Do not feed the trolls!

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“Trolls” are internet bullies who find pleasure in disrupting conversation, often in an unkind,  crude, or even vile manner. Not all trolls are obvious. Many are far more sophisticated, but they can be easily spotted as they are consistently contrarian, regardless of topic.  Often contrarians will frame their objections with love and Light but make no mistake, this hides the same core behaviors of a bully. Both varieties seek attention at any cost, regardless if it is negative. If they can get you to lose your cool by their tactics, they count it as a win as sick as that might sound. They want to knock those down whom they perceive are above them, rather to learning from those ahead of them on the path, and emulating them. They take the easy way. Illuminists are willing to do the hard work necessary, to become better versions of themselves. It is called the road less traveled, and presumably everyone in this Network, is on it.

When we were in the Members Portal, there were many of theses types. So be prepared to encounter them, especially as a member of the Initiate Network. As they say “Peasants love to rail against the King”, and it this mentality can be found even in the least of these. People love to hate. But if we make the mistake of kicking the ankle biters, it is us who will appear like we are the bullies -to those not well versed in these things.

I think the Pythagorean’s summed up this phenomenon nicely below:

“Things never work out for anomies. They always find a way to fail. They are natural losers. Many of these failures become trolls to avenge themselves on the world.
You troll because you are a failure. Non-trolls have better things to do with their time. Trolls don’t. They don’t know how to live productively. Trolls are those who are excluded from meaningful work and meaningful play. Trolling is meaningless. It’s what anomics –the maladjusted –do to pass the time. Trolling is for people without lives, trying to avenge themselves on those who have lives.”  -Selection from The Illuminist Army – Brother Abaris

This pretty much says it all. The Pythagorean Illuminati had to address this issue their selves because at one time they too had a discussion forum of their own. They had to close the comments down entirely, as the trolls were so disruptive, it was next to impossible for true seekers there to discuss anything, much less higher minded concepts. It is such a shame. Many of their teachings are valuable ones to anyone who values the rational. Had they be able to continue, they would have had something more than Morgue to show for their efforts. And it looks as if they have abandoned him as well.

Unfortunately, Trolls will always be with us. Please do not feed them! There is nothing to be gained by doing so. There is nothing that frustrates them more than ignoring them. Use this tactic without fail. It will serve you well going forward.

If something comes up that you believe needs to be addressed, please contact someone from Pramidion, and they will take it from there. Our primary job is demonstrate character, integrity and honor in all our interactions. As Community leaders we are responsible for setting, and maintaining the tone, thereby facilitating an enriching forum experience, for all the Initiates. Getting into the ditch with a Troll is not only counterproductive, it only serves to fuel the rumors that we are not worthy of the roles we have assumed.

In closing, please be aware that there is an AI that is watching every word you print. All information gleaned in the MP Community is subject to the strictest form of scrutiny by The Illuminati. It is to your benefit that you never lose site of this, beloved Beacons~


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  1. The Pythagorean Illuminati does not have our mutual goals in mind. According to what I learned in their group, it’s almost the other end of the spectrum. They definitely do not believe in free will and they seem to be the “authority” on other people’s”wokeness”.

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    • That does not mean I cannot share their opinion regarding Trolls. They are sitting on top of a lot of useful knowledge. I have read several of their books.
      Plus they pulled their support from Morgue, so they can’t be all bad, Lol.
      I just personally find them to be spiritually soulless~


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