Odd man out~

I’m used to it for the most part.

But every now and then, it can be a colossal drag, marching to a drum that no one else can hear.


I just wanted to take a sec and say to those of you who have felt misunderstood, unheard & unloved -because you are not like the rest of the herd…

I understand.

I hear you.

I love you!

March on, Beacons!!




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  1. I have felt like the odd one or odd fellow lol, since my accident EVEN more when I started studying and reading more about the world. That also very much includes IAM teachings and subjects of that matter. Though I can’t help but sit back and watch and see all of the troubles and choices those around me make, and feel they wouldn’t want to change for the better if their life depended on it.


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