Nothing from Nothing

So I watched a you-tube movie titled: “What is Consciousness” by AtheneWins over the weekend. This is what happened as a result of spending an hour and 8 minutes watching someone else’s point of view.

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If the new sciences are to be believed, it is pretty weird how everything and everyone boils down to nothing. They quite literally mean nothing too. It is not just a figure of speech. And we all know, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

I find this line of thought discouraging really. No wonder folks are strung out on a variety of pain killers. I mean it is a fascinating theory and all, But it ultimately underscores how insignificant we are, and not in a good way.  I mean, if this were truly the case, why even bother? Why strive to become better versions of ourselves if we don’t amount to squat, anyway? Why not just drink and smoke and swear? After all, temporary sensation would literally be all we have. So why not run amuk and be ba ba ba bad to the bone?

I feel like the closer we get to knowing stuff, the more creative the Brilliant Mastermind becomes at hiding things. Hence the whole Quantum Physics, we aren’t really here, and we don’t really exist thing. I have this odd sense that there is something beyond all that, and it it infinitely more interesting that what we think we know today. Let’s face it, we didn’t even know this much, a mere century ago.I am counting us to learn more in the future.

Yeah. I am going to pass on this one. Oh and Hell yay, this is my ego talking! But my gut is chiming in here, as well. Look, I get it, we all want to know where we come from bla bla bla. And yet, I suspect if we really knew the answer, we certainly would not want to suffer through this crap.


I look at it this way, when I my body perishes… I will return to the place where the magic comes from. Until then, I am here to experience this realm. I think of it as an educational virtual reality game, for those who want to become gods and create worlds of their own. Because less face it, if we are truly eternal, which I believe we are, we literally got nothing better to do! 

But what do I know? I am just some random zero, thinking I am alive while circling through some kind of twisted feedback loop which essentially means nothing to no one, but the spirit inside me that does not even exist!

Ha ha ha ha ha~

I love you Beacons!!


  1. Hi V , I have just enjoyed reading your version of nothing and share with you that is a complex choice that l have also considered while meditating only in numbers, Those being the numbers 1 ~ 9 For this has become my way of of thinking through my open mind of which l am the Master Of for which on a daily basis l Humble myself in my own Mind and Tranquil surroundings So to my own theory within my own thought’s, that as humans we have embarked on using the 0 as a certain way to deceive to those who want to perceive what is actual. The Truth is always there for everyone to seek with out delusional confines.

    Kind regards,
    Robert John Wade

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