Co-Operative story telling~

If you have never participated in one of these, they are a blast for writers. Each person takes their turn contributing to the fictional narrative. I wanted to see if any of my followers, would like to play with me in this way!                                             

I’ll start…

I am alone in a forest, and I can no longer tell the trees apart. The only thing I have learned as a result of leaving the waters edge, is that I am unfit to lead, even myself.

It has been a culmination of my life work, to take this group and search for the keepers of the secrets that will free us all from life’s vain repetition, and the ceaseless cycle of reincarnation.

Having chosen another leader to continue the journey with, my crew abandoned me with such swiftness, I was shocked. They lost faith in me when the path became more treacherous than they had expected. Even though the begged for a short cut to the ‘promise land’, which I delivered.

I am truly alone, and lost -having cried myself to sleep with 6 weeks worth of tears, leaders cannot let their followers witness. I am inconsolable as I lay broken, hoping one of these gentle green giants will speak to me, and reveal the way forward…

OK, your turn!!


About Globalism~


We need boundaries, not borders!

Just sayin’~

                              Learn what the Illuminati has to say about Globalism at…

Illuminati Globalist Agenda



Porn in Public

This is my opinion, and it is NOT open for debate. This will likely be an unpopular rant, but I want it on the record anyway, because I am calling my descendants to a higher place.

What you teach your own, is your own choice~  

I find porn in public, and on peoples profiles to be extremely disturbing. It shows no shame, and absolutely no regard for the sacred. It is immensely offensive to me. I find it to be a palpable visual assault when that crap comes flying by on my feed, unexpectedly. It is a true shock for me and others who share my point of view.

If I can see it, so can your boss, your kids, your wife,  AND your mom! It tells me everything I need to know about (the mostly) men who “like” or post such things. In my eyes they are porn-addiction-driven perverts, who are preoccupied with their penises, and have zero respect for women, or children. I have no interest in associating with someone like that. I find the behavior vile, primitive, uninvolved and unenlightened. It is not in alignment with integrity,  virtue or upscale morality. I believe it is a true indicator of addiction. And should be dealt with accordingly.

Now mind you. I recognize everyone has the free will to do whatever they want in private, as long as it is legal. So if you get off by watching other adults bump uglies, so be it!  I will not be your judge.


If you chose to parade your predilections out into the public domain, you have opened yourself up to the condemnation of those who do not share your sloppy sexual inclinations. For many of us, it is just plain disgusting and desperate to show your hand in that way.  There is nothing classy about posting porn in public. In fact it is truly tasteless. It demonstrates you do not understand the concept of moral decency in general, nor individual sexual boundaries, in particular.  Moreover, it fully displays your salacious addictions, for all the world to see.

Including your God and your Grama!

At the very minimum, it is such poor form to post porn publicly, it makes the sacred union of two souls  look cheap, low brow and just plain nasty. When it is actually intended to be a soulful fusion of two spirits into one. But I digress….

If you find yourself enslaved by such addictive immoral desires -you really should not broadcast it.  It is certainly nothing to be proud of.

In fact, it is something you need to take an honest, and ruthless inventory of; privately.


“I’ve lived in prison a long time now. I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography…There’s no question about it. The FBI’s own study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers is pornography.”

Ted Bundy

Image result for porn addiction books Image result for porn addiction books

Seriously, get some self-help, man!!

Please note: I block profiles that contain porn. Period.




I no jive with the hive~

It has happened under my watch, largely unnoticed by those of my generation. Too attached to our own offspring to be objective, we have played a willing hand in what is on the horizon for us all. Unless of course, we collectively wake up. While there are always incredible minds beyond the grid of mass indoctrination, this essay does not speak to them. They perhaps more than I, are painfully aware that what I have observed, is true. I hope I am able to give a proper voice to their concerns, as well.

As I type this, I am powerless to stop the creation of a human hive. I have relegated myself to watch with morbid fascination, at the ultimate power of human programming; on steroids. Perhaps it is easier to detect, when you run on an antiquated version of Bewitched, and I dream of Jeanie, like I do. But I am truly thankful my particular day in the sun did not include service to a Queen, other than myself. I am grateful that the unsophisticated programs of my youth, were easier to dismiss or break free from.

The trendy kids of today, are not so lucky. Decades of perfected group think, has been used on them from the moment of their inception. They cannot see, what we do. And because they cannot, it is not their “truth” or their “reality”. They think they are all so freaking original with their hair full of skittles, and yet they all look the same to me, like a mad rainbow of water-colored vomit.

They are not original in any way. The flower children of the 60s beat them to the LSD spiked punch, albeit without the awesome hair care products. These kids are not breaking new ground. They parrot the same canned ideology spewed by the media, and they call it being  “woke”.  They blame their parents for leaving them a train wreck, no different than any generation that has proceeded them.  They have no understanding of the past, and are doomed to leave their own kids a future of mental incarceration someday, as a result. They are victims of the diabolical, and have become their loudest gate keepers, to date. A total buzz kill to be sure.

This should actually scare the hell out of humanity, but we are too weak to care. Rendered distracted and useless, by devices and vices designed to do just that; brilliantly. We are collectively lying on a soft bed of luxury, if we have time to contemplate all the various genders, to express our sexuality with. This is extinction level fuckery for the “animal farm”, and if it wasn’t for the ‘Watchers’…we would likely be herded towards our own demise -once machines are capable of entirely replacing us.


Welcome to dystopian Planet Earth circa 2019.

There is nothing new under the sun, and it is all quite meaningless…

Or is it?

There are competing agendas for the globalization of our species. To learn more about our utopian version, please visit:


Signs, Symbols and Services~

The Illuminati are all about da signs and da symbols.

They have been provided to serve us.


They have gone to great lengths to put some of their signs and symbols out there for us, so there can be no doubt about how important they are to the Illuminati’s organization.

But why?

Is there a practical reason for doing so, beyond the esoteric?

I think so.

Being the historical legends that they are, IAM has provided the “keys” necessary to unlock many mystery’s. Not only those that reside within us, as with our internal compass. I believe they also open up the pathways represented on our external maps, as well.

Let me explain…

Imagine if you will, a whole system of enlightened trade, right out in plain site. A system that can be identified, by the symbols, on the signs of each participating business.

How much easier would life become to navigate if you understood the keys to the Light kingdom hidden in plain sight?

It would be sure fire way to know who to hire, and who you can trust to purchase goods and services from, would it not?

I believe we can see this commerce system in our own individual communities, and utilize it with confidence.

The only thing we need to do, is take the time to do our research -before we head out to the nearest retailer, restaurant or repairman.

Pay close attention to the signs and symbols, Beacons!

Here is an example:

You need a root canal. Who do you chose from the many choices available? Which business would you tend to trust? Which will you give your hard earned money to, in Light of this new knowledge?




Of course, just because you see the right images on a business card or website, doesn’t mean you are hiring a person and/or company who are on a path towards enlightenment. However, isn’t it a higher probability -if the signs and symbols are there?

Anyway, it’s something worth considering…



Fear of Failure~

FEAR NOT, the Illuminati continually reminds.

I would like to remind you all that fear does not have to be crippling, it can be creative~


(The Scream by Edvard Munch 1893)

But I am caught in the grips of it, trying to complete my latest book.

I have been working on it for 2 years now, and have read it many times during the editing process. Each time I get close to publication, I run through it again. I remove, edit or add elements, all in an effort to stall the inevitable. I second guess, over-analyze and diminish the work I was once actually quite proud of.

Like the image above that has forever captured a moment in time, I am frozen with fear. I have been halted, and haunted by my own insecurities.

So much so, I willfully missed my own deadline while blaming outside influences for doing so. I am ashamed of being this scared. It is not a feeling I am used to or comfortable with.

I am afraid my efforts will be a colossal failure, as if the simple act of actually writing and publishing a book alone, could ever be.

I am afraid it will be ridiculed, and I will be openly mocked. I am afraid it will not sell. I am afraid I left too many commas in it. I am afraid that “real” authors will see me as nothing more than a middle-school wordsmith. I am afraid I will have to defend it to the masses, and minimize it to my Mom. I am afraid it just, plain, sux.

I am so freaking afraid!!

But I will do this thing, anyway!  I will not allow fear to cripple my creation. I will see this project to completion. I will use my fear as fuel to finish it with finesse, and let the reader have the final word, damn it!

(P R I M A L  S C R E A M)


“Every great work, every great accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement  -Florence Scovel Shinn



 A timely message from IAM this AM, reminds me that what I am experiencing is par for the course. Crazy given I wrote this a few days ago.


Unfortunately, I am at the failure and discouragement part of that quote, in more ways than with just this book.

But I’ll push through.

The remedy is in the reminder V: HOLD the VISION!!

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear” -George Addair


The shadow of Leadership~

Leadership is not for everyone.It truly is a path less traveled. And with good reason!

I certainly did not think it was for me, and really did my best to avoid it. But in order to successfully accomplish my life’s goal, it is a necessary skill I must continue to develop and perfect.

I invite those of you who are unfamiliar with the shadow side of leading, to consider the following -before you pursue the crown.

I have learned much of what you will read here, the hard way. It is my hope that it will help those who are interested in becoming a leader, see a more realistic image of the role.

It is important to understand, leadership is not all accomplishments, and accolades.

There is no shame in deciding the burden is not for you. Many livelihoods do not require that you to be a leader, to do what you love~


If you do not like being the “bad” guy, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like having to take full responsibility for the choices others make while on your watch, don’t go into leadership.

If you prefer to be popular and well liked, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like being the ‘odd man out’ among your peers, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like being accountable for things you did not do personally, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like being alone, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not appreciate furious late night phone calls from your crew, do not go into leadership.

If you do not want to be blamed for the actions of others, do no go into leadership.

If you cannot handle being lied about, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot handle be lied to, don’t go into leadership.

If you get offended easily, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot deal with the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like the unforeseen to change your routine, do not go into leadership.

If you believe those who claim loyalty, actually are -do not go into leadership

If you loathe hidden agendas, do not go into leadership.

If it bothers you to be misquoted, don’t go into leadership.

If you truly believe all humans are trustworthy, do not go into leadership.

If you can’t handle bad press, do not go into leadership.

If it hurts you to be misunderstood, do not go into leadership.

If you are not comfortable making decisions that effect the life’s of others, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not want unfounded negative energy directed towards you, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot admit when you are wrong, do not go into leadership.

If you prefer to see only the positive side of humanity, don’t go into leadership.

If you are the type who wants to be loved by all, do not go into leadership.

If you do not have a strong sense of self, do not go into leadership.

If you cannot take criticism of any kind, do not go into leadership.

If you think the money compensates for the stress of leading, do not go into leadership.

If you care about how others perceive you, do not go into leadership.

If you want more time with your family, don’t go into leadership.

If you like to leave work at work, don’t go into leadership.

If you do not like being critiqued by the clueless, do not go into leadership.

If you do not like sleepless nights, do not go into leadership.

If you prefer to avoid worry, do not go into leadership.

If you do not want to be the subject of rumors, don’t go into leadership.

If you are hiding something, anything -do not go into leadership.

If you cannot handle betrayal, do not go into leadership.

If you value a peaceful life, don’t go into leadership.

If you need respect, recognition and/or rewards in order to do your best work, don’t go into leadership.

If you think crowns do not have thorns, absolutely do not go into leadership!!



(no doubt this one will be expanded upon, as I learn more)





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