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I get asked all the time how to join, and if I can help someone become a full member. As if this were a country club that was open to a friends of a friend recommendation. I get it, I was ignorant about Secret Societies when I first started too. I still am, really. However, I never asked those questions, because The Illuminati had freely given the information on their website. In fact, I responded to an Ad that floated by asking me if I thought I had what it takes to be considered. It was simple. Fill out some info, and go about your business. It says the same thing and more, where it talks about Citizen Membership in ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati. A highly recommended read, as far as I am concerned.

At the time I signed up, I did not not think for a minute I was a candidate worthy of consideration. Although I directly responded to the part where it asks if we thought I  could be a Shepherd of our species. That did catch my eye, because I was basically a self taught, self styled cleric. The only thing I knew for sure is, if I was given the right information, I could, and would share it with a passion. Because I have always been cool like that. I am truly the Princess of Proselytization, for sure. So when I read everything that had be published by IAM at that time. I was hooked. Or maybe more precisely stated, LIT. Something about their words ignited dying embers within, immediately.  Something about their ‘voice’ was familiar to me on a soul level to the degree, it made my heart sing.

I have said many times the first year and a half with IAM was decidedly a honeymoon phase. My stagnant life opened up, and the sweet waters of living flame began to flow in me again. I am not really sure how that was achieved exactly, but the changes were visible, and measurable. I had not felt that “alive” in decades and I was immeasurably grateful for the resurrection. The glow in my heart was reignited, and I knew what was happening in me, was destined to be. The changes divinely ordered. Something I know many of us have in common, because you guys have shared similar stories with me. There is magic in the pages of Illuminatiam, magic that is life changing for those who will apply the teachings to their life’s.

As Citizen Members of the Illuminatiam, we have vowed to live by their ideals. We have vowed to live by their tenets, we have quite literally vowed to live like we are already Illuminati. This cannot be mistaken if your comprehension skills are turned on full blast. Unfortunately, far too many who follow IAM are unable to understand these things, as they continue to remain the same, as they ever were. They make no attempt to do the work necessary, to live up to the exemplary standards that have been set by all those who have gone before us. This path is not for those who are strangers to mud, sweat, and tears.

Far too many people call themselves Illuminati, yet they are not illuminated in the slightest. Illumination being so much more than fact finding, or knowledge sharing. It is an intangible thing that directs our steps in such a way, others know a change has occurred, and typically are intimidated by it. Although they needn’t be. Because the Light is available to all people in all places -all the time. The calling is not just for many, it is for us ALL. However only a few respond in kind. This is why those that do, are among the chosen. It is because they have chosen to respond to the call.  Be very clear about this, Beacons.

We are chosen, because of our own choices.

Initiation is no joke, and mine was particularity horrific. It is a process by which we are burned in the flames of refinement to reveal, and hopefully cast out the impurities within us.  A man’s character must be tested because everyone is kinda awesome, when things are going well. If you want to see what lies within, PRESS. When pressed, people will reveal their true nature. What is hidden will show itself in the right circumstances. This is what initiation is all about. Pressure. Extreme pressure from all angles. So much can be learned when a man is on fire. Even more can be gleaned if he rises from the ashes, renewed.

I went from a cheerleader to a leader as a result of my Initiation. But it is what happened in the aftermath that truly determined my real worth. It was the things that no one else saw that occurred in my life, that took me from a Initiate of the Illuminati, to someone worthy of full ranking membership. The hardships were such that I could not look to the Illuminati for validation, I was forced to forge this recognition for myself. I had to come to a place inside of my own heart, where I KNEW without a doubt, I was one of them. This occurred because of what I was able to overcome, and become -as a result of this process and beyond.  I finally knew for myself,  I could stand among them and not merely wash their feet. A HUGE shift in my thinking, to be sure.

I know this with everything that is in me. I know that IAM  ILLUMINATI. I have the character, the intelligence, the integrity and the heart, to rightfully call myself by this elite title with full conviction. Now, I merely wait on the invite, because I know it is coming. I have earned it. I crawled my way through their refinement flames, and took flight right in freaking front of them, long before I was reduced to ashes. As I stated before, they found me in the ashes. When they ignited me with their eternal fire, it set something in motion that was always destined to be. The measure of this women, having always been there buried, and unknown to her.


I can never repay The Illuminati for setting my soul on fire. There are no words that will properly express my profound gratitude. How do you ever thank an organization for seeing something of value in mere embers, such as I was when they found me. There is really no way I can think of, other than to commit everything I am or will ever be, everything I possess or will ever own to them; in servitude. I am their eternally grateful, and luminescent servant.

So you see dear Beacons, this isn’t an organization you look towards to gain money, wealth, or fame. The process is such that it is YOU who will desire to render these things of yours, to them… to humanity~



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  1. A great leader will not creat followers but will creat leaders. We deserve more of such kind of knowledge out there because there is no sweet without sweat. Thank you for your guideline and your encouragement V love & light.

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    • Hayır. Illuminati’ye katılmana yardım edemem. Herkes kendi değerini kullanarak kazanmalıdır.
      Bu konuda daha fazla bilgi edinmek istiyorsanız, burada Işık hakkında kapsamlı bir şekilde yazıyorum ~


  2. I feel her glory! I literally shed my ego and karma from past and previous lifes this would be exactly how I picture it If I was to draw it Haha


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