gallery Initiation: A time to PUSH!

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The process of Initiation by The Illuminati, is not an easy one. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And this path is most certainly not for everyone. It is a rarefied few, who can PUSH through to its completion.

I have seen folks quite literally lose their minds, as a result of the constant stress, hardship, and pressure. I don’t care how seasoned a traveler you are, this one will kick your ever-lovin’-arse. With your permission, the Light will dive in so deep, it will destroy the fortress of bullshit you have built to hide your own infectious crap, from yourself.  It will hurt like hell when the walls you erected to protect yourself from scrutiny crash in, and around you. You will feel the crushing weight of a life burning to the ground.  You will feel destroyed, decimated, and like you have been left for dead. You will finally realize what is meant by, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But before you do, you might actually wish this thing would kill you!

If you don’t feel like you are being dismantled in every possible way, you are likely not being initiated. The Illuminati tests those who they are interested in, not those they are not. If you are totally overwhelmed by the constant challenges, and if you feel like you literally can not do this anymore, PUSH through it anyway! This pain and destruction means you are fully on a path, most will never be brave enough to travel.

Let your pain show you where your soul hurts. You must face this despair and the dirty low down that is buried there.  You must come to the end of yourself, and let the Light burn through whatever can be found rotting in you. Welcome to your Initiation! You are the iron, that is being refined into gold. You are being initiated into the mysteries, that reside within you. It is from this rubble, that a new foundation will emerge. One that will support your new brilliant life in ways, the older version simply could not.

So let this process have its way with you. Let the Light shine in the darkest corners of your life so you might see who you really are -warts and all. This is the alchemy that all men of potential greatness seek, but are too scared to succumb to. Do not shy away from yourself. For the magic that can only come from within you, is yet to be revealed. Stay the course, and keep swimming! If you have to pause, pause and catch your breath. But for the love of everything Holy, do not give up!

PUSH on towards your higher calling so your unique voice of experience, might someday call others to the summit, as well~


  1. HUGE ADMIRATION BY SISTER, NOW KNOWING THE DIFFICULT WAY. I KNOW IT MAY BE A DAY MAY BE OR HAVE MY INITIATION. I am lawful, I will not allow you to use the name of the brotherhood without purpose.


    • Not sure how to respond here. Would you like to explain the last half of your comment? I am having trouble with the word “allow”! Thinking there might be a language barrier here? Please clarify.

      Also, we are NOT a brotherhood, we are more aptly called a society.


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