Apparently, I am not “over” whatever it is that I am going through. And quite frankly, I don’t really want to be. As bizarre as it all sounds to the untrained ear, there is something afoot, and I am fully adrift on the frequency fancy free to explore whatever it is.
Whatever this is, I do not want it to end. EVER. I am pretty sure I want to swim with these feelings naked, until I can swim no more. I want to drown in the juicy goodness of an endless sea of Light filled love.

Just like the starry night waters of Maldives.

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I am absolutely love sick. So much so, I am all kinds of singing Siren up in here. I am doing my level best to energetically lure this man to my shores. I have turned the Light in me up full blast, and am standing over here like a glowing Beacon on the ready for his ship to sail into my harbor.

It’s SOOOOO stupid!

But I can’t help it. I MISS HIM! I need for him to come home.

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I really can’t believe I am thinking like this, much less saying it out loud. It is so out of character for me, I am actually kind of shocked by it. So much so, I want to document these strange happenings, and put it all in print. It is like capturing another personality on paper you didn’t know was a part of you. Who is this gal who is crashing into my conscious awareness like salty waves against gleaming rocks. Who is this romantic girl who lurks beneath, and why in the hell is she floating to the surface now? Hopefully the coming year will reveal who these tidal waves of emotion are for, and why this love sick women is emerging from the raging waters within, dripping wet with longing~


  1. Charles Jones here again. I am sure that the one for you, is also having the burning sensation for love and romance. Now just comes the ultimate test of navigation. Where do I look, or just listen for their voice. Have I meet them already, or in the future. Or maybe someone you just need to take a chance on, ask them out, or text them. I was always told ” you will never know, if you never ask”. If they say no, oh well. It wasn’t meet to be. BUT what if they say YES.


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    • I wish it were that easy! I really can’t get to him from here. I am wanting someone in the Illuminati! Lol Plus…I actually want a man to do that for me. I am wanting an made-for-tv, old school experience, or I would prefer to stay home. But all of that is excellent advice otherwise, Charles!


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