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The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.
“you can find bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross”
synonyms: forbearance, tolerance, restraint, self-restraint, resignation, stoicism, fortitude, sufferance, endurance; More

By definition alone, I certainly do not have a ton of patience. So I won’t be throwing any stones here.  Although I have a lot more patience now, than I did when I first ran into the Illuminati almost 5 years ago! IAM is soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking slow. I have found a way to settle into that, which has effected the other areas of my life in a positive way.

I really do not mind waiting on most anything these days…except for food!  If I am hungry, and the mood is right, I can get very spicy! I have been known to get ‘hangry’, and yes…it’s a thing! So waiting on food is not a blast for me. Or anyone with me, for that matter. HA!  I do get irrationally upset, and can whip myself into a full lather, if I am low on fuel.  I really hate it when I do that to myself too, because getting hangry is 100% preventable!

Thankfully, I am aware of this now, and take the proper precautions to avoid the hassle of going through all that. Otherwise, waiting is not a really big deal for me. On most days anyway! Not bad, for a gal who as a teen, could not even be bothered to wait in a line up to order fast food!

I only mention these things, as a lead up to something that I have noticed over the years in this movement that frustrates many, including myself. I want it to be clear this is not me judging anyone who gets impatient when waiting. This is me attempting to explain what I think is going on, when our orders from DODIS do not arrive in a timely manner. Since I have seen a lot of delays over the years, I wanted to share what I feel is happening, based on my own observations.

For those of you living in countries that have corrupt postal systems, this does not apply. DODIS cannot and should not be held accountable for the items that you have purchased that have been stolen by someone in route. They are always sent in good faith, and can often be tracked without incident to your country, where the trail is lost completely.

Brad Adams from the Anti-Fraud Network has seen mail get raided in 3rd world countries with far too much frequency. Once the criminally minded know what the envelope looks like, and see the return address from Beverly Hills,  they will steal it and resell the contents, for their own personal profit.  Brad has been able to verify this was indeed happening to many of our orders, in ways only Brad is capable of.  So this accounts for some of the delays, for some folks.

I personally sent two items to Ghana to the same address. One from my home in Arizona, the other DODIS shipped from California. Only one arrived, A YEAR LATER! So do not be quick to blame the Dept. of Distribution for the lack of delivery. Always check with your local carriers before you accuse The Illuminati of not shipping your stuff.

The ones that are the hardest to understand occur in the US, where the postal system is 99% reliable. I have seen folks get very upset when their orders take months to fulfill, and I don’t blame them. This has happened to me also, and I was not HaPpy about it either. So much so, I did not just complain to DODIS and IAM, I wrote Paypal too! I simply could not comprehend the delay, and I was rather impatient about it.

After awhile, I notice this seemed to be a trend, perhaps even a test, rather than an unintentional occurrence. I heard the complaints far too often for it not to be looked into more deeply. Because I believe the Dept. of Distribution is far better at their jobs than it appears at times, I felt there must be something more going on. Especially since all of my orders save for one, arrived with lightening speed. Nope, something was indeed askew.

Although I DO NOT agree with the tactic, I have come to believe these delays might actually be a test of our patience! There is no other explanation for the outrageous wait times than randomly occur, given the items always arrive…eventually.  While I personally do NOT think a business transaction should be used to gauge our patience level, and was quite vocal about it publicly, it really does appear to be a ‘thing’.

However, can you think of a better way to try someones patience? I certainly cannot! When folks are excited about receiving something they have purchased, it is easy for them to lose their cool, if it takes longer to arrive than expected or stated. This provides an excellent opportunity to see how someone behaves when things do not go as planned. Over the years, I have seen lots of people get super impatient, and express it online. I have even seen one guy lose his shit entirely, going as far as renouncing his loyalty to the Illuminati over it! So in my mind, the end surely does justify the means!

Bottom line Beacons, your patience will continually be tested if the Illuminati is looking at you for possible promotion. They seem to use a number of strategies, to do so, including delaying your orders place with DODIS.  If you have not received your purchase in a reasonable amount of time, contact them quietly. If you still do not receive your stuff, please consider something more might be happening, and adjust your sails accordingly.

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Remember, as valued voices in this outreach I caution you not degrade the choices that have made by the Illuminati. You cannot rip on IAM’s decisions with one breath, and claim undying loyalty to them, with the other.

Just sayin’~


    • In fact, all our efforts in life go beyond having something. We hope to achieve something as a result of our efforts. In other words, patience is our best comrade in achieving success. Because the person who knows to be thankful means to be determined, to be convinced, to work and not to give up.
           They say, “Patience is bitter, fruit is sweet.” It’s a proverb I love. Truly patience, effort to achieve beauty


    • In fact, all our efforts in life go beyond having something. We hope to achieve something as a result of our efforts. In other words, patience is our best comrade in achieving success. Because the person who knows to be thankful means to be determined, to be convinced, to work and not to give up.
           They say, “Patience is bitter, fruit is sweet.” It’s a proverb I love. Truly patience, effort to achieve beauty.


  1. I appreciate the elaboration on word patience and being impatient. I have been very patient in my life but at times it does run out when things don’t make sense causing unnecessary delays.

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  2. Hey… So happy to find this article. I’m waiting over a month.+ for my DODIS order. I have become very suspicious of this and other red flags I have observed with this order. I want to move forward with this “Great Work”…however I cannot discount the concern that I have if we are ALL being trolled by a very savvy and dialed in Public Relations/Social engineering project. The way I see it: If we are truly dealing with the Illuminati. A very old and deeply rooted organization of world leaders, big thinkers, and movers & shakers. An organization like this, whom states they do not require any membership fees, etc? I would think this order would have very deep if not limitless resources.

    If that is true, I have an expectation that an elite order would be much, much more impeccable with everything. Especially things Like:

    Order/Customer Service; on the DODIS and Illuminati.IaM sides – I am contesting the cc charges for my Neophyte bundle from DODIS. I attempted to contact them on the forms 3 times. (No Answer)

    Website/Member Portal maintenance. I’ve never ever been able to create an account, login, or get response to tech questions regarding same. The sites look very impressive. However when the functionality behaves as broken. I’m not impressed. This isn’t how a fortune 500 would handle their information. I have similar expectations due to my life experience for IAM.

    Zero response on my ‘new’ membership queries. I’m not looking to rank, just be in? It’s been a year plus since my very first “application”.

    They say things like “Help is on the way…” What does that mean when they don’t even help us to join them as they are trying to recruit us??

    I could go on… I want all to know that I’m very disenfranchised because I think Global unity is literally the only thing that can save us as a species. That or benevolent extraterrestrials coming down to help us save ourselves and this beautiful planet. (or maybe eat us?) There is even a part of me that hopes that IAM would help usher this kind of age in for us. So far it’s all been a very interesting Sci-Fi movie script for me, in a matter of speaking.

    I get that this will all involve hard work and patience. Just let me know I’m on track? Perhaps my dreams are just that. Why would IAM even want someone like myself? A lowly social services worker/mental health worker to join their ranks who has no elite connections, Why?

    In the Video Game Franchise Deus Ex, the protagonist of the first release- is offered a choice to join the Illuminati, or become something else. This JC, is Trying to choose, but it feels like IAM getting trolled.

    Since it appears that IAM is connected with a very elite PR firm in Beverly Hills. It really makes me think this is all just a demo campaign of social engineering to display to clients. That strategy would be in line with the “so called malevolent” Illuminati in order to change public opinion and click the overton window over a few notches.

    Until I see:
    a.) How my charges dispute turns out
    b.) Some kind of response, reply or login for the portal or the membership department…
    c.) The “help on the way” as ‘promised’ in the flyers, actually arrives.

    I remain very suspicious.

    In Light and Love,

    JC Denton


    • Although I personally do not agree with the tactic, it appears delay times might be a test of patience. At least this is what I have observed in the 5 years I have been following the Illuminati. One can learn a lot by how they handle delays, how they speak to those when they are complaining about the delay, etc. I have actually seen one guy renounce his loyalty to the Illuminati because he did not get his order, all the while forgetting it was a PRE-ORDER and started complaining LONG before they were even slated to ship. I watch another long time Initiate/Self professed leader in the outreach go so far as to tell others not to buy anything from DODIS, because hers was delayed. So there is THAT to consider.

      Additionally, IAM enjoys looking sketchy. It is a part of their “camouflage” as they say. It weeds people out from word go. This path by no means is for everyone. They are looking for leaders of a New Age and will put obstacles in the way to see who is serious and who is “playing”. Only you can choose which category you fall under.

      Context matters. This might help. “Help is on the way” is the later half of a longer quote in ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati. It states: Fear not for the bursting sounds that echo across your red horizons, THIS is the sign, that help is on the way. Perhaps knowing this in full, will be that quote in perspective.

      Lastly…Your assertions could be spot on. I have no argument for that. Thankfully, time tells all tales. And what is hidden in the dark, always comes to Light. In the meantime, it is up to you alone, to decide for yourself. I really cannot be much help there. I have shared my experience on this blog, they may or may not, help you decide. ALTHOUGH, it could be argued that since we are all eternal monadic souls, it matters not either way. It is all just something to do, to kill time…Lol~


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