Customary Credits

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When citing the work of others, it is customary to give them credit. If you pass someone else’s work off as your own, is akin to intellectual property theft. The following is from another forum, most forms include a version of this Vital information. This is just an example. For clarity, please add the name of the author to your content with any article and/or art links that may apply.

It is deceitful to pass other peoples work, off as your own. Please respect the work of others, in accordance with The Illuminati’s Tenant of Value and Trade. Words have value. Those that write them, deserve to be recognized for having done so.

“In accordance with industry accepted best practices we ask that users limit their copy / paste of copyrighted material to the relevant portions of the article you wish to discuss and no more than 50% of the source material, provide a link back to the original article and provide your original comments / criticism in your post with the article.”

Please extend this courtesy to me if you chose to share my work. It will be greatly appreciated! Thank you~


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