The Illuminati functions as a HIERARCHY. The Initiates of the Illuminati do also. Until further notice, I am currently the highest ranking Citizen Member Initiate publicly verified, on the planet. I hate to have to play hard ball with you guys, but this is a FACT. Far too many of you guys seem to be struggling with this. Until something changes, I am the ALPHA around here. There are no others above me, and any declaration otherwise, is erroneous.

I am NOT “just an Initiate”. I am the ONLY one who has passed ALL the Prerequisites, and has made it onto the first step of The Illuminati’s Initiate Pyramid. Please try and get your head around this, Beacons. This is NOT a game. Attempting to blow out my candle will NEVER light your own, nor will it help yours to burn brighter. The Illuminati does not seek members who demonstrate that mentality. They seek women & men of character. People who have proven integrity.


This is the beginning of a worldwide movement that is designed to reach all people, in all places. If you are playing both ends against the middle, or seeking to undermine what The Illuminati is crafting… I promise, it will not reflect well on you. I am saying these things to you guys, because I REALLY want you to succeed!! There is room for any and all of us, who are able to rise up and become Illuminati through this process. This is why I spend a great amount of effort coaching you guys. I actually want to help you get there!

Given I am the only one who has earned a Level, maybe it would behoove you guys to find out why. What makes me different than all the others. Is it possible, that the rumors that surround me, are actually lies? Would The Illuminati have rejected my resignation, had I proven to be untrustworthy or worse yet… corrupt?

Please pay attention to what is going on around here if you want your petition to join, to be taken seriously. Everyone must climb the same steps, as everyone else who has gone before us. There are no exceptions, and there are no short cuts. Ranking membership on is not a gift bestowed on you because you feel you deserve it. It is earned~

HaPpy Trails, Beacons!

*Image provided by Ryan Castellucci



    • أهلا بك! يرجى الذهاب إلى صفحة الترجمات على للعثور على ترجمتين أو عملتين باللغة العربية لعمل IAM. الوصول بشكل إضافي إلى جون موالوالا. يمكنك العثور على تفاصيله على صفحة الترجمات الدولية. ينبغي أن تساعدك على البدء ، Sis!


  1. It’s not surprising that people would join just to undermine. It is however, mind blowing that anyone serious about joining the ranks, would not see the light that they claim to follow.

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    • I am with you, Brother! It is really discouraging to me. I saw this kind of crap in the church. I was really hoping it would be different with the Light…


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