Revisiting Unity, AGAIN.


1) The state of being united or joined as a whole.

union, unification, integration, amalgamation, coalition

2) The state of forming a complete & pleasing whole, especially in artistic context.
harmony, accord, cooperation, collaboration, agreement, unanimity, consensus, concert, togetherness, solidarity, like-mindedness, peace, synthesis
3) A thing forming a complex whole.
oneness, singleness, wholeness, entity, integrity, undivided, cohesion
Opposite: division, disunity, disharmony


Unity is something far to many of us simply cannot seem to get our heads around. It seems to me that far too many in The Illuminati’s Public Outreach in particular, have a very immature understanding of what it means to be a unified group. Much less how it might look, when you are talking about the unification of an entire species.

The image below created by a visionary known as ‘AV’, says it all. 


I would like to expand upon what is being said here at a glance.

Imagine all these eyes are not those belonging to different creatures. Instead,  imagine them as all belonging to humans with differing points of view.  Each “eye” has a unique and without duplicate perspective based on their conditioning, their culture, their parental cues, their knowledge quest and continued experiences. No two set of eyes are capable of seeing precisely the same viewpoint and yet, unity occurs by keeping them all focused on the same thing, be it ball game, philosophy or feast.

As humans, we think we all must get along, like each other, or even trust one another, to have unity. I have learned, that is simply not so. I am in unity with every single person on this planet of my own species. I am also unified with everyone who is following the Illuminati, most of which I have never met, and do not know. We all are. Does this simple truth make us any of us any less unified?

Ummmm NO. It does not.

All dedicated Initiates who have signed The Illuminati’s Eternal Oath, want the same things for humanity -regardless of where we live, how we learn, or who we love. Each one of us, without ever coming into contact with one another, are contributing to The Illuminati’s utopian goal of a unified species in our own special way, from our own corners of the world. Like all families, we do not have to admire every member, to be bound by blood or marriage at the banquet. Once you deeply understand the obvious, you will see we already have the unity we seek, and will easily find your special place-setting among our ever growing IAMFAM~

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  1. The common goal in the Illuminati is the Loyalty to the preservation of our human species and off course it
    would be unwise to be disloyal to any member of the Illuminati that is fulfilling this duty . There are no teachers for
    as far as I know so one step at the Time will cover great long distances but it will take the Time that it will take .
    Every human is responsible for his/hers actions much more so ” I would think ” when one is an initiate of the Illuminati .
    The above is how I understand Unity but it is my understanding that is all .

    Great topic thank you .


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