gallery Signs, Symbols and Services~


The Illuminati are all about da signs and da symbols.

They have been provided to serve us.


They have gone to great lengths to put some of their signs and symbols out there for us, so there can be no doubt about how important they are to the Illuminati’s organization.
But why?
Is there a practical reason for doing so, beyond the esoteric?
I think so.
Being the historical legends that they are, IAM has provided the “keys” necessary to unlock many mystery’s. Not only those that reside within us, as with our internal compass. I believe they also open up the pathways represented on our external maps, as well.
Let me explain…
Imagine if you will, a whole system of enlightened trade, right out in plain site. A system that can be identified, by the symbols, on the signs of each participating business.
How much easier would life become to navigate if you understood the keys to the Light kingdom hidden in plain sight?
It would be sure fire way to know who to hire, and who you can trust to purchase goods and services from, would it not?
I believe we can see this commerce system in our own individual communities, and utilize it with confidence.
The only thing we need to do, is take the time to do our research -before we head out to the nearest retailer, restaurant or repairman.
Pay close attention to the signs and symbols, Beacons!
Here is an example:
You need a root canal. Who do you chose from the many choices available? Which business would you tend to trust? Which will you give your hard earned money to, in Light of this new knowledge?




Of course, just because you see the right images on a business card or website, doesn’t mean you are hiring a person and/or company who are on a path towards enlightenment. However, isn’t it a higher probability -if the signs and symbols are there?
Anyway, it’s something worth considering…


  1. Very true past few days i took a walk from my place to the nearby shoes shop. On my way was just admiring the buildings all to find out NO ma’am these are all our property even the complex I stay in is also but I didn’t know b4. My last surprise was about a big Moslem building that is also part of I AM.


  2. Signs and symbols have their own significance and importance in human life, visual effects, guidance to the path and recognition by becoming part of memory.

    Loyal follower of the light!

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