gallery Rejecting some new age “thought”~


When I come across regurgitated “new age” thought like this, it really bothers me. It bothers me even more that so many accept it as the truth, without deeply considering what is being taught. So here is something to think about, Beacons. But 1st, I need to share my disclaimer. This holds true to everything I write that is contrary to the status quo. Always keeps this in the back of your mind, when reading any of my work on this subject in particular. Thanks~ 


I am rather grateful for the ancient ideas that have made their way back into our collective consciousness. There is some great stuff to sift through without a doubt. But these ideas are NOT new. They are likely as old as Humanity itself. 

That being said, just as there are competing Globalist Agenda’s for the direction of humanity, I see an aggressive competition for our thought life, as well. The marketing of the “new age” is no exception. While most are driven towards the HiPpy-DiPpy version, others are awakening to an Age of Reason, to which I lean.

I’m not intentionally trying to hurt any feelings here, this is just my perspective, for what it might be worth. I just want folks to think things through, before they incorporate something into their world view. So when I find something that I can point to, as a good example of what I mean by that, I like to bring it forward for your thoughtful consideration.




This so-called “new age” wisdom is nothing new. I have seen and heard it spewed by countless “visionaries”, for 4 decades. I could literally pick up any book on the topic myself, reword it with my own flair, and throw it back out there, to the same acclaim these modern day Gurus receive.  I honestly wonder if that is what the most clever among them, have actually done. Not that there isn’t value in repetition when teaching the masses, but we really need to stop, and think about how accurate it might have been, to begin with. Lest we forget, even the “ancients” had differing, and conflicting points of view.

How is Humanity suppose to evolve, when the latest recycled opinions posing as fact, keeps us spinning in the dark like rats on a treadmill? Just because someone ventures into the sciences to back up their rationale, (which is in the dark to some degree also), does not make them an expert on the subject. Be warned, I am no expert either. However, I do think critically. So there’s that.

This is a quote from a best selling author who shall remain anonymous. I have taken the liberty to BOLDLY challenge her careless assertions, in an effort to give us all something to stew on. If you reject my line of thinking, -so be it.  It’s just food for thought, anyway~     


“Quantum physics reveal to us

that the elemental essence of reality

isn’t an objective physical reality ‘out there.’

Really? So the Sun is not really “out there”?

I guess none of the Planets are “out there”,  either?

There must be no ultimate TRUTH as well?  You know, like 1 + 1 = 2 ?

I guess that whole Living Mathematics thing must be bunk too.

(V rolls her eyes)

Instead, the reality out there, it tells us, 

is unlimited probabilities and possibilities

waiting for a subjective consciousness to ‘think’ them into being. 

Whoa….Does this mean I can create Planets too!?  I would really like that!

Seriously though…assuming the ‘subjective consciousness’ she is referring to is Human, which HUMAN(S) brought civilization into being, exactly? How did they think of something that had never been thought of before that took us all from cavemen, to cultured creatures, almost overnight? This curious mind wants to know.

Ok…So what about the horrific Tsunami in Indonesia, that killed hundreds of thousands of souls, or what about Vesuvius or Pompeii? I wonder if all those folks got together, and ‘thought’ HEY, this will be fun?!

How exactly did my parents “think” my Down’s Syndrome Brother into “being”? No really? Do you think they were so bored, they wished a lifelong physical, and mental challenge on their only Son? You know -for their entertainment, or maybe even edification?

Or what about the physical & mental torture I experienced at the hands of someone who said they loved me, was that just me consciously ‘thinking’ it would be totally cool to experience that crap? 



You see where I am going with this, Beacons?

Do YOU buy into this line of bullshit? When one of your children is killed by a drunk driver, will you seek justice -now that you have been made aware that it was actually YOU who thought your child’s tragic, and untimely death into being? OK, so you say it wasn’t you who thought of it happening. Fair enough. So was it the drivers thoughts that caused it? If so, can you prevent things like this from occurring, simply by thinking about it? I’m just thinking out loud here…work with me.

You guys do realize, that for something to be considered truth. It must be congruent end to end. It must work from east to west, top to bottom, from the micro to the macro, in every circumstance; right? You know…like Math! As tempting as it is to believe we are godlike, we don’t actually get to make up everything as we go. There is Planetary and Universal Law to contend with, whether one thinks so, or not.

The thing I find so deliciously ironic about those who embrace this type of philosophy, is they also typically reject the ego also. Yet a statement like this demonstrates one would have to have a colossal ego, to believe they are powerful enough to command the world to do their will, with their mere thoughts. Lol I mean, wouldn’t world peace already be a thing, if it was possible to think our way there. What about poverty, wouldn’t we have collectively thought it GONE, by now? Look, I am not minimizing the power of focused intent, but I see it as a tool, not the tool box itself. There are other forces at work here too, and they are well beyond our own imaginations. A reality unknown, unseen, yet very, very real. And apparently, it has a MASTER mind of it’s own!

I wonder if it ever occurred to the ‘observers’  of the quantum physics experiments, that there could be something far greater than they, manipulating what they see, you know, just to throw them off the trail? I guess that likely never occurred to any of them. But it certainly occurs to me! 

We really need to think things through, for sure. Thoughts are incredibly powerful, as they do lead to action, and action -to outcomes. That is why we must always guard our thoughts. However this line of thinking as presented, is erroneous. If what she is stating was categorically true, we would live in constant chaos as a species, and there would be zero point in trying to organize ourselves in any way, because about the time we get everything the way we wanted it, some psychopath who “thinks” it would be awesome to blow up the planet, would render everyone else thoughts, irrelevant! Just sayin’.

Please dear Beacons, when you consider the opinions of others, even mine, do so with discernment.  Just because the rest of the herd is following someone off the deep end, doesn’t me YOU have to go there too! As always, I caution you to test something to see if is actually truth, before incorporating it into your world view~



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