My Truth?

Gads, how I loath that expression!


It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

The moment that comes out of someones mouth, they have lost me. I know immediately where they are at in their journey when they utter those words.

I invite you to deeply consider what I am about to share. Perhaps you will be able to understand why this far too trendy term, is so offensive to me.

Let’s start with the definition of truth and it’s root word, TRUE. The most astute among us will recognize immediately, there is not such thing as “MY truth”. The rest of you are going to get an education, that hopefully will lead to your further enlightenment.

1. The quality or state of being true.  2. A fact or belief that is accepted as true.

Truth comes from the ‘Root Word’, True.

2019 TRUTH


1. In accordance with fact or reality.  2. Accurate or exact.

After sharing the definitions of these words with you, I cannot emphasize enough, how much that so called new age driven expression is off base. The truth is NOT subjective, EVER. By definition, it is always objective, true for ALL. It is unwavering, and congruent throughout. It is an unbending foundation, and it does not shift with the perspective of others.

Let me break it down real simple like, for those who use this incorrect term to validate their CURRENT UNDERSTANDING or POINT OF VIEW.  Regardless of how committed your are to your ‘so called’ truth, your perspective may not be true at all. Because of this, calling your point of view  “YOUR truth”, makes you sound ignorant to those of us who have a clear understanding about what truth is, and what it isn’t.

In case you are not aware, the truth is never a matter of opinion. It isn’t something special just for you or even me, to be used subjectively at our own discretion. It is the bottom line, we ALL can stand on without fail. Here is a perfect example.

The saying “what goes up, must come down”, is absolutely true. This truth is rooted in the nature of gravity. You can witness this for yourself when you throw your keys into the air. If they happen to get caught on a branch of a tree on their way down, and you do not see that from your vantage point, and it might appear as if they have remained up in the air to you, but it does not change the laws governing gravity what-so-ever.  I promise you, they will come down. Even if you have to climb up and get them.

Are you with me here, Beacons?

“Your truth”, which should rightfully be call your vantage point, OR your point of view, your current understanding, OR your perspective -IS limited. It cannot…nor will it ever, change the big picture seen by those with a broader line of sight, much less the facts themselves.

Your truth does not change unbendable reality, which is exhibited by the immutable Laws of the Universe. “Your truth“, is the illusion, shared only by you, and perhaps your equally incorrect social circle.  Only that which is factual and/or true, is real. We do not get to make up our personal fantasy la-la land, and expect others to endorse, condone, or even comply with our limited and/or flawed world view.


Are you woke yet, Beacons?

Let me put this another way…

IF the Earth experience was one where literally anything goes that we can THINK of,  where each individual truth was allowed to rule unabated, this place would be horrifically and uncontrollably, chaotic. Our collective experience would be reduced to and ruled by the imaginary whims, of the clinically insane and the diabolically malevolent.  Especially if two or more crazies were gathered in delusional agreement.  It would be impossible to structure a organized and cohesive society, much less a civilization -in such conditions.

To recap. The truth is for us all, and it is a good thing it is. It’s an unbreakable foundation, in which all of us can stand upon, without incident.

It is also a good thing that the keys to the magic kingdom, are withheld from the insane~






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  1. Makes one wonder if the truth is one everything that IS must be a part of that one truth ? But in a search for a particular part of the truth one will only find the truth of search and can not be the whole truth. So I will keep it for now as necessity leads the way .

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