Your Initiation~



Everyone wants to know about Initiation. I get asked all the time about it.

I hope to clarify what Initiation is and isn’t with this article.

The first thing everyone needs to know upfront, is there is no guarantee you will be invited to join the Illuminati as a “ranking member”. It is not a given simply because you asked to join. That distinction is reserved for the best and brightest among us. Likely the top 1% (mas or menos) will earn the honor as I understand it.

That being said, everyone is invited to become a ‘Citizen Member’, simply by learning about and vowing to live by, the Illuminati’s principles and ideals. Truly, this is incredible, in and of itself. 100% of those desiring to follow IAM as CMs are welcome & encouraged to do so.  

It bothers me that more folks do not understand what an privilege it actually is, to call yourself a Citizen Member! Those that are interested in leadership, who pass the Prerequisites in the Members Portal, are also called Initiates. I am a Citizen Member of the Illuminati and a Level 1.1 Initiate

When most Initiates ask about their Initiation. They are referring to the #1 definition of the word, as seen below. They erroneously believe they are going to go to an actual ceremony and/or ritual, right out of the gate. Now mind you, IAM does speak about what happens if you are invited to rank in Illuminatiam, The First Testament of the Illuminati, and it does include some fanfare, a title, and the removal of hardships. However, this is not a given, simply because we filled out a form online. It doesn’t work like that. We earn our way in. Hopefully one day, a few of you will actually merit having that experience. However, most of us will not.

When I talk about Initiation, I am speaking specifically about definition #2. We are being ‘introduced’ to the elusive, and historical Illuminati. This is the starting point of our journey. This is a recruitment situation that appears to have a number of objectives, both known and unknown. While they are surely looking for those who could potentially rank, they are also looking for leaders of a New Age. From what I can tell, the two are not necessarily, one in the same.

If you have read the introduction in the Members Portal, you have a good idea about what they are striving for with all of this. If you have ever rushed a fraternity or sorority in college, you will understand what is going on with ease. Bottom line, everyone may ask to join, but not everyone gets in. Being a ‘legacy’ is helpful, but it is still not a guarantee.

To gain entrance into the most revered Secret Society of all time, we must be tested. We must be tested to see if we have the qualities that the Illuminati are looking for.  What are the qualities IAM is looking for? Well, we know for sure based on their writings, they value INTELLECT, and INTEGRITY in their members. Unfortunately, that alone eliminates a good deal of the folks I have met in this outreach. So if you are in possession of those qualities, you are ahead of the game, as it were. It is not enough to talk a good game, you must embody it. So the field narrows immediately, because IAM knows the difference.


Surely they look for other exemplary qualities as well, like the ones that can be found in people of character. Character is expressed via our temperaments, our psychology, our personalities, and mentality. A person of character is loyal, thoughtful, responsible, accountable, has morals, is virtuous, empathetic, kind, considerate etc. Unfortunately, these types of folks seem to be a rarefied breed in modern society. Sometimes I worry that noteworthy character, is on the verge of extinction! Thankfully, this movement is designed to celebrate and venerate old school excellence in human behavior!

The truth is… everyone is all kinds of awesome, on any given day. That is, until they come under severe duress, and pressure. That is when you see how vicious and unruly folks can be. OR, patience and accepting. In others words, there will be triggers y’all! There is no way to see what you are really all about, until IAM witnesses how you behave, when everything is going sideways in your life. Here are but a few examples to give you an idea about what I am talking about: 

In order to see if you will steal when broke, you are tested. In order to see if you are violent when angry, you are tested. In order to see if you will remain loyal when tempted, you will be tested. In order to see if you can handle power, you are tested. To see if you can keep a secret, you will be tested and tested and tested.

It has been my experience, that they are quite capable of coming at you 6 ways to Sunday, to see what you are really made of. That is what I mean by Initiation.  We have begun a process, called recruitment. Recruitment requires that we are assessed in every aspect of our lives. We must be determined “worthy” in their “eye”, to enter into the mysteries that they have painstakingly guarded for eons. They do not hand out the keys to the kingdom, without being as sure as humanly possible, you can be trusted with them. It’s that simple.

I know most of you who are reading this, feel you are exceedingly special. And you are! We ALL are. We all have a unique role in the Universal Design, even though it may not include ranking in the Illuminati. And that’s Ok.

  Because I do not want to see any of you disappointed by the outcome of your evaluation period, I gotta keep reminding you guys, that most of us will not live up to IAMs top drawer expectations and standards. Sure, a few of us will come through our period of intense testing, with flying colors. But most will drop like flies, unable to deliver the juicy goodness IAMs seeks in a member.

Please do not let any of this upset you, dear Beacons. It is an unprecedented honor, just to ‘try out’! Besides, when you fail to grab the moon you are reaching for, you will still land among the stars. Stars that still place you higher on the path of enlightenment, than those who never look up from the ground.

The good new is, ALL of you who take enlightenment seriously, will become better versions of yourselves, if you allow the process to work its magic. That is the true beauty of this entire experience to me. Even though I may not be “good enough” to become a ranking member of the Illuminati, I have surely become a better version of myself, striving to live like Illuminati! In so doing, I have found a way to help the world become a better version of itself, too~




On a more personal note, I believe I have been tested for 3 full years, something that just recently subsided. It was the absolute WORST! I have been challenged in literally every area of my life. I have been pushed, pressed and publicly humiliated during that time. Some of my trials have surely been instigated by IAM. However, far too much of my hardship, has come at the hands of other Initiates.

IAM doesn’t have to set you up, and stage things to see what you will do. Although if they are looking for a specific something in you, they are certainly capable of that. I think they work in a more practical way than that, though. In truth, all they really need to do is watch life unfold around you, so they can see how you respond to the various challenges that will inevitably befall you.

With the advent of the digital age, it is far easier for them to create an in depth analysis from your stored data, than it would have been to watch you function in your community, over a period of years. They can now see what lies hidden, not just your public persona. It is likely next to impossible to fool the Illuminati these days, and I find an unbelievable amount of comfort in that.

I hope this has helped clarify what is happening when I speak about Initiation. If you have any further questions, and you cannot find the answers in any of my other articles on this subject, please leave them below.

Thanks for stopping by, Beacons!!

Please remember, I do not speak for the Illuminati. I speak about them, based on my understanding -which could actually be erroneous, Lol


  1. My allegiance to the Illuminati will be forever. I am personally committed to this Fidelity to the illuminati hope of all human species


  2. Hi, venerable V. I guess I can’t write well in English sometimes I think I have difficulty in reading. So sometimes I can’t express myself. I like your articles. Yours truly

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  3. I Signed My Eternal Oaths Since July 2017,I am Yet to Receive It. And The Great illuminati is Still Sending Me Message To Sign My Eternal Oaths. Please, Should I Go Ahead To Resign???


  4. Doesn’t Loyal Order of Water Buffalo says it well enough how it is ? In that case V is spelling it out for sure . Ask to any woman that gives birth how painful that can be & yet almost all that have gone through it will tell it was worth it .
    My giving birth its harder ” Male gender ” We don’t know PRACTICALLY what that means but to put it under a different Light in order to be understood : To be a champion in sport is a journey a painful one as well as rewarding .
    A doctor , a teacher , a leader of a nation & on & on .
    There are an infinite of known and unknown obstacles ” Better said , it appears to be infinite , one does not get to see the Light at the end of the tunnel & the only Light , very dim and more bright for some is with in to guide one , Intuition . “


  5. Thanks sister V, this is a great exposition. Everything you’ve said makes logical sense in the context of the great organization we serve. Indeed, making the cut to become a ranked member is an open race. All takes is total loyalty, commitment and dedication. If we can exhibit these to the satisfaction of our organization we shall be considered at the right time. What we’re being reminded is these virtues can only be found in a very few of us. It’s a challenge for us to embrace and demonstrate those virtues in order to qualify. (Kind reminder: this is just my opinion of what sister V is trying to explain- I don’t speak for our great organization)


    • The truth is, we do not know the FULL extent of what it takes. That has not be declared. My articles represent what I have been able to ascertain thus-far. It surely takes far more than loyalty, commitment and dedication. Surely it takes far more than virtue, as well. But possessing those qualities is a great start, for sure!! So we can all work on at least that much, till we learn more.
      Thanks for your awesome feedback, Evans. I appreciate it!


  6. I take the words very serious for different reasons; they warn me, remaid me on how to travel though the road and that is by walking within my personal characters,helps me to maintain the qualities needed in the game and at last helps me to examine myself to apply the effort and do collection on my wrongs, its clear that “anything can be manifested using the power of both intention and dedication by anyone”so I can’t had anything just to encourage everyone especially initiates to game focused positively after all remember that what comes so easily…keep and work for your answer,just be accountable.


  7. Thanks To I am that I am for All of the Tests… Thanks to you the writer, whom The I am that I am uses to Bring or Reminds us were being Tested. Thanks to I am that I am. Lights of the universe

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  8. Let me clarify the last bit; I intended to say – less than 1% will become ranking members. That said, why doesn’t Illuminati quietly identify their favorite 1% candidates and rank them, if they will, without having to slap us in the face with statements like; 99% are not worthy,… many apply but very very few will make it…etc. This is what I hate. We are not here to rank, we are just, by our own will, following the light, and nobody has paid us to do so. Give us the opportunity to express our loyalty and to feel worthy, the rest is their agenda. I have nothing against our V~ , I think it’s the whole set up.


    • Thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it. It’s unfortunate that you did not perceive the upshot in this particular writing. While perhaps only 1% will make it into a ranking membership situation, 100% of those who vow to live by the Illuminati ideals, can rightfully call themselves Citizen members.
      They can also enjoy a rank structure as Initiates in the Members Portal.
      If you are truly just here to help, you should not care one bit about the rarity of fully ranking members, dear Brother. It is a fractal part of what is happening here.
      The Illuminati could have never even given you an opportunity to join in any way.
      Please try to be respectful of that.
      Perhaps you don’t understand the nature of the mysteries, and why the need for protection. But I personally have no problem with this at all myself. Even knowing I’m not in the top 1%!!
      I want my leaders to be the best and the brightest this planet has to offer.
      I prefer hierarchies & merit. So I happen to love the system~

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  9. Thanks V~
    For finding a way to help the world become a better version,
    Me too am taking enlightenment seriously, helping the folks to see the LIGHT 🔺, Even though I may not be “good enough” to become a ranking member of the Illuminati, I have surely become a better version of myself, striving to live like Illuminati!
    Great thanks @ivytaroc, long live, love and light always 🔺🔺

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    • Thank you Dan!
      Please remember, I do not speak for the Illuminati. I speak about them, based on my own understanding -which could actually be erroneous, Lol


  10. Sister, This is Charles Jones from the members portal. I only say this at the beginning of each blog so you know who I am.
    But no one has ever meet me or seen me. But I am always reading every post you write. And the answers you get. I also read every blog in the members portal.
    And all I can say about becoming a member of the real Illuminati, is live you life as if the Illuminati does not exist. Because for most I hate to say, it does not. Always keep up the faith and encourage ALL people to live life at their best. (Helping others were they can, little words of encouragement to someone. Who knows that person may be a real Illuminati person.) I say person, because in the real Illuminati, you are not just a member,But a real person.
    Most people I hate to say, live life hoping to be in the Illuminati (and never will). When they should live life to encourage all people to do the best they can. And hope one day that they will be in the real Illuminati.
    Please keep up the blogs, you are doing great.


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  11. Thank you Sister V~ for your unwavering efforts to guide folks towards what needs to be understood in this outreach. From the Illuminati literature I have tried to read on my own, my understanding is that it is never easy to speak with certainty about a highly elusive group of people who are still behind the curtain. They can decide anything any time, because they are not accountable to anybody. I feel that much as the First Testament /website clearly spells out Illuminati’s modus operandi, their plans and agenda, and such information can be used to explain and clarify various contentious issues, anything spoken for Illuminati has a high probability of being denied as being deceptive at some stage. I never feel comfortable to talk about things like ranking, things like Illuminati finances etc. Me I just do my things in line with the tenets and ideals, as an expression of my loyalty and support, I live my life as I have always lived it without speculating anything. What is intriguing, in addition, are the disclaimers put whenever initiates are putting in place initiatives to help the outreach – for instance; “Illuminati has not authorized x y z, we are doing this on our own…. ” Are these shifting sands of Illusion as Nelson Mandela once put it? Sincerely I become very uncomfortable when someone begins telling citizens that less than 1% will be rejected by the Illuminati much as they are on the IAM journey.


    • I’m not sure I understand. Are you not comfortable with me saying that in all likelihood only 1% of us will become ranking members? Or are others saying that only 1% will be rejected? Please clarify, thank you.

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  12. Wonderful piece of of “wake up” right here. I hope you all take this to heart. V is very right about the testing. I can vouch for this.

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  13. My loyalty stands forever to the Illuminati. Challenges are there but I will always with the Illuminati. Thank you for that clarification v~ about initiation

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