at my core, I am a Gnostic~


I believe each and every one of us, including plants & animals, are ‘gifted’ with the ultimate divine force or energetic essence.

I know that the Light is literally in everything, including all life forms.

I believe it is this “essence” that animates us all into living, breathing creations. Many refer to this “force” as a male (or even a female) entity and use titles such as God or Goddess when speaking about it.

This gender neutral Light permeates EVERYTHING &  inhabits ALL.

I believe the energy gifted to us is “neutral”, in that it may be used for any intention or will. In fact, this is how I define free will: “Free energy to use as you Will”… as it harms none, of course.

I know free will Rules, however destiny still Reigns.

I believe to label anything strictly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, is a gross over-simplification of the intricacies that are inherent in the human condition. I do not believe in condemning the choices of others. Everyone has every right to use the application of divine energy,  at their discretion. As it harm none….of course.

Subjective ideas about good & evil do not necessarily reflect objective reality. One mans negative roadblock, is another person’s positive motivator.

I believe that the “Law of Love”  is written on the hearts of mankind, but understand also that in extreme cases, biological anomalies, brainwashing & abuse, can taint or pervert this law. I believe there is no such thing as ‘separation’ from our creator, only ignorance to the relationship. I categorically reject any & all philosophy’s that would state otherwise.

I know this to be true. Period. We cannot be separated from the animating divine Light within.

I believe “As above, So below”. That ancient statement is now verified by known science, from the micro to the macro and serves as a foundation for my life. This is the essence of of the “Christ Consciousness”.

I know that no matter what people call it, it is the same Universal Design, for all.

I believe that we are energetic creatures that actually vibrate. Simply put, we attract that which is on our own ‘wavelength’.

I know that we are energetic monadic souls (minds) and are not our temporal bodies. We all vibrate to the frequency we organically resonate with, and we are capable of shifting vibrations/frequencies at will.

I believe in the power of intention and that we can literally manifest not only our own destinies, but our collective destinies as well. We are divine co-creators and the world around us, is a collective reflection of our united consciousness. As within, So Without.

I know this to be true, now more than ever! However, there is still an unseen creative force, that seems to have a plan of it’s own for it’s magnificent creation.

I believe the purpose of our Earth based lives is to break free from karma, the cycle of reincarnation, astrological wheels, or any other manner of being, that keeps us from ‘graduating’ from this one planetary or dimensional experience within eternity.

I know this is a vibratory  & coded matrix. However, I have no idea what the purpose of this plane is, although it does seem like a Spiritual version of “Escape the Room”. But I do believe it is necessary, or it would not exist.

I believe and science supports, that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, therefore, I do not believe in the grave as a final destination for our souls.

This has not changed. I know for a fact we are monadic souls on a will to power journey to be the best possible versions of ourselves, we can be. This is written on our soul’s unchangeable and irreplaceable eternal blueprint.

I believe Heaven & Hell reside within and by mastering our lower or ‘hellish’ nature, we will create a heavenly environment in, and around us.


I believe in the “Law of One”  which at the core, unites all creatures in creation, into a single energetic entity of divine oneness. I understand this Law to be all inclusive and that NO ONE is left out of it’s design.

The Universal Design is real and verifiable and we have the Math to prove it!

I believe it is through our unique individual perceptions, that divinity has an experience of itself.

I know I am but one limitless and eternal equation, in the infinite mathematical expression, some call god.



Does your “boss” dictate your personal life?

Does he tell you who you can talk to, who you can date, who you can be friends with, what organizations you can serve, or what hobbies you can enjoy when you are not at work?

Does he declare who you can worship, who you can love, who you must be loyal to, who you must avoid?

Because if he does, his control freak is showing -as is your weakness.


Not only would it be illegal for someone in “leadership” to do such an abhorrent thing. It is a blazing example of their lack of character and their desire to inflict psychological abuse on those around them, to feed their abyss of a soul.

So if you chose to remain in such a job, either you are just like him, or you lack the integrity necessary to detect and banish your leaders controlling and divisive ways.

In that case, you both get what you deserve!







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Respect is way too subjective

🐄Disrespect, less so🐄

Perhaps we could at least, nip the disrespect thing in the bud?

If we could simply agree to celebrate our points of view, without crucifying those who’s viewpoints seemingly stands in contrast -inspiration & understanding will thrive.


Thanks for the inspiration 🦉 of Tulbure



I have always felt different than others. Not that I was special or anything like that, but rather  I always felt like the odd man out. Even as a kid, I did not buy into the majority rule. Not because I was consciously seeking to rebel, or be combative, but because a lot of what I was taught, did not seem logical.

Eventually, I unconsciously dummied myself down, in order to relate to others. This, coupled with a society that still did not expect much of women, made it easy for me not to apply myself further.

In order to cope with a deep feeling of separation from my fellow may, I turned to God. I reasoned, that God understood me, which brought me tremendous comfort. I was told that God actually loved me, so I was content with that for awhile. But over the years, and with my shifting sentiments about religion, I was unable to sustain that line of thinking. Especially because women were openly touted as “helpmates”, made from a rib bone & not equals

What started out as a message of love & acceptance turned psychologically monstrous, as it shifted into an under current of subligation & submission. I was decidedly not worthy after all, because I was not able to conform to their group think. Perhaps because, I was nothing like what the bible claimed a women should be.

I simply could not reconcile much of what was being spewed from the pulpit, with my own innate logic. What started out as a sanctuary to me, became a prison for my mind and I had to escape. Like I have said many times, I became willing to go to literal HELL, to find out more about this ‘intelligence’ that created this ‘zoo’.

Back and forth I went. In & out. Letting go of the programming was not an easy task. (A “program” I should add, I sought out for myself. My parents did not brainwash me religiously).

It took some doing, but I eventually broke free from the erroneous beliefs, based only on emotions, that enslaved me to the fantasy.

In the years that followed, I looked high & low for this so called, higher power. While I could always see the crystal thread running through all the ideologies I entertained…I never imagined that pulling at it, would unravel a path that would ask me to completely redefine who, or more precisely, what God is.

But I did. And I was only able to do so, by reason. Because let’s face it, There is absolutely nothing reasonable about a God that can create the universe, but somehow has a problem with an unclean woman, menstruating. Or a a divine entity that says do not kill, yet orders the rape pillage & mass genocide, of those who do not obey his commands.

Trust me when I say, love does NOT conquer all. Ignorance does. The gospel message of love is just a candy coating on a diabolical system of mental enslavement. It reduces humans to sheep, who chase the unseen, based on rumors of the dead. So yeah, need less to say -that did not work for me at all, in the long term.

Finally, after immense consideration & reflection, I have found what I was looking for. However most would be unable to handle the rigid and unbending truth of it. I was though, because it turned out to be so damn logical. An unwavering!

The true expression of God, does not resemble what we are taught in Sunday school , regardless of our religious, or spiritual inclinations. It has been hidden in plain sight, since before mankind ever walked the Earth. However, it is only through reason & logic, that we can access  the greater truth of this divine design. While words like omnipresent & omniscient certainly apply, so do the words, cold & calculating.

While I would love to tell you what I have learned, it is far too complicated in it’s simplicity for most folks to understand, much less embrace. At the end of the day, you must discover these things for yourself. Although…I will provide you with the same clue I was “given” as a teenager. This instantaneous thought, would turn out to be invaluable. Because when I finally arrived at the bottom line, it was woven throughout the foundation.

“I am but one equation, in an infinite expression, some call “god”.

The truth does set you free. But it is quite alarming at first, for those who have not been properly prepared. That is why, these things take time to reveal themselves to us.  Even if I wanted to, I could not get you from where you’re at right now, to my line of thinking in one post or pre-recorded talking points. It is so completely opposite of anything we’ve ever heard, that it’s very difficult to get our heads around it, even if it was handed to us on a silver platter. And quite frankly, most folks, would categorically reject it anyway, even though it has been proven, beyond any shadow of doubt.

I invite everyone reading this, to examine their belief system rationally. Be willing to   explore the nagging voice within, that you have ignored. Allow these uncomfortable doubts, to gently guide you towards the harsh Light of reality & the unchanging nature of the Truth~

HaPpy Trails guys!!



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I am long suffering, and I am as loyal as they come. However, there are somethings that are straight up deal breakers for me in a relationship.
Those that constantly take my “inventory’, especially after being asked not to, are removed from my life. I am quite capable of examining my own behavior. In fact, if I want an outside assessment, I will ask for one. In fact, I will pay for one. I do not need anyone to volunteer, to tell me all the ways I am imperfect, under the guise of “love”.
Those that think they know me better than I know myself, are bounced too. I am a work in progress that is constantly evolving. Those who attempt to freeze frame me, by throwing up my past, do not get to stay on Planet Victorya either.

While these boundaries seem harsh, I have learned over the years what I can live with, and what I cannot. I find the above behaviors abusive. No one wants to be berated by someone, just so they can fallaciously elevate their own egos.  And I am no exception~


Fake it, till you make it!

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This age old expression, actually taps into what we in the modern world, have come to know about manifesting, without actually knowing it is a way of manifestation.
It is about telling yourself the right lies, so your brain will be reprogrammed to do you bidding. Not unlike what your television is doing right now.
At first, I did not like this statement. I typically loathe lying, even to myself. I felt it suggested that lies are OK on some level, and I was struggling to keep my honesty as pure as possible.
So this really did not sit well with me at first. But the longer I sat with it, the more I was able to see the immense value in it.

Our brain are quite remarkable. They operate very much like our computers. It is all about the data. “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, we used to say.
To a truth seeker such as myself, it seems foreign to tell myself lies as a means of advancement, but the brain is not able to discern the difference.
If someone says you looks fat in that dress, even in jest, only the statement itself, gets recorded, not the laughter. So by the same token…
If I say I am the Crowned Princess of the Illuminati to myself enough, I will begin to believe me. Then my behavior & actions will follow suit. It is really just that simple.

It feels odd to tell yourself something that you know is untrue intentionally, although we do it all the time subconsciously. We are actually lying already, when tell ourselve things that are untrue, as a result of the programming of others. Things like: we will never amount to anything, we are unworthy, unloved or ugly & stupid… you name it. Any thought, no matter how fleeting, if repeated enough and powered by emotion, will begin to materialize. These “lies” are really nothing more than insidious affirmations, of the things we have agreed to believe in. They will root in and change the way we see ourselves, even if we do not see ourselves in alignment with that reality, when we first begin. We should never underestimate the power coming out of our own minds. It is a creator like no other, and should be respected as such. If your life is a mess…all you have to do, is witness your thoughts, to determine the root.

It is child’s play really. How many times have you seen children role play? They fully embody, that which they are pretending to be. I see no difference. Kids naturally know they can take on any role they wish. It is a no-brainer to them. It is only through the words of others, that the lose their organic belief in their own dreams. It is our own thinking that  constructs our reality. Manifestation comes straight from our thought life. Children are born knowing this remarkable and magical truth. Watch them, they are naturals at it. Encourage them, to focus their minds on what they desire. It will come to them in due course.
It is the incubator of those things you want to experience. Both positive and negative.

YOU are the one who actually co-creates your reality and it is imperative I remind you of this. You have the power to change your circumstances, by speaking your life into existence, in any way that occurs to you.  So dream on! Think your way, into the life you would prefer. Watch what you say to yourself, is it hindering, or helping?

Bottom line: You truly are, who you SAY you are!


Free Speech~

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I am all about free speech. I can handle disagreements & the heated exchange of clashing ideologies. However, I draw the line at wicked, hateful, unmerited accusations & harassment for sport~
That kind of behavior is unacceptable to me.


Free speech is not a license to assassinate someones character, simply because you do not agree with how they see things.

However, Free speech includes legal propaganda, organized programming & straight up lies, as well. It is an ALL or NOTHING kind of a thing. We are either for it, or against it.

Although…No one in their right mind, would yell “fire” in a crowded conference room, and not expect there to be an aftermath.

Remember, Free Speech is not actually free.

Yelling “Fire” in a crowded restaurant, summons emergency services & possibly jail time. Our words have power. They don’t call it ‘spelling’ erroneously. Our words have consequences. On a very practical level, free speech comes at a huge cost for those who do not craft their words carefully.





So…what does it mean exactly,  to follow the Light? This is what I know so far.

In a literal sense, Light is the natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible. However there is a secondary meaning, one that has a spiritual application.

The concept of a spiritual Light is not a new one. If you are a follower of Christ, in the truest sense, you already have an idea about that which I speak.  If you believe in God, you are halfway there. This Divine Light,  is a trump card over any gods or goddesses and ALL perceived voids.

Where ever Light shines, we can see what otherwise roars in the darkness; hidden. This is particularly true of that which lies deep within our souls. Hidden bad attitudes, hurts and confusion, when brought to the Light can be reduced to better attitudes, healing and clarity. The beauty of this Light is… it IS a natural agent… so really no one is immune to its influence completely, because WE ARE the Light!

Sadly though. Too many folks have spiritual sunglasses on! Thus dimming the available Light to their spirits. You can think of it as being spiritually starved.

People have to be willing to carry a candle into the darkest places of their own hearts, in order to gain true illumination. Most are unwilling to walk through their own personal hells. They go for the flight or fight method, rather than looking honestly at who they are and what they are bringing to our collective table.

I know this is true, because I lived it. I spent far more effort trying to outrun my ‘demons’, than it took to actually stand and slay them. It is all too easy to deny our shortcomings, poor decisions or unexpected traumas and stuff them away from the light of day. Our cultures provides tons of distractions if you are not into self exploration. So the average human, will never change. Think leopards, spots and what-not. All of which is rooted in fear.

However, there is a group of humans who actually welcome illumination. I have met a bunch of them here: There are those of us who actively work on our ‘inner man’ in an effort to create a better version of ourselves. There are those that actually learn from their mistakes and seek improvement & personal growth, as a way of life. Basically, we own our own shit and clean up after our own messes. Kindergarten stuff, that makes a WORLD of difference over time…Not just for us, but for you!

Enlightened people sparkle & glow. They feel good to be around. But they can & will hold a candle up to your crap. It is natural. They can’t help it. They will expose the darkness in you without trying…often without even speaking. Light just does what Light does. It illuminates!

There is a growing, albeit ancient, movement to follow this Light into a paradigm shift. ALL are called to participate in the process, but very few choose to answer. To be “chosen” simply means, YOU have chosen to trust in & surrender to, the divine’s expansive & evolving master plan. Because there is absolutely no shame in admitting… life is decidedly less treacherous with an enlightened tour guide!

Michael Jackson said it better than anyone when he wrote: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror and make the change” !

I have personally chosen to follow this brilliant, creative & loving Light into eternity. Where-ever it shines, you will find part of me there~

I really just think it is time to modernize & upgrade our line of thinking, on pretty much everything.

So here’s a thought…


I think a prenuptial agreement should be a standard & yes mandatory, contract between any couple becoming legally bound.
Of course money concerns can be added amendments, but That part isn’t where my line of thinking went. I am talking about general & custom, marital rules of engagement.
Naturally, It would be incumbent on each partner to decide what was important to them, but here is what I am proposing as a starting point.
I would like to see, at the very least, conduct requirements in the event of a divorce, and stricter applications if there are children involved. It is simply not ok to cause unnecessary crazy, in the chaos of uncoupling.
Or how about physical abuse is a deal breaker, resulting in the injured party keeping most of the marbles upon dissolution?
That could apply to cheating as well. Or any manner of thing deemed a priority for us.
Why can’t a human expect to have their life partner adhere to a few voiced givens? After all, they both would be required to sign it, before the ceremony.
When we are HaPpy & healthy, we our on our best behavior. However, when things go south in a relationship, we are not a species that keeps our cool with complete consistency. Having a few rigid boundaries in place ahead of hell, certainly cannot cause human harm!
I think it would be enlightening to go through the process of making each more aware, of their expectations for their union.
I personally would include my man has to take out the trash. Don’t get me wrong, I will do it too, but not contractually, Lol. I FIRMLY believe it is a mans “job” having been successfully programmed by Bewitched as a kid! Just because I am a visionary, does not mean I am fully evolved! HA
Anyway…I think you get what I am offering here.

Human expectations for conduct within a marriage come with the territory. We all have ideas about what a HaPpy & healthy union feels like to us, for whatever reason.
If we took the time to write it all out, prior to signing the bottom line, maybe the need for articles covering our uncoupling, could one day, become obsolete?
How cool would it be, if we our treated our life long partnerships with this kind of dignified intention? Divorce is such a drag for all concerned, it really is preferable to do anything we can, to avoid one.
Plus the very act of initiating clear intentions, helps us manifest our joint endeavors with cooperation, thus producing more balanced & abundant families overall~



The following are the truths I support.  They sum up what I know so far. They are not written in rock, because new data requires new decisions. I am a work in progress & edit these statements periodically~
I understand each and every one of us, including plants & animals, are gifted with infinite Light or energetic essence. And a number…

I understand it is this Light energy, that animates us all into living, breathing creations. Many refer to this “force” as a male (or even a female) entity and use titles such as God or Goddess when speaking about it.

I understand the energy gifted to us is “neutral”, in that it may be used for any intention or will. In fact, this is how I define free will: “Free energy to use as you Will”. As it harm none, of course.

I understand to label anything strictly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, is a gross over-simplification of the intricacies that are inherent in the human condition. I do not believe in condemning the choices of others. Everyone has every right to use the application of divine Light energy at their discretion. As it harm none….of course.

I understand that the Law of Love & Light is written on the hearts of mankind, but understand also that in extreme cases, biological anomalies, brainwashing & abuse, can taint or pervert this law. I believe there is no such thing as ‘separation’ from our ‘creator’, only ignorance to the relationship. I categorically reject any & all philosophy’s that would state otherwise.

I understand the principle, As above, So below…That ancient statement is now verified by modern ontological mathematics,?from the micro to the macro.

I understand that we are energetic Light creatures that actually vibrate. Simply put, we attract that which is on our own ‘wavelength’ in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

I understand the power of intention and that we can literally manifest not only our own destinies, but our collective destinies as well. We are divine co-creators and the world around us, is a collective reflection of our united consciousness.
As within, So Without.

I understand the purpose of our Earth based lives, is to break free from karma, the cycle of reincarnation, astrological wheels, or any other manner of being, that keeps us from ‘graduating’ from this one planetary or dimensional experience, within eternity.

I understand and science supports, that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed… therefore I do not believe in the grave, as a final destination for our souls.

I understand that Heaven & Hell reside within and by mastering our lower/hellish nature, we will create a heavenly environment in and around us.

I understand the Law of One, which at the core, unites all creatures in creation into a single energetic entity, with limitless and eternal expression.
I understand this Law to be all inclusive and that NO ONE is left out of it’s design. Think Ontological Mathematics where zero, infinity, negative & imaginary numbers, all have value.

I understand I am just a number!

Ultimately…It is my understanding, it is through our unique individual expressions & perceptions, that divinity has an experience of itself~

V~ Last update: 8/19/16

Look who is quitting now…

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imageI know it isn’t cool to say so… but I am a quitter. This self awareness suddenly burst upon my forefront like a bad heckler at a comedy show.
My life is riddled with the astonishing evidence too! How I missed the obvious for so long, is a mystery to me. I mean, this is by no means an exhaustive list! 

I quit ballet.
I quit college.
I quit my abusive 1st husband.
I quit blaming.
I quit reliving it.
I quit resentment.
I quit jobs, plural.
I quit college again.
I quit disloyalty.
I quit Christianity.
I quit losing my religion.
I quit unreciprocated relationships.
I quit drinking.
I quit depression.
I quit bitterness.
I quit narcissists.
I quit self loathing.                                        I quit smoking. 

I plan on quitting a whole bunch of other stuff, as I move along too. I have taken full ownership of this life skill largely to my advantage.
So feel free to call me a quitter! 

Kill the ego eh?

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Beliefs, FYI, Random

Um. According to Jung, Ego=Intellect.

Perhaps it is far more auspicious, to kill our ‘shadow’, aka Will?


Ordo ab Chao

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So yeah… it appears the world is coming unraveled at the seams. IT really “seems” like that to me too, sometimes. I am human, so I can have some really dark days myself. The kind where I really don’t feel like being here anymore. AT ALL. The constant chaos anguishes my spirit to the max!
However…It is precisely this kind of chaos, that wakes people up!

The fact that a growing number of humans are becoming aware of the mass “programing” our current culture suffers, is incredibly encouraging to me. People all over the globe are waking up what seems like a very twisted reality.

In my time, I have personally seen a huge shift in awareness not only for myself, but collectively. The information age has led to an explosion of awareness to the hidden world-wide agendas of our leadership. I suspect there are two major global agendas at play on our current world stage. One that desires human domination, and ONE that desires human liberation. Think brother vs brother…a tale as old as time.

There can be no doubt, we are in a war for our minds. Not unlike the two minds that battle within each of us. However, I believe we are merely waiting on the 100th monkey (so to speak). A massive shift in direction organically occurs, when enough minds have submitted to the creative, eternally expanding Light. A Light that never goes out. A Light that illuminates the darker things among us. A Light that has been traditionally called God.

I believe we can have a peaceful take over externally, when we have finally become peaceful internally, as an individual. When we clear old fear based programming, negative & polluted emotions, we no longer function on the same wavelength of the nefarious control of others. It frees our minds to reevaluate everything we have been taught.  This restored brain function is now powered by the Light of Truth & Divine Reason. When we join mental forces with Creation, we become experiential co-creators in our future experiences as a whole. All of a sudden, the world is not such a scary & hostile place…when you realize you can add some much needed juicy goodness to it yourself!

Yes, we have been compartmentalized intentionally. Pitted against each other, brother on brother. And yet the spirit of Divine Unity is clearly alive on planet Earth, regardless of who or what seeks to suppress it.

That’s the freaking beauty of it!  Life has a “Life” of it’s own!  What looks like full blown chaos to us… is actually patterned by an awe-inspiring, tapestry weaving, mathematical genius, that operates above & beyond our limited perspectives. We should actually rest in that.

I really wish more of us would just trust in the larger evolutionary process, that continually refines humanity. You know… just have a little faith in the Magic & Mystery of it all maybe?

There really is an Order, in what appears to be Chaos.

We are all privileged, front row witnesses, to this mind-boggling stage of rapid human evolution, basically because of a mind-blowing, ever expanding Universal Mind…OURS.

Yes, we have growing pains… but just look at our gains!



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“I am merely one expression, in the infinite mathematical equation some call god”



I was LITERALLY willing to go to “christian” hell…in order to make sure what I had been taught, was true.


When I tell people I credit Christ with leading me out of the church, they look at me like I have grown horns right in front of them! They are actually antennas though…Lol

Rev. V~

I became truly & absolutely willing to give up my “eternal salvation”…in order to seek further divine revelation. My soul was simply not satisfied, no matter which congregation I turned to. The core message was always the same.

Fear God. Hate the Godless.

I could no longer continue to fit my innate understanding of divinity, into such a limiting framework. Although I tried super hard over the years to do so, Lol

I personally found the ‘church’ to be an abomination. The majority of her members sit on the throne of condemnation towards others, while using no judgement in managing their own lives. A people who candy coat their personal responsibility with a savior, in order to avoid dealing with their own lower nature and behavior.

The best of them stay fixed, unmovable & stagnant. Parrots with no thoughts of their own. Completely surrendering their magnificent Light-glory, to the ideals of a lesser godhead. I know this because I actually experienced it first hand, from the perspective of the “conservative right wing”.

I was a raven among the parroting hordes, wanting desperately to believe what they had memorized, was true. I saw with my own eyes what brainwashing will do to a person, a family, a community, a country.

This lack of personal accountability is at the root of many of the struggles our society currently faces. I believe this mentality comes directly from repetition based religions.

Religious programming is a disease to critical thinking. And critical thinking, (the power to reason) is paramount when negotiating our journey in matter.

Never mind the ability to study ancient texts with greater understanding.

We must put away our textbook version of god, and their resulting commentaries, and begin seeking with the author of Light within. The engineers of the most enduring manuscripts had direct experience of the divine. That is why they hold our interest across centuries. Too many of us are mere spectators to someone elses journey, never once considering the sacredness of our own.

Any philosophy or dogma that reduces  the progress of  humanity, fails to grasp the ETERNAL expansion of living Light.

Truthfully, I find it an exhilarating challenge, to keep up with the increasing bombardment of revelation emanating from our collective source.

It is time to bury the spiritually dead things, the roots of which, long ago stopped bearing fruit. It is time to break the yoke of a submissive, slavery based, patriarchal driven ideology, that sanctions criminal level hate in the name of god.

While opposing religions, ironically from the same Abrahamic root, fight till the death over dying thought-forms, a theory of everything has taken shape in the form of paradigm shifting Ontological Mathematics.

We can finally do the math here people!

One IS All, All IS One!

What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me…

I and the father are ONE…

I am IN Christ…

Don’t Ye know that YE are gods?

Let there be Light!!!

At-One-ment Achieved!

It is time to wake up from the dark ages of limited spiritual thinking and follow the Light right through Hell… into the Age of Enlightenment. Fully turned up, tuned in & turned on!

Because seriously…we have a planet to save, kids to educate, new technologies to develop, inspirational music to compose, animals to protect, art to create, oceans to explore, books to write, wrongs to correct, governments to infiltrate…

Time Out!

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If you haven’t at some point, been overwhelmed by social media, you most likely don’t use their platforms as regularly as some & have a natural balance going. This little memo is not for you guys.

For those of us fully engaging, whether to promote a person, product or service to others, it can be simply exhausting. It takes a lot of energy to meaningfully engage with your tribe; your sphere of influence. Never mind the energy drainers known as unsolicited images & narratives, While typically we enjoy the ability to reach out, there are those times when it seems mandatory, to take a time out & reach within.

There are so many voices online. This makes it especially daunting for those of us who are additionally aware of energetic vibes. The absolute negative outpouring of expression, by those who can hide behind their keyboards cloaked, is disturbing to the empathetic among us. The mass cries for attention & aggression, in a world on the brink of an evolutionary revolution, is heart wrenching to us peaceful & loving types.

But even more than that, if you are peaceful, loving AND reasonable, it is difficult to go up against the masses seemingly alone. It’s heart breaking to bear witness to such planet wide emotional distress, without feeling personally responsible to help change it.

While I intellectually understand, that everything is as it should be, that these are merely signs that a new dawn is about to break…the humanity in me can hardly stand the ongoing relentless angst.

When I start to feel overwhelmed, I find myself weeping a lot for seriously no appearent reason, save for the energy being tossed back and forth while the world slowly comes unraveled. When I have seen too much… heard too much, I want to get right in there with rest of them and explosively add to the cosmic conversational tension… when I as a Lightworker know, you can’t possibly war for peace.

When I realize I am heading for the ditch, I know it is time to back the truck up & head for my heart base to regroup.

For me to experience relief, it boils down to breaking established patterns & regrouping entirely; preferably outside and in water. But often inside cleaning out closets & rearranging the furniture. Checking out of the rat race is good for the soul. It allows us to reconnect & re-balance with our own mental & emotional roots, without the distraction of peripheral energies that belong to others. It is a time for action, not words.

With the world at my fingertips, it is easy for me to forget there is another world under my feet. This memo is my reminder to take better care of myself, so I can continue to care for the hearts of others without losing my head!


(Summer Solstice)

Doubting V…

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  We all have doubts…


New Data/New Decisions  -V’s Motto

Am I heading the right direction? Did I say the right thing?  Am I doing the right thing? Do I believe the right thing? Am I really, a good person? Am I in the right relationship? Am I giving enough? Do I take too much? Do I listen, as well as I should? Do I talk too much? Am I following the right person? Am I being hyper-judgmental…I could go on & on & on…but I bet you get my drift!

Feeling uncertain seems to part of the human experience. It is unavoidable at some point, no matter how sure of yourself you are. While doubts left unchecked, can erode your convictions, double checking yourself can also strengthen your resolve.

Am I certain about this? Is the single most potent question, we can ever ask ourselves.

When I find myself on doubts door, I use the time to reaffirm what I know to be true, as well as review any erroneous thinking I might have developed.

Doubting invites self review. It nags at us until we are able to clarify our convictions. Doubt asks us to constantly self edit, against a world full of messages, that may indeed be lies.  It literally begs for the truth. And it is up to us to dig deep around & within for the answers we seek.

While it is easy to dismiss things that are not true about ourselves, it is much more difficult to dismiss long held erroneous belief systems.

Is this the right path towards the Light? Is this candidate lying?  Is this the right belief system?  Is this pastor telling me the truth? Is this Guru really trustworthy? Is this game rigged? Is this article real or satire?

If we find that our doubts are of a “Is This” nature…it is up to us to vet our beliefs. We must be willing to look around, read, research, ask others we trust for their wisdom and gather more data.

It is not healthy to blindly follow anyone or anything, no matter who speaks it, including me. We must be convinced, through critical thinking, logic & reason, as well as intuition.

As the new data pours in, we must be willing to make new decisions, so that we can turn the doubt into ‘knowing’. It is this knowing, that shuts doubt up…once and for all. It is how we turn our shifty beliefs, into a solid foundation of knowings.

So…When Doubt comes knocking, just let her in! She is there to illuminate. She is a Light that exposes all hidden truths, not just about ourselves, but the reality in which we live~


“The deepest doubts, build the strongest faith” -ILLUMINATIAM

“Doubts are a sign of an intelligent & free thinking mind. They are an inescapable part of our “process””


I am cleaning out my drafts. This is just a little something I have in the works, that I will expand at a later date.


As the control of extreme radical edges of Abrahamic religions and their equally limited philosophical offspring, crumbles. We as the human race, need not abandon our spiritual heritage altogether.  In fact, it is impossible for us to do so. It is a part of the fabric of humanity. Our mysterious souls are all about evolution. It is called a ‘will to power’ and it is coded in each of us.  We must be willing to experience this expansion of our souls, as we let go of divisive doctrines & dogma, to embrace an all inclusive, sacred unity, as a species.

If we are to move past this present unholy imbalance, we must seek harmony as a people while still celebrating our unique distinctions. I feel very strongly that no matter where we reside around the globe, we can agree on some simple non-material truths that hail from every religion or ideology known to man.  A foundation if you will, in which all of us might stand. We must allow our love for life itself,  be our foundation,  our commonality,  if we are to survive our own manifestations at this point.

Will you agree to honor, the following 3 things, so we can at least stand on a baseline foundation and work our way UP, from there. I am interested to see, if most folks would sign on for this line of thinking, or are we still not “there” yet.

I vow to honor & follow the Light that is present in myself as well as every other living thing in the known universe.

I vow to recognize and honor the various paths taken, to get to the same destination. Thus removing my need to condemn, judge or proselytize.

I vow to remain non-violent in defense of my sacred-spiritual world view, even when my point of view seems hostile to another persons perspective, and actively encourage others, to do the same.




About forgiveness~

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For me… all things are forgivable. However; the process itself can take years, even decades to let go of the really horrific shit.

I have personally been to hell & have seen human viciousness in action.  In order to fully work your way through the abyss, you must come to a place of forgiveness for those who have crossed you. It is the ultimate triumph over their bullshit. Forgiveness is NOT for them, it is for YOU. It is about the restoration of YOUR heart… not the liberation of theirs.

Let me put it to you another way…

Forgiveness is simply cleaning up the toxic energy after a spiritual crime scene. Yes… You can still be relatively HAPpy in your spirit home, having just stuffed your bitterness all down in the basement. But consider this…there is a part of you closeted in the dark down there with it. And like any other storage room, you have stuffed away treasures in there as well. There are things of value in all that crap that one day you might want to go looking for….

You gotta meme it!

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This is both hilarious & heart wrenching.
Please please please LIVE your Faith (whether you are a Christain, Muslim or Pagan etc.)..or it is simply not ALIVE in my opinion.
I’m not talking about being perfect, I am talking about practicing what you preach to others so constistently, your whole life will speak loving light filled volumes for you. Ok?

Put THIS in your pipe & smoke it!!

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Take a long hard draw on this!

Psalms 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

John 10:34

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Go ahead… Think about these for awhile.


Buy 2 because you will want to share with others!

Once in a blue moon, a paradigm shifting book is released, and ILLUMINATIUM (The First Testament of the Illuminati) is no exception.
As a seeker of all things esoteric & extraordinary… I can assure you, some of the information shared in it, has never been in print before!
This book has the capacity to alter long held erroneous beliefs, without sacrificing your spiritual sensibilities.
If you have an innate LOVE for your fellow man & instinctively know it is time for mankind to get its collective act together..this book was written for you!!!

(Amazon Book Review)

And you can quote me!

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While the masses cling to scripts of men who speak for gods…I chase the Divine Illumination that makes Humans Godly~


Coming out~

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It makes me kind of sick to my stomach when I think of taking ownership of who I am meant to be. I have been successfully dancing around my life in full denial of what I am at my very core. Coming out in my early 50s is a testament to how deeply I buried myself in my own rhetoric. It is super embarrassing to confess this long held secret from the rooftops.  And you know what finally woke me up?  I started looking around at my stuff one day and realized the handwriting was on the wall all along. I had written about it for years in little snip-its squirreled away around my home and most alarmingly; online.

OK. So I’ll just say it. But holy hell It gives me butterflies to think about saying it out loud…in front of everyone… but I will.
I have known this on some level since 8th grade.

(Mum are you sitting down)?
I’m a writer~

Bliss You!!

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burning-nature-hd-wallpaper-340232_resizedI have a thing for words.

I see no reason why we can’t use the true root meanings of the words VS their flimsy connotations. Language is a huge inhibitor of human communication anyway.  “Word keepers” have been Christianizing our vocabulary for decades & I think we should take back our language.  Root out the base meanings and reject any word that is of a religious nature from everyday speech.  If we get too far off the beaten path of agreed upon meaning, we crush our linguistic foundation and we are back at the Tower of Babel again; so to speak.

Ever since I discovered the root word for BLESS literally means “blood” in Old English. I have developed a bad taste for the verb.

Even in modern times, it is an expression that connotes “godly favor”…something many folks are willing to fight over.

However, this term is firmly rooted in priestly blood rites no matter how one choses to perceive it now. We need to be mindful of this. Just like I am now mindful of what someone is REALLY saying to me when they say “Bless You”!

The literal thought of it produces images of fresh blood being sprinkled on me without my expressed written consent.  Super chilling stuff if you will really stop to think about it. And you know the blood has to be fresh, because you cant flick coagulated red life force on someone. It clots. Probably out of horror. Even blood knows that is a fundamentally messed up rite.

And we use it soooo casually too…

When we aren’t employing it straight up inappropriately.

“BLESS her heart”! (in my best Jimmy Fallen)


“God really blessed me today with the win” (covertly implies that their god screwed the losers)

Ew. Ew.

The word is just no longer operational for me.

And I am hoping that under this new Light, it won’t be for you either!

So I am replacing it in my vocabulary with the word ‘BLISS’.

Bliss is a terrific replacement because it sounds almost identical, but has a broader & more inclusive meaning. It is free from any religious or unwarranted connotations, a bonus for an evolving species.

To be ‘blissed’ is to be experiencing perfect happiness & joy. To ‘bliss’ another, is to bestow said perfect happiness & joy upon them. What a lovely thought.

“A Blissing” can come from any person, place or thing at anytime &/or anywhere! How versatile is THAT?  Talk about a user friendly word.

Bottom line… this means that something or someone brought perfect happiness & joy into my life when we won the game! NOT: Whooo hooo…I have more of our “god’s” favor than you do (neener-neener). BTW

You got to admit, what I am suggesting we do…is WAY more “PC”  than allowing “Bless” to continue to go unchecked into the coming age of enlightenment.

So join me & let go of that passive aggressive word TODAY. I mean c’mon!  You know it is the Light thing to do!                                                                                                                (wink)

Unconditional Love: Part One

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I’ll talk a lot about unconditional love. It is a huge topic for me, because I feel it is extremely important that we practice this kind of love as much as humanly possible. It is precisely the kind of love that gives birth to compassion, tolerance & acceptance at the deepest levels.
Getting started, it is imperative we get a baseline as to what the word ‘unconditional’ actually means. A simple Google search will put us immediately on the same page.
UNCONDITIONAL: Not Subject Conditions
OK. That was simple enough. But what does that mean exactly? Well… a closer look at the synonyms will help make it perfectly clear.
Synonyms for Unconditional include: wholehearted, unqualified, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted, unmitigated, unquestioning, complete, total, entire, full, absolute & unequivocal.
I am going to spell it out for us…for convenience and all.

Love Wholeheartedly.

Unqualify your Love.

Love Unreservedly.

Un-limit your Love.

Un-restrict, Un-mitigate & Un-question your Love.

Love Completely.

Love Totally.

Love Entirely.

Unequivocally & Absolutely Love as Fully as you possibly can!

That sums it up quite nicely I think. Sometimes we get caught up in over-analyzing something that can be easily understood, if we would just revisit the standard, agreed upon definition.