Defining Equality

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When I hear someone say “we are all equal”, it is like fingernails on a chalk board to me. It grates on my nerves, as if they were hooked around an electric shock cable. It is one of my most aggravating pet peeves, because those who insist the most that we are all on par, are not even playing on the same course as I am. These folks truly believe they are ‘identical’, and ‘equivalent’ to the likes of Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg. Yet, oddly enough, even by their own flawed understanding of what it means to be equal, they will never admit to being ‘indistinguishable’ from Donald Trump, or Charles Manson! It is always the lowest common denominator types, who want to level the playing field for us all. Dummy us all down to the least of these, rather than rise to where the creme’ de la creme’ floats.

Ironically, they have no idea what equality really is, and it shows in their erroneous and inaccurate use of the word. A word that (in my opinion) needs to be used in a sentence with a qualifier. Not just dangling out there, without a participle.

So let’s break this thing down. Hopefully after reading this, it will be crystal clear to everyone what equality is, and what it isn’t, based on the meaning ascribed to the word. Because it actually matters to me what words mean, and how they are used. Our understanding of each other, and our ability to communicate accurately are dependent on word choices and definitions.

Reducing those who have chosen to become the best versions of themselves, to the level of those who literally have done nothing to improve their lot in life, is ridiculous. And quite frankly, exceedingly offensive. So much so for me personally, I have taken the time to educate. Expect to see this article as a reply to anyone who seeks to bring folks of merit down to their level of mediocrity.

To just say all human are equal, is not true.

To say all humans have equal rights, and equal potential is true.

Here is your proof, dear Beacons. When in doubt, check a dictionary out!


Being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.
Synonyms: similar, identical, uniform. alike, like, the same, one and the same, equivalent, indistinguishable, matching, twin, comparable, on par with.
NOPE, PEOPLE ARE NOT EQUAL!  They are all unique, one of a kind unduplicated monadic souls. To say we are all equal without saying how, lowers the bar for us all. In an attempt to be preemptively clear, before you say we are all of the same “value” consider this: Value as defined, is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.
While every life aka soul absolutely matters equally in the Universal Design, some have a higher value than others based on their contribution to the community and/or the collective. One would never say Hitler’s life had the same value to humanity, as Jesus’ does. Nor did Allah value his own, the same as an ‘infidel’. This subtle distinction must be understood, lest we devalue us all, before we start handing out trophies, just for breathing.
Having the ability or resources to meet (a challenge).
a) Having the same status, rights, or opportunities.
b) Uniform in application or effect; without discrimination on any grounds.
PEOPLE HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS: Something we as humans have been working towards since feudalism was eradicated. Every human being should share the same rights & opportunities as the next, without exception. These “rights” have been, and will continue to be, determined by our societies, and the things we value as a species. Ideally, these rights should be globally upheld, and certainly will be -in the coming Age. But even with the same resources available to us all, our abilities, talents, or intellect at birth, will never be identical. Nor will our work ethics, intestinal fortitude, integrity, or willingness to push through life’s inborn barriers. Therefore status will not be equal. Neither will be our accomplishments whereby we gauge value.


I understand others will see things differently than I do. This is just my point of view, MOO~


  1. This is Charles Jones from the members portal. You are 100 percent correct. I too hate when societies link everyone as equal. And I love that I am not as equal as everyone else. If I was as equal as my boss, I would have no need for a boss. And if I was as equal as Mozart, would I enjoy his music or mine much better. Would it not sound the same.
    GREAT post V. Gives A lot to think about.


    P.S. Hope all is well with you.

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