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There you are, Beacons!

It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion regarding who might rightfully claim a Level 1.1 status in the Illuminatiam’s Members Portal. I hope this explanation will bring crystal clarity to Papa’s question. Thank you Papa for bringing this forward, so the correct information can be disseminated across all our social media accounts. Please see the question below concerning the Level 1.1 designation.


This one is extremely easy to answer, as it all boils down to an understanding of 2 very different words, with 2 very different meanings. As you can see in the 2nd graphic posted here, the key word here, is: BEGINNING.

As you can plainly see, the text reads upon beginning… keep this in mind as you examine the graphic below. See if you can readily notice the distinction.


Now look at what is stated on my profile. It says: ATTAINED.
BEGINNING a level, is not the same as having ATTAINED it, Beacons.

The reason I have chosen to address this otherwise  elementary question, is to bring attention to a far larger concept followers of the Illuminatiam need to get their heads around.

The Illuminati are experts at word selection. You can read deeper into literally anything they have printed, just by comprehending their word choices as defined, not as assumed. With these guys, it is wise to look up any and all words if you are not 100% sure of their meaning. I look up word meanings all the time as a writer, to be certain I am describing things precisely as I mean them. The Illuminati is far better at this, than I.

Each and every word is chosen with great intent.

The Illuminati are masters in hidden meaning. More often than not, there is a secondary meaning in the words themselves, never mind any doubles entendres! Each word that IAM chooses to use, is by no accident. Remember this the next time you read their any of their publications. It will be an eye opener, if you do.
I hope bringing your attention to this example, will serve as an opportunity for you to elevate your understanding of IAMs messages -to the next level~


  1. A while ago when I asked Richard Scherer why the illuminati didn’t choose to have him as the leader instead for the organization with a level 1.1, he said they chose V ~ (Ivy Taroc )as that person because she had best skills and was the best suited to be that person in that high position.
    And if you have been a Mentor and member for 9 years as someone said, and then they choose someone else to be No. 1, that for me is proof enough that this person is the right one for that job.
    So for me it is no question about it, V~ are the only level 1.1 in the organization and our true leader.

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    • Wow!! Thanks, Mats!!
      I am little confused about the mentor for 9 years part. I have only been following IAM for 5 years, myself.
      Be that as it may, what we see on the surface is only someone’s facade. IAM sees all. Even what is hidden. I am grateful they have entrusted me with their followers. It is an honor beyond description, to be sure.
      As always, I appreciate your unwavering loyalty, dear Brother~

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      • Thanks alot V~ for your kind words , really means much to me….Yes sorry … it was Richard Scherer who said that he has been with the organization for 9 years and that he has been your Mentor to, but from what i can see today how he behaves and expresses things … it would probably be best if you had been his Mentor 🙂 i think It would have made him more humble and more respectful to others in this days.

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      • Ha ha ha. I doubt it, Papa likes to “grandstand”. I asked for organizational mentorship from him, personal mentorship, from Brad. Unfortunately, Papa proved to be untrustworthy. But Brad…that guy has been unwavering. Thanks again for your amazing support & encouragement!!

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