It is finished~


No more hanging black crepe.

No more mourning my decision.

No more sobbing like a school girl.

The time for grief, has come to a close.


I know in the deepest place within me, what I did was the right thing to do.

Even though I did not want to do it.

That is what makes my sacrifice so valuable.

I didn’t want to, and did it anyway.

What I did mattered.

Even if it is lost on every set of eyes, save for my own,

and the Light that ever guides me, towards greatness.


But I found a pearl of great price, in Hades.

I no longer need recognition from anyone, to validate my self-worth.

I have demonstrated to everyone, including myself,

I wear a crystal crown of Light that no one can EVER rob me of.

Not even The Illuminati!


  1. V…not that you need approval from anyone but you are doing everything right. Don’t let anyone drag you down. I am sure you don’t.
    As for the sick individual who left the last comment; wow…you need serious help before you find yourself in an institution or worse. The things you said to her are beyond sick and demented. How would you like it if someome said that about your God, your mother, your wife, or your daughter? Let me guess; you wouldn’t care if someone threatened them or you because you are beyond help. Find a Higher Power before a Higher Power finds you, your mother, or loved ones, and teaches you a lesson you refuse to learn. And good luck pal, because where your headed with your actions; you’re going to need all the luck you can scrape up.

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    • Thank you for your comment. George from Athens has been at it for years, and I just recently published all of his comments, so the following statement of mine will not appear needlessly cruel. It is my my opinion, as I am not a psychiatric professional.

      It is obvious to me that this young man has serious “mommy issues” at the core of his depravity. While is it unfortunate that his Mom didn’t love him, honestly -can you blame her? She surely knew she gave birth to a monster, no mother could love.
      Ha ha ha ha~

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