The Power of Words~

There is power in words. The word today is ENLIGHTENMENT.

This one is particularly important, since following The Illuminati is a path towards enlightenment. But some of you do not seem to fully understand what enlightenment is. So let’s look at that again together. It is important to do so, because you can’t become something, if you do not know what it is you are trying to evolve into, or you have no real understanding of it to begin with.

Many people flaunt what they believe to be “enlightenment” over others. Be warned up front guys, often those who claim to have it, likely do not possess it at all. I have seen far to many folks act as if they know something more than the next guy, and yet what they spend time exploring, is actually unsubstantiated bullshit. So do not fall for the “I am closer to god, than you are game”, Beacons.

Any path towards enlightenment includes knowledge, learning, and lifelong education. This is not something you do for 4 years, get a degree and you got it. Most would be surprised to learn the majority of degrees earned in University are actually obsolete in 5 years. Did you know that? IT Majors will see obsolescence in 3.  In that way, continued education in your chosen field or industry, IS a path towards enlightenment. In fact, it is one I wager the The Illuminati would like to see us take.

Watching a show on GAIA about aliens, does not make you “enlightened” or woke”. Education that is not rooted in fact, is not rooted in knowledge. It amounts to theory, which is not the same. Collecting theories and lifeless data, does NOT enlightenment make. Sorry guys. It doesn’t. Comprehending this vital difference will set you on the right course. Please study the following definitions very carefully.

IE: Knowledge is just applicable information. Theory is knowing that the World is Round. Knowledge is what you gain when you go around it, meet new people, eat new foods, experience & learn about new cultures. (Sourced from Google)

IE: Knowledge refers to the awareness or understanding on the subject acquired from education or experience of a person. Information is nothing but the refined form of data, which is helpful to understand the meaning. (Sourced from Google)


Is a clearer picture emerging for you guys? The Illuminati constantly speaks about gaining knowledge. NOT data. NOT theory. Had they wanted us to become proficient in such things, they would actually use those words instead.  The path to becoming Illuminati includes a lifestyle of continued education in our areas of interest, thus making us masters of our craft, experts in our fields. It isn’t about collecting interesting albeit, useless trivia.

Hopefully with this new understanding, many of you will feel much more empowered to chase the kind of enlightenment that will help you become better versions of yourselves, and serve humanity with a greater level of expertise. Remember, you all have the Library of Alexandria in your hot little hands, so there is NO excuse on this planet that ever will justify your ignorance to the Illuminati.

Men and women of true brilliance, do not need to tell you they shine. You can see it when they enter a room, hear it when they open their mouths, and feel it when you are in their presence.

Be like that, Beacons~




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