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Manifesting is not what many preach.

It is so much more than holding the vision of your hearts desire.

Many ignore and most minimize, the work that goes with the wanting.

Here is something practical for you to get your head around, to help you realize your goals.

Let’s start by consulting the dictionary to learn what the word actually means.


Display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.
“Ray manifested signs of severe depression”
synonyms: display, show, exhibit, demonstrate, betray, present, evince, reveal, indicate, make plain, express, declare

“she manifested signs of depression”

It is another word for DEMONSTRATE.

It is a verb, an action word. It isn’t something you merely dream up in your head, although that is certainly part of it,  it is something you actually do to make it happen.

So when you say you are manifesting something, you are saying that you are displaying it, you are showing it to others in a very clear way.  It is tangible and visible. Like this blog here. I am a writer and I have manifested the evidence of that via the pages in this blog and in my book. This is not an arbitrary statement. This is one of fact with symptoms aka indicators!


If you wanted to manifest your dream home, how would that look exactly? I’ll tell you.  It certainly won’t look like you meditating on the couch, decorating the living room in your mind. That alone will not get you the keys to that condo you want. Because according to definition, it must be something that is exhibited.

It would look like visualizing where you want to live, and what you want from a home COUPLED with having a job, paying your bills on time to earn a good credit rating,  and saving money for the down payment.

Need another example?

Let’s say you are a musician and you want to manifest selling your songs worldwide so you can go out on tour. At the bear minimum, this would be displayed by writing lyrics, writing music, producing the record, offering it for sale and marketing it around the globe.

Thoughts without action, is merely a dream.

Thoughts with action, is manifesting.


Image result for house


Now go out there, and manifest your arses off, Beacons!!


  1. Great post V. But if I may ask.. wouldn’t staying home and invest most of my time to study while waiting for the results as an initiate helps me better define that word someday? Well, ill state the reason why am i asking this; I’m an artist not a singer but a designer and at this time I can’t manage to further educate myself to that level where most known artist are at…to be able to stay committed( like how u said it) by going out marketing my self to people needs my contribution/ artwork etc etc.


  2. Dear Ivy, Reading your article has rekindled my spirit. I was feeling very low and hopeless in my spirit just moments before I opened your mail. Looking forward to your next mail.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sorry you are feeling low Shoka! But I am thrilled to learn I have helped pick you up a little. Hang in there! It is not easy becoming a better version of yourself. But it is totally worth the trouble!!


  3. Beautifully said, thoughts without action is merely a dream. I have been reading your posts on various topics about the illuminati, becoming a member, initiation and all. Let me offer you my heartfelt gratitude for guidance, enlightenment and path to self betterment no matter the end result we learn anyways.You deserve it the title “princess”.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was just asking a question via email as recommended by you if we anything in mind that we would like to clerify with you we can email it as well so I did that.


    • That email (which is literally only 2 weeks old) was set up for my business inquiries only. Not clarification of Illuminati messages. You have posted on my personal blog, not on an Initiate Network site.
      I have deleted the comment in which you shared that email addy with others.
      Again, it is for my personal business inquiries only, and NOT Illuminati related questions.

      That being said…I am truly HaPpy to answer questions in public here, so others can benefit from the answers, so long as they are not a matter of record elsewhere.
      In this case, the answer to your question can be found by reading the IAMs messages. I do not support intellectual laziness, so you will have to do your own research to learn more.
      Thank you so much for your respect of my personal space going forward, and for your gracious understanding!!
      HaPpy Trails~


    • No worries! Read everything IAM has printed thus far, and you will learn your answer.
      We will gladly point to the gate, but it is up to you to enter it, and look around.
      HaPpy Trails!!


  5. I have pretty much gone through the material available on IAM and what ever is being shared with me via email. I read everything with Keen interest and have been learning a lot. I can say to extent that I feel now like I didn’t know anything about life and what’s it all about, and have been a hamster on somebody’s wheel. Don’t have words strong enough to express my gratitude! Hope the gates would open soon for me to enter a new life and a world full of wisdom 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome!! But trust me when I say, you don’t know anything until you get their book Illuminatiam, and read it. Plus it doesn’t hurt to follow up with Illuminations, as well.
      Settle in T!
      This is not a lickety-split & you get, gig! It’s a lifestyle.
      My new book speaks about my personal initiation. You might want to grab that from Amazon too. I just added it to my about V page today.


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