gallery Resignation: Rejected!!

I told my leadership 1st. It is time you all knew as well~


The Illuminati knew I resigned long before this community did. It has taken me twenty grueling days to realize, IAM was sending hidden messages almost immediately after having done so. I don’t do well with ‘cryptic’, so I misread their intentions, often is a spectacular fashion. I believe they have not only rejected my resignation, they evidently value the effect my actions have had on their outreach, and our unification -judging by all the “unity” post liking they did.

I can honestly say, the last few weeks have been some of the darkest of my life. I did not want to do what I did. But I did it because it was the right thing to do for this community. Although it has been hard to watch the excitement my resignation generated in some, it was heartwarming to see the torrential outpouring of support from others. I am beyond grateful for those of you who publicly declared your loyalty, and to those of you who immediately contacted me behind the scenes to encourage, in particular. Many of you did both. One even went as far as personally rejecting my resignation himself!
You truly rock, Mr. Maples. You never cease to motivate me, Sir!!

It has been nothing less than a roller coaster for me that has landed me squarely on the banks of my own self worth, something I had lost sight of, in all the hate and division that has floated in my wake for the last couple of years. I now know without a doubt, I indeed wear a crown that no one can rob me of, not even the Illuminati!!

That being said. Change is coming! I will make my announcement once I can get all the various details in place. There are new ‘expectations’ on the horizon, along with structural tweaks that should simplify our roles. These alterations will effect everyone to one degree or another, so please be on the ready to roll with the changes.

Thank you all so much for your continued flexibly and patience as we weather the storms that perfect us all individually, as well as collectively.

A special note of gratitude goes out to my personal “rocks” Brad & Justin. It was Brad’s unwavering conviction that IAM was indeed speaking to me on the down low, and Justin’s PLAN B that included a pink flamingo that could carry us through hell, and high crik water, which were sparkling highlights during this unbelievably painful time.

Please feel free to share with your teams that IAM rejected my resignation, and that our work to reach all people, in all place together will resume in earnest, shortly.
While it would be lovely if IAM would address this publicly themselves, I no longer need their recognition to know I am a valuable part of their living history.

As are YOU, beloved Beacons!

May the Light guide us all, towards greatness!

PS: I wrote my way through this. Please read “Resigned to Unity”, “The Aftermath”, and “It Is Finished” to learn more~

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