gallery Initiate Bullies.

bul·ly1                           INITIATE BULLIES 

  1. a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.


Bullying is not limited to picking on someone weaker. I have seen adult bullies pick on those they just don’t like, regardless of strength. In numbers, a “mob” of them united, will say and do the most horrific of things, to those they simply do not agree with. 

Even though I am capable of having empathy for those who bully others as it is a learned behavior, bullying is a form of human behavior I abhor. Especially ADULT bullies! Unfortunately we must contend with this kind of behavior far too often in this outreach. It is not relegated to the school yard, and can be found anywhere where people gather, including the workplace, and places of worship! Thankfully they are few and far between. However, they are the loudest & most obnoxious in the room. In my opinion, we must have a system to deal with them. These are my thoughts on the subject, and I own every (perhaps controversial) word. Please know from word go, I am not speaking about those who hold opinions different than our own that are merely dominating. That is actually called free speech, and not the focus of this subject.

My unique position as an Initiate of the Illuminati, (however temporary) has drawn many of these bullies out into the open, and towards me. I have grieved in private more than anyone knows (except 🕷) as a result of their relentless, hyper-critical harassment and outright slander. This is how I know for certain, many of the seekers we find here are not developmentally in a place to advance as an Initiate. They lord over others in a way that runs the gamut from simply egotistical ‘I am better than you are posturing’,  to cruel and unfounded public shaming.

Adult Initiate Bullies live completely in the dark about how their actions affect others. They often do not realize, they have grown into adult children seeking to elevate themselves, by crushing others. Something that will not earn them a seat at the most illustrious tables on the planet. They can’t see they still cling to their lifelong insecurities, and the mentality of those who are stuck in the old word order. The saddest part is, they remain oblivious and uninterrupted in their  actions, because The Illuminati refuses to call them into accountability. Perhaps rightfully so. Folks who are merely followers, are not held to the same standard as those who are being called to, and groomed for leadership.

These bullies have developed a sophisticated system of self-righteousness so ingrained, they do not see what they have become. They stand on the belief the Illuminati does not judge humanities morality, which only feeds their domineering ways. They do not realize that what IAM seeks in their leaders, is vastly different than protecting the species as a whole, without judgment.

Once they target one of us with these tactics, I believe it becomes up to us as a group, to shine the Light of truth on them, so they can be shamed into a course correction. Otherwise, they are emboldened by our unwillingness to defend those who are being attacked. In fact, they count on it, to do their dirty work. How can we say we are here to help humanity, and watch silently, while another is taunted and trivialized, for sport? How can we say we are ushering in a new world order, while doing precisely what we have always done -look away. All the while reassuring ourselves, it is non of my business.


Shame can be powerful motivators for those who are TRULY seeking, to become better versions of themselves. (This is why IAM uses it) Those that do not respond to it, are likely narcissists, sociopaths, or even psychopaths. A class of folks who deserve our pity, prayers, and empathy. Those people should ultimately be ignored, once it has been discovered they have no empathy or remorse for the feelings of others. We cannot teach, who we cannot reach. While ignoring those who are verbally abusive towards others is often the best route to take, there are situations where it is actually preferable to speak up in defense of those who cannot speak up for themselves.


The bottom line for me is, bullying is categorically unacceptable in this family! It will not be tolerated on my watch! So I vow to defend anyone who is being treated that way. If I see this type of injustice, I WILL defend! I will not turn a blind eye. I will let you know with certainty that you are valued, and are NOT alone. And Your aggressor will know, I see them for what they are as I call them out. Because, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of this bullshit publicly, and I would never want any of you to suffer in silence, as I have!!


While I attended school, I was a defender of the mentally/physically challenged kids. Trust me when I say, it only took a couple of incidents of me scolding the bully in front of others, before word got around I will embarrass & shame those doing it! So it ceased to occur, on my watch. It also empowered others to speak up, creating a circle of defense around those who could not defend themselves. You see Beacons, that kind of behavior is only allowed to thrive, when good people do nothing.

Remember, adult bullies are far more sophisticated than children. They do not always act alone either, and have often convinced others that they are on the high road, thus justifying their unholy actions. This behavior is evident in politics, and is used by both sides of the isle. Those truly on the high road do not use such tactics. They know that their educated, rational and well thought points of view, speak for themselves. They have no need to bash those who are on opposing sides of an issue. They know that this kind of behavior is merely projection, and is only used by those who have nothing of value to bring to the table, save for abusive criticism. So they criticize those who do, in a way that goes well beyond social norms. It is diabolical, and we as a people must find a way to rid our cultures of this poison, once and for all. We can and MUST do better.

The point I’m striving to make here, dear beacons…Is bear one anothers burdens! Watch out for your brothers and sisters. Set a standard that makes people think twice before they come at any one of us! We are curators of a new age, it is time to let the world know we have each other’s backs, and we always stand erect and defend, that which is right~

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