gallery God’s Penis?

God is a Man?!?!


Ummm NO.

That won’t be working for me, preacher mans!

I am sorry, but even as a child, I could not think of the our Divine Creator, as someone who has a penis. I always sort of thought of this being, as an omni-present Mastermind of some kind, but without a human body. 

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It seemed absurd to me, to reduce this glorious, creative, essence down to any mere mortal. Even though mere mortals are indeed divine creators, as well.  I just really rejected the notion, this Great Spirit, was a dude!

Even as a child I could see that it was the women who were more concerned with things well beyond steaks, and screwing. So how was it exactly, that GOD is a guy anyway??

It made zero since to me.


It just didn’t add up, man!

Nope, God does not have a penis! I don’t care what anyone says about that either. But I can tell you in the 1970’s (even now really) when I would say it out loud, it certainly got mixed reviews. Most commonly laughter, and gape mouth horror running a close second.

Tee Hee.

It wasn’t like I was a feminist either. It wasn’t about that at all, because I had a father I adored, who always told me I could do. or be anything I dreamed of being. So I didn’t even see an issue between the sexes at all growing up that would lead to any sexist outrage.

Nope, it was something more. This was born of sheer instinct, and intelligent reasoning. No human I know of, could create anything by simply speaking it into existence, so this guy either had to be other worldly, or something more. Because IT was not a tangible being in my mind, at all.

Fast forward through my magical mystery tour, in pursuit of this so-called ‘man’, I have come to a place that substantiates my childhood-childlike knowing. God is indeed a Mastermind, so IT is absolutely NOT a boy.  But IT isn’t a girl either. It would actually be more accurate to say, IT is neither, but also….BOTH!

Indeed, God doesn’t have a penis, he has BILLIONS of them,

and  SHE also has a BIZILLION boobs!!



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  1. A higher way of life, the creator, many think it is a man or a woman who has this title..the answer is usually given that this creator = god, it what it wants to be at that the answer will be (IT) considering that the divine being also had 300 different names and looks,But everything is an interpretation question according to what you yourself believe and want it to be.


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