Is the Illuminati, the Light?


I have noticed some confusion about what it means to follow the Light, verses following the Illuminati. It seems as if some folks are unable to make the distinction between the two, and I would like to help clarify this, for those who are unaware there is a difference.

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Is the Illuminati the Light?  Short answer: NO!

You have likely heard me say, the Illuminati is comprised of the best and brightest humans on this planet. When I say the brightest, I am not just speaking about their intellect. This includes their level of illumination as well. They have been proven to be the most enlightened people on this planet. These people, the people who make up IAMs organization -follow the Light just like we do.

They are NOT the Light themselves.


The Illuminati is NOT the Light.


What is the Light?

Simply stated, it is our inner compass.

We all have this divine guidance system within us.

It has been described as the Holy Spirit, an inner knowing, God/Allah/Jesus/Yahweh, our third eye, our intuition, our gut feelings, and even our Higher Self.  It is the quieter of the two voices within us.  It is NOT the voice that tells you to sleep in, instead of going to the gym. I have no idea who that one is! Some say… it’s “the devil“.

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The Light is akin to that inner voice that whispers to you in the storm, yells at you when you are dangerously off course, and gently encourages you to keep going, when you are struggling. This voice belongs to that “angel” within you, who wants the very best for you. However, the Light is a gentle guidance system that no matter how it might be screaming in your background, will never eclipse your free will. You are never forced to take it’s perfect directions. You are always in control, and can choose as you desire.

In other words… You are always free to stay in bed, instead of exercising!


I hope this helps with the confusion, Beacons!






3 thoughts on “Is the Illuminati, the Light?

  1. Hello, this Charles from the MP.

    That was a very good post. I couldn’t explain that better myself. There are a lot of humans that could be great fellow humans. Do great things in our society, if they would just listen to their inner light. But I have meet so many, that say “I know I should have did this-or that”. But just ignored what they felt. I always finish with “LET THE LIGHT SHINE”. Because if you listen to your inner light, everyone will see you shine.


  2. Never doubted it , not even for a moment & I agree with your explanation there is a difference , everyone
    can follow the Light as it is our birth right ” Free Will ” & I see the Illuminati as a fam that have branches
    just like a tree that goes in all possible directions ” Up – Down & 360 degrees ” .
    This tree does not need a gardener start chopping branches , there can be no chopping so
    to stay Loyal to all the branches is to stay Loyal to this tree , the Illuminati , the brightest of all .
    In my opinion & ” According to the reading ” The Illuminati have made sure that the human species would
    survive even at Times of dictatorship & dictators of the past , that clearly have gone insane ha ha .

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