gallery My spiritual circle-jerk~

(This quickly covers 50 years of my spiritual; journey)


The ‘take it on faith’ mentality I found in the church, never really worked for me. I was one of those people that needed something more than that. I figured my Pastor’s used that expression, when they couldn’t answer my questions, as a way to end the conversation. I also figured there had to be an intelligent answer to my questions, from a being capable of creating everything from the cosmos, to my coochie. Since blind faith was not my thing, I went searching for the answers myself, so I could help others like me, understand what this Divine Creator ‘guy’, was all about. Something that would literally take years to find, and decades to fully understand.


My spiritual circle-jerk

After decades of seeking the secrets of the mysterious, and brilliant “Mastermind” of it ALL, I finally came to the place in my spiritual journey, where I realized I no longer needed to keep searching for some kind of ‘apex of truth’.

Chasing after the Grand Architect,  had been my quest since I was a child. I longed for an answer to life’s greatest spiritual enigmas for as long as I can remember. I looked high and low, far and wide for enlightenment. I looked everywhere I could think of, outside of myself. Ultimately, I turned inward, to that still small voice I kept hearing. That internal compass inside me, that had never steered me astray.

But early on in my adventure, I was so consumed with finding out more about the objective observer at the pinnacle of it all. So much so, I certainly did not stop to savor any sugar plum fairy’s!  Nor did I readily see the obvious unity, already existent in our inherit oneness. This was largely due to the plethora of competing religious, and spiritual philosophies on the bookshelves, all shouting from the metaphorical street corner. As a young women, I was too caught up in the differences, to see the commonality. As I spiritually matured, I started to see there was a common denominator, I call the Crystal Thread of Light.

Throughout it all, I was pursuing some kind of spiritual objectivity, some bottom line banner of truth, we all could see and unite under. I wanted to help folks unite in our understanding of the Great Spirit. I already had a deep understanding just how personal and subjective our spiritual experiences are. However, I still wanted to point to something definitive, something of a foundation we could all stand on together, because killing each other over our various points of view of the SAME THING, was certainly NOT the answer.

 Then one glorious day, it wasn’t about finding the answers anymore. And that my friends, WAS the answer! I did not have to “find” the Light as it were, it had been guiding me all along! My souls destination was a given, it truly was all about the journey!

It was about finally relaxing into the journey, and allowing the magical mystery tour to unfurl, in all its organic mayhem, and magnificence. I came to a place where I deeply understood, none of us could avoid the final destination of our souls -no matter where we got hung up philosophically. So really…no matter which path I (or anyone else for that matter) choose to linger on, eventually we will arrive at the place, where the magic comes from.

Man, what a long strange trip it has been. What many take for granted online now, I actually had to hunt down in libraries, if anyone remembers those! After 50 years of wandering and wondering exploration, I have learned 3 very important truths I wish to share. It is my greatest hope that these things will serve as the inspiration necessary, to help some folks find and follow the Light.

1) There is a Crystal Thread of Light that runs through everything.  And I do mean EVERYthing. You name the religion or philosophy, it’s in there. That is why all spiritual roads lead to the same destination. If you look for the common denominators -like loving one another, helping those in need, acting with integrity, behaving morally, seeking knowledge, you will see the only difference in our inner spiritual juicy goodness, is the candy coating. En-LIGHTenment can be found in it ALL! If you look for the things that are the same, rather than the things that make them different, you will easily see this also. If you look deeper than what in taught on the Sabbath or Sunday, you too can see the Crystal Thread of Light for yourself. It runs through every holy book ever written.

2) I have learned that anything I have come to know spiritually, anything that has deeply impacted me in soul-shifting ways, has actually occurred via direct experience of the Mastermind’s mysterious handiwork. These experiences are not reliant on anyone else, not even the Illuminati, for an explanation. I have learned that spirituality in its rawest form, is not about seeing the Divine through the lens of others, it is about seeing these things for myself, however they appear. It’s really about an intimate and ongoing internal dialog that can never truly be articulated, anyway. And it most certainly doesn’t need to be validated by another human being -for it be miraculous, meaningful and magical, to me.

3) I have come to believe the truth about our shared Brilliant Mastermind and it’s incalculable mysteries, is so frickin’ complicated -I’d never comprehend it all anyway. Because sure as hell, they’re going to use Ontological Mathematics to explain it! Although I am quite capable of comprehending Mathematical Theory, and the concept of Living Mathematics, I absolutely cannot do the Math to prove it for myself. That means, I’m gonna have to trust those who can calculate these things. Which basically amounts to me being reduced, to taking it on FAITH again anyway!

I mean, how ironic is THAT!?

Talk about a full circle-jerk back through the Ouroboros!  The cool thing is, it has led me right back to that childlike wonder I had when I was a kid. It allows to not only stop, and smell those sugar plum fairy’s I missed along the way, it reminds me that I do not have to have all the answers, to be an integral part of the mysteries; themselves~



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