gallery Practical Unity for Sports Fans~


Being unified is not about abandoning our individual uniqueness, or the roles we prefer to play. It is about recognizing and celebrating our common denominators, rather than focusing on our differences. We really do have to forgo our innate selfishness sometime, to effectively pull this off. But many of us do it at work everyday, without even realizing it.

Unity is about coming together to participate in our shared values, goals, and/or interests.

Think college, church, fashion…football!

Consider a stadium full of people on any given Sunday. Some have come as athletes, some came to coach, some came to lead the cheers, some came on standby to heal the injured, some came to referee, some came to sell the flair, some came to support & manage, while some even came to serve snacks, to everyone, who came enjoy the event with excitement and enthusiasm.

It is all to easy to forget, as we choose whom, and what side we personally came to root for, that ultimately everyone is there, because they LOVE the game!
This is what unity REALLY looks like. This is the practical application of unity, in a way that moves us beyond the fantasy of kumbaya and coke.And this is but one example among many.  We each have our own positions to play in any given unified dream we can imagine, which brings our shared loves to life…via teamwork~

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*Updated & revised on 11/19/19. Orig 2/19/2017



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  1. We sharing our planet and that means we also sharing the responsibility of guarding it , take care of it and take care of its inhabitants starting from the human species ” us ” . Some of us are United within an organisation others are united in the same goal of as the same organisation. It is similar to someone from a nation moving in to an other nation it could appear to be as an alien to the locals but if one was to look at it from outer space would be seen as member of the same species moving from one location to an other . There are ups & downs in any organisation just as there are in individuals where we all get to face this reality of inconsistency & within this reality it is vital to understand from nature that there is always sunshine after rain , however it would be unwise to wanting to put an end to the raining days because are very much as indispensable as the sunny days so I see the importance of keeping in mind that a drop of water from the ocean is the ocean itself even when singled out , it just gets called ” Drop ” . I AM that drop in the illuminati that I come from ! I AM human above anything else but it is not whole that I AM because I AM also a tiny spec of dust ( Perhaps even less ) in this great universe , however because I AM in this universe I AM the universe it self and so we all are . We all are One with the whole that is how I see Unity and if there is an architect be it alien , God or a creator or whatever else would not fail to notice how important it is is to play our individual role in the universal design, whatever that might be .

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