gallery Resigned to Unity

I fell on my sword, believing I have failed IAM. 


But make no mistake Beloved Beacons, I did not renounce my loyalty, I only resigned from their public outreach.

I understand better than most, this movement is about uniting our species, not engaging in leadership pissing contests. Or so I thought.  I have unwittingly caused a huge rift in this family, and I do not want to go down in history, as the gal who would not get out of the way. This outreach is not about me, it is about reaching all people in all places with the Light, via the inspirational messages, passed down to us by The Illuminati.

I did EVERYTHING I knew how to do, to help IAM unite folks from all around the globe. I am so grateful for their presence in the world, I can’t articulate it as they deserve, so I have done my level best, to show them. This final act, no less so.

Our unity as a species is a central theme to The Illuminati, and yet all my calls to unify, have fallen on seemingly deaf ears. I have repeatedly explained, we don’t all have to “like” each other, or play with one another after work, to unite. But while we are promoting this outreach, we should all  be wearing the same uniform of Light, in order to show the world a unified front. This is something that simply must be done, if we are to successfully help IAM, accomplish their Globalist Agenda.

I mean, how can we be competent Curators of a New Age, if we cannot even demonstrate that diverse unity is possible, among ourselves?

No, really?

Have any of you stopped to think, how all the dick measuring might look, to those on the outside peering in? Had we had one central group, we would have been tens of thousands strong right now, and growing exponentially.

This would have in no way diminished the various other groups that naturally occur where humans are gathered. Of course there is a need for a space where unified Lightworkers, or Luciferians who follow IAM could find their own, and interact. It’s just that a centralized hub, would have brought more visibility to us ALL. There really is strength in numbers. Energetically, we could have moved freaking mountains, and found more of our family.  I just really wish I had been able to communicate this in a way that others could have understood, without being threatened.

I do not know if The Illuminati accepted my resignation. Given the time that has passed since I sent it without a response, I assume that they have. In all fairness, they never respond to my emails, but I really thought after 5 years together, I deserved at least a “thank you for your service” letter, or something. Maybe one is still coming, you know how painfully slow they are about everything.

For now, I wait on them. They have the final say.

Anyone who loves this movement, and the people in it as much I do, certainly can at least imagine my grief at this time. I will deal with and/or dismantle all or part of the IN Crowd, as soon as the emotional storm have passed, and I can do so in a rational manner.

Soon, The Illuminati will give you new leaders. Likely one in particular will be at the pinnacle of their hierarchical pyramid.  I am begging you guys to unify under this new leadership, as they will have been fully vetted by IAM, just as I was.  You do not have to like them, trust them, or want to have their children -to respect the role that they have earned.

I am begging you all to do better, and give IAM their New World Order!! Our species is dependent on YOUR ability to BE the change you want to see in the world, and unite accordingly.

To all those who have faithfully followed me, or my blog…I am beyond grateful for you and your consistent support, and encouragement.  It is because of folks like you, that I felt empowered to help others find and follow the Light.  There are really no words to express my gratitude for your loving kindness…So I will implore the brilliant Mastermind of it all, to bliss you exponentially on my behalf.

Thank you from the deepest place inside me, where the Light resides.

I truly and eternally love you, IAMFAM!



  1. These words bring a certain sadness to me. It almost sounds and feels like the end of an era. I do hope we stay in contact because I know that I can always learn something from you. Whoever comes after has big shoes to fill!!! 🙏🔺❤️☮️ LOVE & LIGHT 4 EVER

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      • You are the best out reach mentor V you like unity among citizens regardless of position and other people they don’t feel good to see you uniting us that’s why they put blem on you to be a couser of division becouse of their scamit ways. My wish is that let the illuminati hear you and solve the matter so that you will resume your position.

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  2. I respectfully refused your resignation. Your throne will sit in the shadows of authority unseen by the public eye who refuse to cooperate by those who have given you the authority to lead. Your leadership will remain in the minds of the subconscious followers who have abide by your hierarchy. “The force will always be with you” -🔺️⚠️

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    • What a beautiful thing to say Maples! Thank you so much for taking the time to say it! I am just heart broken that the 5 years of loyalty and dedication to IAM, does not even merit a “Thx for your service”! So your words fall on my heart like fresh rain, to scorched ground. I love you madly, Sir!!

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