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It has become quite clear, I cannot outrun the grounded loons that follow after you guys. They thrash and peck around this movement like snapping turtles with broken wings.

Now how’s THAT for a metaphor!?

No matter how far ahead I try to swim, these spineless jelly fish types continue to float into my wake. What’s worse is, my own wake seems to carry them effortlessly behind me.  Each a screaming me-me,  more loony than the next.

I didn’t come here for this.

I did not come here, for this, man!

I came here because I thought I would find the best and brightest of our species at your gates. I thought maybe I could learn something that is forbidden about our collective spirituality, which I was not already aware of. Or maybe earn access to our true history as humans.

It never occurred to me that this outreach would attract the lunatic fringe, although I should have known, given my background frequenting conspiracy sites.  It really should come at no surprise. Yet here I am jaw to the floor, and wild eyed -as I see the family cult of Rothschild’s grow right before my very eyes on Facebook.

What is this fresh-fanatical hell all about, anyway? Do these folks think that having a particular surname, will ensure entrance into you sacred space? Do they feel so insignificant, that they must misappropriate another family’s name, to feel important?

I do not understand this trend. Even on my darkest of days, I have never wished for another family, or another fate. My family name may not be well known to a new generation, but I am hoping to change that myself, by my OWN merit!

So I’m not using my once famous last name, to garner any favor.

Loony, right?

Damn, I really can’t throw stones, not even at snapping turtles!

Someday MY name WILL be on everybody’s lips.

And it won’t be because of anything B.F. did!

Unless of course IAM, you still count on something thrice removed!?

He he~

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  1. Some day, very soon, worms will be eating your lips. You would wish you had sucked my c0ck, but your brain won’t function, since you will be dead and disintegrated.


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