gallery The Aftermath~

It has been twenty days since I sent in my outreach resignation to the Illuminati. Six,  since I said something publicly. To be clear AGAIN, I did not renounce my loyalty to The Illuminati, nor will I quit looking for ways to demonstrate it. This was just the most recent.

I resigned my community leadership, in an effort to promote unity in a group who believed it was I, who was causing the division. Not only was the sentiment lost on the masses, they minimized my act of love for this outreach, and the Illuminati, to nothing more than giving up. Thus making me a hypocrite as well, given what I have written about over the years. Five years of dedication, and loyalty in action, has been reduced to being a quitter, in the eyes of the divisive, the ignorant, and the cruel.



I did the unthinkable, and certainly something that most would never do in a million years -if they themselves stood in my glittering boots. I gave up my “crown”, for the betterment of our species. I fell on my own sword for them all, even though I did not want to. It had to be done, to demonstrate the lengths I will go to to help the Illuminati bring unity to our species. Something mere sheep will never understand. For they are the ones who sit on the throne of judgment, but NEVER in the palace of greatness.

Watching people who I have elevated, leave me in the dust without a second glance back, was eye opening. Not just to me, but surely IAM as well. I sat in shock, and despair as even those closest to me, revealed their true colors -not realizing I was in the shadows and I could see them do so. It was without a doubt, one of the most painful things to witness, for someone who would do anything within her power, for them.

Then there were others, names on a page I do not recognize, who signed a petition directed at the Illuminati asking them to reject my resignation. A petition that I was incredibly grateful to see, as it was the highlight of an otherwise extremely painful time for me. There were still others, who rushed right in behind the scenes offering comfort, asking me if I would reconsider, and affirming that I indeed, had made a measurable difference in their lives. All of which claimed they would not be following the Illuminati, had it not been for me.

From end to end, this whole thing has been a sobering, and humbling experience. One that will stick with me, long after the repercussions of my actions have moved past chaos, and back into something resembling order.

At the end of the day, I can live with what the ignorant believe about me. I have my entire life. They are not on my frequency anyway, and never were. I will even find a way to live with the disloyalty, and additional division I have just seen among those I once held in high regard. But make no mistake Beacons, no matter how hard anyone tries (and they are) to replace me, they will never be able to fill my glittery boots that will continue to march on, towards greatness~




 Please note: I am still awaiting on IAMs acceptance or rejection of my resignation. I am still looking for signs and symbols to indicate their decision.


  1. V ~ as I see it, no one can fill up your boots and do such an extremely good job as you
    I and many others still hope that you return as our true leader …. V ~ I may repeat myself, but the thought and words are just as genuine and well-meaning … we really need you … now and in the future. ..and we who stand by your side will always do so now and always.

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    • Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement!! Today I am hopeful Matthew! I believe IAM is trying to show me that they rejected my resignation through sign, symbols, hidden messages etc. It’s just that I do not read cryptic very well, so I can’t call it, till I am 100% certain.

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  2. “When the voices of hundreds shout that the city must burn – that the kingdom must fall; that the accused must be convicted without trial – it becomes harder to hear the thousands who quietly disagree. A leader cannot fall prey to the whims of the voices that shout the loudest, but must stand as a voice of reason in defense of the silent majority.” I am confident that a reasonable judgement will be made regarding your situation, V~.

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    • Thank you for bring that one forward Samisko! It is so timely, as are your words of confidence!! I am hoping this situation will be resolved sooner, rather than later. I am waiting on one more “sign” to call it~


  3. I know that it is your own right and own prerogative, to resign, I must say that it will feel very strange and eerie with you not there. Also kind of made me question a few things myself.


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