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Hey Beacons, in case you were not aware, I will answer questions about The Illuminati for you guys on iMARK. We have an “ASK MARK” area. I have answered 3 questions there already. I will even answer your questions on this particular thread, if you need to know something that is not readily found elsewhere.

Please note: I do not speak for IAM, but I do LOVE to speak about them. Given I have been following them for 5 years now, I do hold our outreach history in hand, as well. So if you are new, and want to become better acclimated overall… Please reach out below~


  1. WOW V you really have done 2 things that amaze me. Through your drive you created a huge network. Much larger than I thought would happen. In that I applaud you. But you come across as narcissistic, mean and vindictive. What’s with the wall of shame? Just because some people get to know you and after a while don’t like what you’ve done or how you’ve treated them doesn’t mean you need revenge! If you feel what you’re doing is just and good what do others opinions matter?

    It seems as if because you were promoted to the only Private First Class that all of the other privates must listen. Why? Did the General tell you? Did the Lance Corporal tell you? IF you’re supposed to be in a leadership position as intended by illuminatiam, then why isn’t ANY of your sites illuminatiam approved? Why do any of your sites solicit donations? I thought the illuminatiam doesn’t look for money.

    I think illuminatiam is a joke. And I think they appreciate you as much as they have shown appreciation to their portal invitees, of which both you and I were invited. There is no appreciiation. All they do is send out DODIS swag adverts. And don’t you think $50 for a ring that sells everywhere for $10 is a rip off. Especially when it’s the kind that comes out of a cracker jack’s box, you know the one size fits all!

    I know you’re really a good person. in that there is no doubt in my small mind. But it seems the pressures of keeping your house of cards still standing is getting to you. I wish you well, even if you don’t publish this.

    Fred Jewell


    • I have sent your message & IP to the Illuminati. I am sure they will appreciate your feedback, as much as I have.
      HaPpy Travails, Fred Jewell ~


      • Hmm does that mean you do not want to answer me? Especially sending my IP address to the boogy man? Are they going to inflict me? Are they going to sentence me to wearing a white robe commando to a mythical white room undetectable by anyone in the middle of nowhere, forever?

        My direct question to you dear lady specifically is why the wall of shame? Seriously this smells of Jim Jones doling out the kool aid! Do you actually believe because they were once in league with you but now are not they are your enemy? Do you need to humiliate them to feel good?

        I have sent my phone number to the effete illuminatiam and they already know my address. Why should I fear some organization who can’t even get delivery of their orders straight? Why should I fear an order that makes no sense? If what you say is true, every word of it. I will be lower than whale shit and you will be equal to it. If what you’re saying is true we are completely insignificant to them as evidenced by their handling of the MP!! YOU had to leave it to get anything done! And please don’t give that malarkey that they have anticipated this. It’s horse puckies! They are horse puckies. They are completely inadequate, as again evidenced by their complete failure, not only by the portal design, but aslo by not being able to control it.

        If you choose to pontificate on how wonderful and strong they are, please go ahead! You are not harming anyone. You can bask in your own contrived glory. But seriously going Captain Queeg shouting disloyalty, corruption etc. makes you look like a mashugana lady! And of course you being a level 1.1 the only known human to have ever achieved this lofty rank, it also reflects on them as being as petty as it appears you are! Why because they haven’t shut it down!

        I’ll expect a call from them soon … as soon as my test becomes evaluated 😇


      • You deliberately misunderstand and wrong me when you write that all I want from you is to suck on your milky boobs and be vile to you, but I got over you Victoria. You wish to devote your life to Daniel, so be it. Have a nice marriage and many descendants.


      • I didn’t misunderstand one word of your disgusting messages. Nor did anyone else who read them. You are one sick son of a bitch. I completely loathe you. You are everything I hate in a man. You are an abusive, hateful, unlovable monster, and soon you are going to feel the full force of my energetic wrath~


  2. Thank you, V.I had to take down Twitter because I was being harassed by multiple people and don’t know why. It all came out of nowhere. Yes, I would like to listen in if that is ok!

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