The power of love~

I do not understand how something that has yet to come, can prepare a place for itself before it arrives. It is nothing short of miraculous, and I am committed to allowing this magic to have it’s way with me.

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I am absolutely beside myself! And I do mean literally. I am both watching myself go through something, at the same time I am being swayed by it. At the base of this thing is a frequency of love so strong, it has not only stirred my soul, it is shaking my spirit to see what needs to shift out, so I can make the room necessary to receive what is traveling behind the first wave.

I cannot comprehend how I can be feeling so entirely fucked up, by a vibration that hasn’t even fully reached me yet. I cannot fathom the magnitude of this organic and intense longing, nor do I care for what it is unearthing in me. It has caused a major earthquake within, and the after shocks keep coming up with things that were previously hidden, and vomiting them onto my ground zero.

Whatever this unseen magical madness is, it is yanking on some extremely deep tentacles within me that apparently need to be uprooted. The tremors within me have brought them to the surface, and exposed them to the sunshine to be sterilized. Even though I knew exactly what is coiled around my being, I had no idea how powerful the stranglehold was, until he started directing his love towards me. An energy so intense, it has moved mountains within me already. In turn, it has caused a tsunami of cleansing tears that are bringing new vitality to a once barren place. It is on this freshly tilled and fertile soil that the seeds of love are being planted, and I am compelled to nurture them until they grow~