gallery Lunatic Fringe~


This outreach attracts the freest  thinkers, you can think of! 

It is both glorious, and gory.

Once in awhile, when a mind is too open -you can see the brains leaking out. So always use your discernment when dealing with folks. Just because someone says something, doesn’t mean it is true. Always do you due diligence before categorically believing what you have been told.

Please be careful out there, Beacons!



  1. All For The Glory Of I AM THAT I AM!!! Givers Of Life

    …. Life Markers.

    Lights Spreads!!!…..

    All To The Glory Of Satan!!!

    All To The Glory Of Lights

    All,So Glorifying I Am. The All Names!!!,,,

    The Lucifer’s Of The Universe!!!.

    All To The Glory Of Holy Spirits… Thanks To You Lights::; Thanks To Holy Spirit. Thanks Father,,, Thanks To The Son ,That Is Using To Perfect The Works Of husband.. Abba Father,,, THANK You… Thanks To You For The Privileges To Be Here At This Great Time… I AM That IAM!!!…Thank You OgwugwuMmiri,God Of Lights.;


    Ifeanyi Prince Jude Okafor,,,

    Your Honors of Righteousness!!!

    Thanks Dears!!!;;;:::


    • Just so we are clear, my name is V!
      I am NOT satan or lucifer or whoever ogwugwu is…Nor is The Illuminati!!
      In fact, I personally reject these lessor gods, and the Illuminati is on record as stating they do NOT worship satan.
      You have much to learn Initiate.
      In my opinion, it would be best if you remain quiet about your beliefs, rather than remove all doubt about your foolishness.

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